Monday, April 14, 2014

I don't think I can fit all the miracles into one email! (April 11th)

This week has gone by way too fast. General Conference -in and of itself- went by way too fast. I can honestly say that I wish every day was General Conference! While walking around on the square Saturday morning, there weren't many people and we were able to hear Elder Holland's opening talk. It was one of the best I've heard. Enough said.

On Saturday morning we all gathered in the mission home for a prayer meeting. President Poulsen gave a few words and said the prayer for the day. We ate a quick breakfast and headed up onto the square! It was like Christmas time all over again...but better!(: We met several amazing people throughout the day including many familiar faces! The Russell family was up to see conference as well as Whitney Snow from high school. We had a 20 minute break to eat lunch and then we were able to attend the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference! I absolutely loved Russell M. Nelson’s talk on fear vs. faith and the importance to have our faith “tied” to things that will keep us grounded. (See Helaman 5:12 in The Book of Mormon). On our way out of the session I saw Alyssa Widison from high school, which was great! Right after getting out of the afternoon session, there was a bit of a fuss outside the tabernacle in the standby line. We were advised to stay away from the area but there were so many cameras/reporters/upset people that we were told to go eat dinner a little early. Once the priesthood session started, the square began to clear a little more and we were able to continue contacting. After the priesthood session ended the square was suddenly flooded with men. It was probably the weirdest thing in the world...a little uncomfortable...but ya know... But I did see my stake president, President Doty, which was so awesome!

Oh funny story: While the men were in the priesthood session the square was a little dead but there was an ensign photographer walking around the square (they walk around the square all day long and take pictures of the sisters and people and such). We were walking past Sister Sherratt just as she said to the photographer something along the lines of “Every sister missionary wants to be in the Ensign! (the church's magazine for adults)” He laughed and started taking TONS of pictures of us haha! We talked with a little bit afterwards and he was pretty nice, told us about where he served his mission etc etc. As my companion and I were walking away a security guard walked up to us and said, “What did he say to you sisters?” We said, “Oh that’s just an ensign photographer.” He responded, “No he isn’t.” Long story short: Security had been watching this guy all day because he had been taking pictures, but then we found out that he’s just a personal photographer and he gave out his website url and the AP’s checked it out. So now we have copies of some of the pictures he took hahahaha! So those will be included in this email. (: haha! So funny!

On Sunday morning we gathered early morning again for prayer meeting, ate breakfast and headed out onto the square. We spent all of our morning on the square contacting some wonderful people! I ran into Rehannan (from EFY Nauvoo!!!) as well as Maren (was a BYS counselor as well). While contacting in the Assembly Hall (where conference is broadcast in Spanish) we also ran into Luke Nicholls! It was fun to see familiar faces, especially seeing them enjoy conference. That afternoon we were assigned to the Eternal Families desk in the South Visitor's Center. It was a pretty typical afternoon until 4 young adults walked in! They walked up to me and one of them said, "Hey! My friend wants to be baptized!" In my head I was like "uh huh....uh...what?" But on the outside I said, "Alright, well what's your friend's name?" He turned to the guy next to him and said, "Oh he's this guy right here!"

Well "that guy's" name is Alan and Sister Fuentes and I have been teaching him every day here on Temple Square since Sunday! By the time I email you next week he will be baptized. Alan is amazing and he has been so prepared throughout the years! He just finished his education at LDSBC and will transferring to BYU-Provo to continue his education in Business. His girl-friend is a member of the church and so are all of his friends, and they've been fellowshiping him SO well! Before we even met him he'd already seen Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration twice and been to church several times. The best way to put it: Alan has been prepared and is excited, willing, and working toward making covenants with God. Teaching someone in person has been such a different experience, but it's been a huge learning experience! (I think I've decided that teaching over the phone is WAY easier than teaching in person! Haha!) But anyway, this week has gone by SO fast, too fast. But it's been the best week ever!!!

On Sunday night, after conference had ended and the masses of people had suddenly disappeared, the mission gathered in one of the large theatre rooms in the North for a special surprise!!! Kenneth Cope was there and gave one of the best devotionals/performances/firesides I have ever been to! Now it could be that this was because we were all exhausted, but we were all crying like little children by the end of it! Haha which sounds kind of awkward...but trust me, it was SO good!(: It honestly was the best way to end our immense conference weekend.

