Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Transfer! New Companion! Christmas Season starts TOMORROW!

Hello once again.

I just love you all, did you know that? Well, I do.

So I have a new companion for this second transfer! Her name is Sister Esquivel and she is from Georgia and I LOVE HER! We work super hard and she is really helping me become the missionary Heavenly Father knows I can become. She is a singer, like me, so we pretty much are singing all day everywhere we go. It's fantastic and perfect because what better time of the year to have a singing companion than Christmas time!? I tell's no coincidence.

So! I'm sure you're all curious about our speaking in sacrament meeting! the sisters who I was going to play for decided they really didn't want to they just asked me if I would sing a solo. Haha so I said yes, of course, because I love singing in public and piano playing is a little scary for me! I sang Nearer, My God to Thee. I loved going and speaking in the ward SO MUCH! I've really come to love speaking and singing in front of large groups. It's very fun and such a learning experience for me!

I've seen some wonderful friends this last week! Last Friday night I was told by the sisters at west gate that there were 5 guys who came to the square looking for me, they didn't catch their names but they said they went to high school with me and two of them had their mission calls to Texas and South Africa! But I don't know who these boys are so someone please tell me!!! Haha I have a couple guesses...but still! The next day I got my hair trimmed and when I came up stairs Sister Ma stopped me and said "Hey! Do you know a C.J.?" I was like "Yeah! Is he here?" Unfortunately, I missed him by about half an hour haha but he told some sister to tell me "Hi." Then we walked outside to go to the north and on the way we got a text that said "There's a Ben Jones walking around the square looking for Sister Davis." Right after we got the text I turned around and Ben came around the corner! Haha it was awesome! Then just last night we were walking back to our apartment and I saw Aruora and Brooke from the BYU music camp two summers ago! They're so cute and all in college now it's crazy! So yeah! Lots of friends came to the square! And I'm certain I'll see lots more throughout the Christmas season. :)

Today is Thanksgiving day so HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! In an hour the square is closing down and all the sisters are changing into p-day clothes and taking a bus to this huge building they have rented out for us for the rest of the day! There's going to be food and movies and games and crafts and dancing so we're all SUPER excited! You can count on some pictures of it next week!:)

Well we don't have as much time to email this week so sorry this isn't super long. I love you all and thank you to ALL of my friends and family who are supporting me and showing your love! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sister Davis

Last picture with my first transfer district! Love them!:)

Brook and Aruora from the BYU music camp!

My and my new companion Sister Esquivel! I LOVE HER!:)

My last picture with my trainer Sister Wettingfeld! Precious!

Thanks for reading!

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