Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's that time of the week again!

If only you could all feel what I am feeling..I would be so happy.

This week has been a week full of miracles, and surely a week of my mission that I will forever remember.

Last Thursday night was a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration! Our mission president rented out a building in Sandy called "Noah's" where we had quite the fiesta might I say! When we first arrived we gathered in the dining hall and watched the cutest thanksgiving skit by our senior missionary couples! Then we went to the top floor of the building because there was an ICE SKATING rink!!!! Can I even express how much I love ice skating!? I think not. My companion and I were skating for almost two hours. Then we went to the main level where there was dancing and karaoke. After that we were served a huge, delicious thanksgiving meal! Ah! So good! Following that we went to the second floor and watched Monster's University while making Christmas ornaments and place mats to donate to the Primary Children's Hospital. Once we finished there we went to the main hall and they moved all the tables and chairs and we danced for the rest of the night until it was time to go! They played a variety of acceptable apostate music including Journey, Taylor Swift, and line dancing music (the kind from EFY). Haha:) All in all, it was fantastic!

The next day was when the storm hit! And by storm I mean hundreds of people flooded the square to come see the Christmas lights! It was perfect missionary referral scouting ground. :) Hehe. We talked with so many people and learned about the importance of always keeping our ears covered. I never knew it could be so cold...

We've been working with many of our investigators a lot lately. One in particular is a man from New York City who has really been such an amazing example to me of change, coming closer to Jesus Christ, and submitting your entire will to the Lord. He is amazing and we've set a date with him already to be baptized. He is really looking forward to it and we are so happy for the choices that he is making and for the joy the gospel of Jesus Christ is bringing into his life.

We also had another miracle take place yesterday! Yesterday morning we took a tour with a man from Michigan. As we were on our way to the tour I had a really strong feeling from the spirit that this tour was very important and that we were the ones that needed to take it. Throughout the beginning of the tour I felt a lot of peace and things seemed to just go so well. He was very open to hearing about the history and the beliefs. We ended up being with him for 3 hours (normally a tour is only 45 minutes). As we were nearing the end of the tour the spirit told me, "Make sure you give this man a Book of Mormon." My companion was also being prompted at the same time, but the spirit told her "Make sure you invite this man to be baptized." Needless to say, he accepted the Book of Mormon, even asked for suggestions of passages to read, and accepted the invitation to be baptized. He gave us his information and we will be teaching him and preparing him for baptism.

On Saturday night I went on an exchange with Sister Yu (from Taiwan) and we were able to go to the Celebration of Christ interfaith Concert! It was incredible! Jenny Oaks Baker performed as well as Vocal Point. Watching Jenny Oaks Baker I have never seen someone perform with so much talent and so much power. Her gift is truly mind blowing! She went to Julliard, you know. That concert was just such a pleasure, I feel so blessed to have been able to go!

I saw Chrissy on Tuesday night! She came into the Tabernacle while my companion and I were talking with someone we had just met (who is now a new investigator). When we were done talking with him I got to go talk with her, give her a hug and take a picture! Such a tender mercy from the Lord! We also sent a snap-chat from her phone to some friends back in St. George..haha it was great.

Last night as I was laying in bed I was reflecting on all the amazing supportive friends and family I have. I hope you all know that your support means so much to me. I am so blessed to know that there are friends and family back home that are cheering me on and excited for me to continue the work.

I know that this is the Lord's mission, and not mine. I am here to do the will of my Father in Heaven. He is blessing me so much, and for that I am so grateful. I love you all so much! Remember that the happiness this gospel brings can be found nowhere else! Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Sister Davis

P.S. Sister Davis always emails on Wednesdays

Ice Skating with Sister Yu from Taiwan! I love her!

My companion and I :)

Sister Snow!!! She's also from Utah! I LOVE HER!

The rink felt outdoorsish but it was indoors. Way cool:)

hursday night during the thanksgiving celebration at Noah's hahaha:)

Making our Christmas ornaments we were way tired if you can't tell :)

We got Santa hats and a Christmas countdown with CHOCOLATE in it! So good:)

Got to see Chrissy while in the Tabernacle! :) :) :)

So much snow! It's crazy!!

A few of the Christmas lights! It's so beautiful here!

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