Another quick yet awesome experience from yesterday: While sitting in West Gate, I looked up and saw Ryan Murphy walking out of the back door of the Tabernacle and out to the side walk! My companion was looking at me like I was crazy as I sat there pointing and saying "Ryan! Ryan Murphy! That's Ryan Murphy!" Hahaha! He walked out of the gate and set an un-opened water bottle down on the sidewalk next to a homeless man standing there. As he walked away the homeless man said something and I heard him respond, "Oh hey! I'm Ryan!" So for the next 5 or so minutes I stood there and creeped on this conversation between them haha(: Afterwards, he walked back inside the Tabernacle and that was that. But hey....I SAW RYAN MURPHY! I pretty much could have said "hi" to him if I hadn't been so star-struck. So yes, that was neat. (:

(For those of you who do not know who Ryan Murphy is, he is the assistant director to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.)

Well, the time is far spent! I hope each of you loved General Conference as much as we did! We're still catching up on talks we haven't heard yet, and it has been such a good experience! We hope ya'll continue to enjoy the gorgeous weather, unless you're living in an area that is not experience gorgeous weather. In that case, we hope you receive gorgeous weather some time in the near future. (:

The church is true!


Sister Davis

One of the photos our not-really-a-creeper took!
Left to right: Sister Hardy, Sister Sherratt, Sister Baily, Sister Hilam, Me, My companion, and Sister Khaomuangnoi

And a lot of other sisters flocked as well...haha(:

Observing the temple...

 At the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference!

 That's me! We enjoyed our seats(:

So this is a creeper picture of me working in West Gate that my companion took! So now you kinda see what we do....ish(:

During our weekly planning session, my companion and I decided I really need to work on this....haha(:

 When Kenneth Cope sang to us on Sunday night! It was amazing! Everyone was crying. (: haha

General Conference is TOMORROW!!!! (April 4th)

Hola y amigos de la familia! Ha sido una semana increíble. Mi nueva compañera es la hermana Fuentes de Chile! Ella ya me está enseñando español! Woo!

My brain is all jumbled up because I can't decide what to write about first and I'm just so excited! Haha!(: My last few days with Sister Richardson were great! We almost died of stress, but we made it through crazy transfers as fleet!

Our amazing investigator from Ireland/Canada was baptized on Sunday! It almost wasn't able to take place though, the night before his baptism he was in a head on collision! He was in the hospital when he texted us, but he let us know pretty quickly that he wasn't going to let it keep him from his baptism. (: He was baptized the following morning and we are so so happy for him. He's now preparing to go the temple and in a year from now, he, his fiance and their children will all be sealed as a family for time and all eternity! AH! I can't tell you how happy I am! Families are forever! Haha(:

The General Woman's meeting was last Saturday! And you can see me in it! Haha! I saw the screenshot mom and dad sent, I also have a different screen shot later on in the you can see me twice. Haha not that it's really important....just pretty awesome! I loved loved loved the meeting! Our investigator in Indiana, who I found in my first transfer, was able to watch the broadcast with the ward members in her church. During the first talk they focused a lot on the covenant of baptism, I couldn't help but think of my sweet friend in Indiana. Well, the next day she sent me a text, she had talked to the bishop and she now has a baptism date! I'm so happy for her! It is amazing to see how the gospel has really influenced her life! When I first found her, she had called in to and she was going through such a hard time and was really looking for more in life. And now she is SO happy and has many friends in the church and really knows The Book of Mormon is the word of God! It's like I tell people I meet her on the square every day, the gospel really does improve the quality of anyone's life regardless of age, gender, background, etc!

This last Tuesday my previous companion, Sister Richardson, and I were walking in the same tunnels we saw the 12 apostles in last week and guess who we saw??? :) :) The General Primary Presidency!!! They were SO beautiful! As we walked past they smiled and said hello, then Sister Wixom (the president) looked back at us and said, "Wow you look so beautiful!" :D The general primary president told us we were beautiful! Haha(: Such a special treat seeing them!

Transfer day on Wednesday was SO exciting! It was amazing to welcome sisters back who had been outbound! Sister Li is back! Sister Sherratt is back! As well as my 2nd companion, Sister Esquivel!!!! She arrived late at night with Sister Magidson and we were asked to watch Sister Magidson's new companion until she returned. So when they pulled into the garage Sister Esquivel jumped out of the car and gave me the biggest hug I've had my entire mission haha(: I'm so happy she is back!!!

My new companion is Sister Fuentes! She is from Chile and I love her sooooooo much! She's in her 3rd transfer and she is such a hard worker and has the cutest personality! She loves singing and dancing and laughing! We get along great. (: We've also been assigned to work at West Gate this transfer! WOO! Since summer is coming it's going to be SO busy because in West Gate we report all the tours and find the sisters for tours and covers of assignments. It's going to be busy but it's going to be amazing!

Our investigators are doing so very well! Remember the amazing young girl I met a couple months ago in the Tabernacle, whom I gave my Book of Mormon to? She was from London and we had SO much in common. Well I heard back from her this week! She's been reading from the Book of Mormon and seems to really enjoy it thus far! It's so good to hear(: One of our other investigators who also lives in London has been doing very good as well, she's begun to pray and read from the Book of Mormon as well. Something our investigators continually remind me of, is that in order to gain a testimony of something, we must live that something. We will never know if God answers prayers unless we pray to Him! We won't ever know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God unless we read, ponder, and pray about it. Our investigators teach me so much. We have also found a few new investigators this last week, who are so wonderful! These people are very genuine and really just searching for truth. (:

General Conference is TOMORROW! I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous haha(: All the sisters have already picked out their outfit, how they'll do their hair, how they'll do their makeup etc.... And I'm like....the awkward one who isn't sure what to wear and didn't realize that this was such a big deal until they announced that there was a lady coming to teach us how to do hair and make-up...of course, that class was we didn't go. Haha(: Let's be honest, it's really not about what we wear, as long as it is our Sunday best! Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. If they have already made these covenants with God, then our purpose is to uplift them and help them progress and help them help others! This conference is going to be SO good! My companion and I are going to be able to attend the Saturday afternoon session! Yay!!! The rest of our days will be meeting all the amazing people that come to the square! And since my companion speaks Spanish, we will get to spend a couple of hours at the Assembly Hall (where they broadcast it in Spanish) and uplift those members as well! I'm so excited!

If you or anyone you know is interested in tuning into General Conference it will be broadcast live on or BYUtv. We invite all to watch it and to be uplifted by the inspiring messages from our church leaders!

Well, I think that is all the news from this week. If I've forgotten anything I'll write it in next week's letter. I'm excited to be able to share our amazing experiences from General Conference next week! Thank you for the support, the love and the prayers. I know this gospel is true and I know that we have a living prophet on this earth today. I'd like to invite each of you to keep a prayer in your heart as you watch General Conference. If you do, you will receive guidance and personal revelation meant just for you from our Father in Heaven.

I love you all!

Sister Davis

When you leave Fleet, Brother Ott in the Church Office Building makes you a huge box of cookies...haha(: We call him our "token member" because he's really the only member of the church that ever gets to buy us food(:

This is me and my new companion, Sister Fuentes! She's gorgeous, as you can tell!(:

Ahha! That's me in the General Woman's Meeting! WOO!

There is no subject title that would capture the immensity of this last week.... (March 27th)

Wow I cannot believe this is the end of another transfer! 5 more days of being fleet...not that I'm counting.... (:

The past week has been brilliant! For our zone activity most of you know that we saw Frozen. AH! But that's all I really need to say about that.

We have been spending hours and hours in our office preparing for the coming transfer. It's not quite as desirable as being out on the square contacting folks and teaching lessons, but it has perks of it's own! I won't be going outbound next transfer so we were able to get the flight itineraries this morning of the sisters who are leaving. It kills the sisters when they see us and they know that we know where they're going but they don't know, ya know? No! You don't! Only we do! hahahaha (joke). But in a nutshell: We have been very busy. And now I have every reason to be absolutely terrified for the next transfer conference because I have no idea what is going to happen to me....but I have a feeling that I'll live. (:

This last week we have done a lot of finding new investigators. Out of the 4 new ones we have, half of them are from England (naturally). These people are so wonderful though because they're so prepared and they really just want the truth! Which makes sense, I would want the same thing. And although it can be intimidating to teach people, it helps so much to have the knowledge that what we share with others is truth, without error! It is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we really have nothing to fear. Besides, I've been waiting to be a missionary my entire life! Well now I'm here and the Lord is on my side so what more do I need? Maybe just some sleep and food to keep my physical body going but ya know, minor things. (:

Two nights ago we learned that the smoke detector in our house doesn't work! Which reminds me we still need to call maintenance and get that fixed.... But anyways! I just want to take a moment to thank my dear sweet precious mother who has taught me SO well throughout the years. So this is what happened: My companion and I decided that we really wanted french fries so we put some vegetable oil in a small pot and turned on the heat then sat at the table to talk and wait for it to warm up. Well about 2 minutes later I looked over at the pot and there was ridiculous amounts of smoke coming from it so I was like "well this is awkward" and turned down the heat bunches. But apparently that wasn't good enough for the pot because the oil just like lit up into flames. So I looked at it and gave a little frustrated sigh, got a small towel, got it wet, then laid it over the burning pot. (Thankfully I knew what to do because talking about it after I learned that my companion was about to go through water on it *palm to face* which would be the worst thing ever hahahaha) So yeah the fire went out but there was smoke like nobody's business everywhere so we had to open all the windows and sit out in the hall til it was all gone. But anyways, the point is, our fire alarm never went off so that's an issue...and also I'm really grateful for my mom sitting me down two years ago and making me watch a movie about how to properly get rid of a grease fire. *fist pump*

This morning we had our "pump-up/preparation" meeting for General Conference!!! WOO! We are SO excited for this! President Poulsen shared a really amazing story with us that helped us see how our work really can influence those that visit the square. So the church has been preparing for quite a while now to build a temple in Rome, Italy. They set a meeting with one of the big government leaders who would basically make or break us being able to build a temple there. Well, this leader, knowing the men from the LDS church would be coming soon, decided-at his own expense-to travel here to Salt Lake City Temple Square to see what we were all about. When he got here, two of our Italian sisters took him on a tour. (Keep in mind these sisters had no idea who this guy was.) After the tour he returned home and soon after the meeting with our church leaders came up. They walked into his office with mounds of paperwork and charts to help resolve any concern the government might have and he waved it off, dismissing it. The first thing he said to them was, "I have been to Salt Lake City and met two young girls from my country who testified to me of these holy things. I only have one question: How soon will you be able to build a Mormon temple in my country?" Since then, the church has been moving ahead full speed with building the temple in Rome, Italy. I am so grateful for those two worthy sisters who took this man on a tour of temple square. And I know that they are so humbled to have been part of the means for their home land to receive a temple. It's something they'll never forget as long as they live.

After our excellent General Conference pump up meeting this morning, we went to the Church Office Building to take in some car reports to our friend Brother Ott on the 14th floor. On our way back to the south we were taking the tunnels and we looked over and to our complete shock and excitement we saw Thomas S. Monson, Henrey B. Erying, and Deiter F. Utchdorf pass by us riding on a golf cart like 10 feet in front of us, I kid you not! President Utchdorf saw us first and gave us a wave. AH! We almost died! We saw the prophet!!!!!! So we freaked out when they got out of sight but then we turned to continue down our little pathway only to see the ENTIRE quorum of the 12 apostles walking RIGHT TOWARDS US! We were literally telling other under our breath "don't freak out stay calm just stay chill don't freak out!" As they all passed us each one of them smiled at us and waved and said, "Oh hey sisters how are you doing!?" I walked right passed David A. Bednar (like honestly he was 2 feet-if that-from me). I was so dumbfounded I didn't know what to say so I stuttered for a second (I could totally see him laughing at me on the inside) and then I finally was able to get out "How are you doing?" He pumped his fist and said, "I'm doing great!" Yeah. David A. Bednar and I almost had a full conversation. Haha but really though! Elder Christopherson looked right at me and gave me a huge smile and said hello too! Well they all said hello and smiled, but it was just so crazy! I mean we've seen apostles around before but hey, we saw the prophet AND all of the 12 at once! When does that happen!? Never! That never happens to anyone! After we got out of the tunnel we were so overloaded with the spirit and we were so happy we couldn't decide if we should jump up and down or just burst into tears! We couldn't stop talking about the immense power we felt as we were walking through the midst of all these apostles, it was so unreal. Even now I still feel like that entire encounter was just a dream.

So to sum it all up it's just been quite excellent! I can now say I've met every single apostle, and the 1st presidency. Oh and I forgot to mention, my companion and I get to go to the General Woman's Meeting this Saturday night. I am just so blessed I don't even know what to do with it all! The church is so true. (:

Well I hope you all have an amazing week and I'd like to invite any and all of the women who read this, member of our faith or not, to watch the broadcast of possibly the largest women's gathering in history! There is something very sacred and divine of being a woman, don't let anyone tell you different!

Love you all!

Sister Davis

My companion, Sister Richardson from North Carolina, and I cleaning our mission president's car (Hot Tamale) together for the last time! So sad!:(

Earlier today we went to a cute little restaurant for lunch that feeds missionaries for FREE.
Left to right: Sister Richardson from North Carolina, Sister Chayama from Japan, Sister Ferguson from Arizona, and Me with my awesome chubby cheeks (don't even know I had that awesome skill.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Follow the path, walk where the great men before you have walked." (March 20)

When you go on a mission you discover pretty quickly that you attract a certain type of person. For example: My companion Sister Richardson seems to teach a lot of middle-aged men, mostly southern united states. She also gets a lot of Anti-Mormon phone calls and chats (more often than the typical missionary on the square). My last companion, Sister Esquivel, seemed to attract a lot of middle-aged women from the western states, particularly those who are going through a hard family life. Well, something my companions and I have noticed is that I primarily attract two different kinds of people: 1. Young adult girls/elderly women. and 2. People from the U.K. 90% of the people I talk to, on the square and in chat, fall within these two categories. It's really funny actually because Sister Orndal (from England) always comments, "Wow you always get the chats from England I never get a chat from England!" Hahahaha it's really funny(:

Last Saturday night I got the opportunity to do MTC Contacting again! MTC contacting is when Sister missionaries from the MTC, who will be serving a visitor center mission, come to Temple Square and are assigned a Temple Square sister as their companion for half the day. As they each began to assign us our new companion, one girl got up who is from London and will be serving in the London High Park historical sight. Sister Richardson and I kinda chuckled and she said, "Watch her be your companion, you're the British magnet here." I kinda laughed but didn't think it would happen. But, to nobody's surprise, she was my companion! Her name is Sister Phillips and she is so so cute and such a sweet girl. We spent the first part of our time together in the Teaching Centers. As soon as we logged on to the computers I said, "Well I'm excited I hope you get to experience taking a phone call!" No sooner had I said that, her phone rang! Haha(: She picked it and, with a terrified look on her face, took the call. Later that night on the square we found a small family visiting the square and ended up taking them on a tour. They asked us a lot of questions (the typical ones we get asked her on temple square) including: Is it true you don't drink alcohol or coffee? Were you raised Mormon? Are Mormon's Christian? Why are you so young but so grounded in your faith? It was perfect because it gave us both a chance to just bear solid testimony of why we live the way we live! All in all it was a really good experience and Sister Phillips is going to have an amazing time on her mission.

We've been teaching a great guy up in Canada (originally from Ireland) for a while now, whom Sister Richardson found last transfer over chat. Well, his story has been pretty crazy/exciting! *I'll call him Jake* So Jake was very prepared and grasped on to the gospel very quickly. He began attending church a while back and met a young girl there, we'll call her Kate. Well, as it turns out, Kate was also investigating the church! In fact, her missionaries are also here on Temple Square (she was found on chat as well). Sister Tuinukuafe (from Australia) and Sister Andre (from England) have been teaching Kate as long as we've been teaching Jake! Needless to say, the two started dating a little while after meeting. They were so fit for each other because Jake has two little boys (and another who was lost a couple hours after birth) and Kate has one little girl! Well, I'm happy to say that Jake and Kate are now engaged!!!!!! AH! Kate was baptized last weekend, and Jake will be baptized this weekend WHICH MEANS in a year from now they will all be sealed as one big happy family in the temple! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!! AAAHHH!!!! Families are forever! We're so happy. (:

This morning in District Meeting we were asked to give some instruction on Obedience and Using Time Effectively. Since all sisters here know the what and why of Obedience we decided to focus more on the benefits and blessings of following the standards the Lord has set for us, and how it can bring us protection and success, in life and in the mission. We shared a poem that I had heard years ago at an efy I believe? It's called The Ambulance Down in the Valley, so good! The older I've gotten the more I've really understood that standards, guidelines and rules are there to protect us. It's just common sense!

Today we have Zone Activity! We'll be gathering in our ZL's appartment to watch the new movie Frozen! Woo! It may or may not be released yet but they have a's the Temple Square mission so we don't ask questions. Haha(: I'm excited though, just because everyone who has seen it has told me "Oh my goodness Sister Davis you would LOVE it! It's something I just know you'd love!" etc etc. I've been told Idina Menzel is the voice of one of the I'm extremely pumped for this...

Well! The time is far spent! Thank you for the love, support, letters, visits *cough Shelby *cough Cierra *cough *cough. Conference is coming! Are you prepared? It's going to be...quite the on the square!

Love yous!

Sister Davis

Happy Popcorn Lovers Day! (March 13th)

I have a new favorite verse in the scriptures! In fact, it's the second shortest verse in all of scripture. It is Luke 17:32. It says, "Remember Lot's wife." Jeffrey R. Holland gave an address at BYU-Provo years ago with the same title "Remember Lot's Wife". I have used his address in personal study and also read it to my companion because I loved it so much. I just love what he says about the consequences of looking back and looking ahead. The past is to be remembered, not lived in! It can be SO easy to look back on what has past, and can be very hard to look to the future. The future is unknown, the future is unfamiliar, the future is uncomfortable! The past is known, familiar, and comfortable... but I've realized it all comes down to the question: Do we trust God? Do we trust that God has better things in store for our future than He did our past? We learn from the scriptures that God is a loving God and wants us all to return to Him, but how can we return if we are trying to stay living in the past? We have the ability to be an eternal influence for good in our own life, and the lives of those around us. It may not be easy, God never promised it would be easy, but He did promise it would be possible. It's like the old wise man once said, "If you keep doing what you've always done then you'll keep getting what you've always had."

Each mission has it's own unique challenges and struggles. One of the greatest learning spots for Temple Square missionaries is learning how to completely rely on what the spirit is saying. Meeting our investigators is a very rare occurrence for us. We teach them over the phone and online through chatting or emailing. We, like any missionary, pray and seek inspiration to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Each day we experience the promise made in the Doctrine and Covenants section 100: " up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put in your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say." Although we have the spirit as a constant companion and guidance, we lack some of the luxuries other missionaries don't realize is a luxury. We can't see our investigator as we teach and we can't read their body language. We don't live in their area so we don't know about their lifestyle unless they open up to us about it. Because of these things, some see us at a disadvantage, and they would be right, unless they realize how powerfully the spirit can speak. This is the best part of being a Temple Square missionary, we are forced to put all our faith into listening to the spirit. If we can't listen and respond to the spirit, then we cannot fulfill our purpose. It is such a blessing to be able to learn how to exercise the faith enough to listen as the spirit tells us what is going on in the hearts and lives of our investigators. Such a blessing(:

This last week has been excellent! Last Friday we had our first Zone Conference with our new mission president! There were many things we were able to take away from the training, including an increased excitement for the progression of the work! If I could I would just fill this email with spiritual insights I gained, but I'll try to spread them out among emails haha;)

On Monday, while contacting on the square, we were led to a young man who is going through some experiences very similar to some of mine before the mission! We were able to talk with him a bit and share some thoughts. It was such a cool thing to be able to find those who have questions that we can use previous experience to help find answers! Just another testimony that we are led by the hand of the Lord.

Yesterday we had a great opportunity to give some service to another sister in our mission! Sister Ichimaru (from Japan) had some luggage problems when returning from outbound so she needed to return to the airport to take care of some things. Well, since we are Fleet, we got the chance to take her! The cool part was her trainee was Sister Lytle, one of our newest sisters who is also from- you guessed it- St. George! Woo! Represent! Sister Lytle went to Desert Hills high school, but no worries the atonement is real and I have looked past that;) Haha just kidding. It was very fun to get to know and talk with a fellow St. Georgeian for a while! I feel like the only people who really understand us St. Georgians are those who live there or visit and feel that deep loving connection with the greatest western united states desert! (:

Another exciting event happened yesterday....My twin came to visit me! AHH!(: (: (: Shelby Parkinson and Whitney Barton are up here for the week so I had the good fortune of seeing them here on Temple Square! Wow, it was so good to see their beautiful smiling faces! Those two ladies are some of the best women I know! It was good to talk and see that they're still just taking the world by storm.(:

Well, it's been's been's been real good. We're off now to possible go hiking, play soccer, or just eating a lot of food. Either way, it's a beautiful day up here in wants-to-be-as-sunny-as-St.-George Salt Lake City! Thank you for all of the love and support! I love you all!

Sister Davis

This is me and my delicious pineapple...well after I chopped it up. This was the first time I've ever bought an actual fresh pineapple. It was exciting...and really good(: