Thursday, October 30, 2014

...and then the dentist loved my analogy so much that he asked me to email it to him! Inbox

But really!

Earlier today we had to visit the dentist office because Sister Yo's tooth broke last week! Ah! So this morning we went over and it was such a great time! When they took her back to her room, I of course followed her (must be in sight and sound) and as it turns out there are no extra chairs in those rooms, of course, so I sat on the floor in the corner while they worked on her teeth! Haha! Exact obedience brings miracles! So as I was sitting in the corner I was talking with the dentist and texting our investigator in England. He asked about what it's like being a Temple Square missionary and I explained a little and then said, "Actually, I'm texting one of our investigators right now! She's from England." The reaction look on his face was kind of funny, but I suppose that's because most missionaries don't teach people on another continent. But the coolest part about this story was that as I sat there watching them work on my companions teeth, I thought of this amazing analogy regarding cavities and the atonement! So I started to share this analogy of the Atonement and cavities with the dentist! Afterwards he said, "Wow I really like that! Hey, will you type all that out and email it to me?" So I said sure and he wrote down his email for me hahaha! So funny! I'll type it out soon and send it in my next email home so y'all can hear it. (:

So now to what you're all waiting for... Transfer news!!! Tomorrow is the first day of my 10th transfer (CRAZY) and my companion will be Sister Stephen from Nebraska! She and I will be serving as Zone Leaders this transfer and I'm a little nervous..but Sister Stephen has been a Zone Leader before so she will be teaching and I will be learning very intently. The sisters in our zone will be serving in West Gate and Guest Services which means we get to serve in those venues too!!! YAY!!! Back to West Gate!!! I LOVE IT! Oh and our new p-day will be on Thursday so I'm going to have 2 p-days this week..which is kinda weird but it's good I suppose...maybe I'll just...clean every inch of my new apartment with a toothbrush to pass the time. (:

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful, wonderful, glorious day! It felt like a real Sunday. I say real Sunday because being a missionary on Temple Square, every day feels pretty much the same...even Sunday. I think that's due to the fact that even though it's Sunday we're still taking tours, teaching investigators, contacting on the square, helping guests understand where/what everything just feels like a normal day. In a way I feel that other missionaries are really lucky because their Sunday consists of attending church (like an actual 3 hours of church with Sunday School and such) and they get to be around members at church and work with members and eat a members homes etc.. so it seems a little more like a Sunday. But here, the only difference about our Sundays is having sacrament meeting at 7:30AM. But it also makes me appreciate sacrament meeting much more too. It's just an interesting lot. (Of course, for all I know this might just make me sound extremely naive about how Sundays are in regular missions haha!)

But anyways! My point was it felt like a Sunday because we went to a baptism! Sister Occolier and Sister Tuuhia (who were in my district) had 2 of their investigators being baptized and they needed someone to drive them!!! So I got to drive them and attend the baptism. It was such a powerful experience. In fact, I think baptisms in general are just very powerful experiences. Their investigators spoke french so Sister Occolier gave the talk on The Holy Ghost in French. I could understand parts of it, but even if I hadn't been able to, I know I still would have felt the spirit equally as strong. Sister Occolier talked about how much her baptism meant to her and how the Holy Ghost has guided her in her life. I had to force myself not to cry at some points because you could just feel and hear so strongly how much the gospel means to her. Sister Occolier is a convert to the church and she is one of the only members in her family. She was born and raised Catholic but met the missionaries years ago. It was such a good experience being able to listen as she spoke. (:

Ok one more story! Yesterday was a pretty crazy day, and I was feeling a little..sick and a pretty dizzy. We were downstairs in the south talking with our zone leaders and we got a text for 3 mandarin guests at ef desk. At first we weren't going to take the tour because of how I was feeling but I felt really strongly that we should just take it anyways. My companion was looking at me like I was crazy when I called West Gate and said we wanted to take the tour haha! So we went up and met these 3 cute women from China! When we started the tour we took them to the assembly hall, but I was still feeling dizzy and was a little worried. When we took them in and told them to sit, one of them said, "Well you should sit with us too! You don't have to stand!" So we sat, and I was so grateful! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but I felt like that was Heavenly Father's way of taking care of me and allowing us to take the tour because I did not want to stand for long periods of time haha! Well long story short we were with them for 2 hours! Sister Yo did amazing teaching them so many things. They told her that they wanted to know what it was like for me as an American to grow up in a home that focused on Jesus Christ, so she translated A LOT for me haha(: But it was amazing and the spirit was so strong. At the end of the tour they all took a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave Sister Yo their number so she can call and teach them more. They have about a month before they have to go back to China so she's going to be calling them a lot before they return! Haha(: But it was a really neat experience and I didn't die! Yay!

Well I think I'm going to leave it at that and conclude by saying I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! And I love all the wonderful people that the Lord has led us to and allowed us to teach. I love them so much...which sounds weird but I really do. I wish they knew how much God loves them. Because whenever I pray for them I feel like my Savoir is sometimes right beside me telling me, "Hey, I know you love them. It's ok, they're going to be ok." I really feel that our Savoir is with us more than we realize. And when I say "us" I mean anyone. I don't believe that He is just with His missionaries or just with his bishops or just with certain people. I don't know how, but I feel like He makes visits to everyone on a daily basis-IF they will let Him in. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! We saw Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson today in the underground tunnels! When we saw them I just started grinning like a crazy person and waving and I must have looked ridiculous because they started laughing and waving back haha! No matter how many times you see apostles of the Lord, Jesus never gets old. (:

I love yous! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Davis
This is me saying goodbye to Sister McQueen (so don't mind my face because I was crying in the car before this picture was taken haha). She just went home yesterday... :( Sad. But I love her lots and she's amazing(: I want to be like her when I grow up. (Oh and she's from New Zealand).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes you just have really awkward experiences as a missionary...

This week went by WAY too fast. And when I say that I say it because I'm having a really hard time trying to remember what things happened this last week or the week before because it all feels like it's just mushed into one big week... but I will do my best.

At the beginning of the week we met with our investigator who lives here in Salt Lake City (she comes to take the lessons here on Temple Square with us). Anyone who meets her will know that she is such an amazing woman, and incredibly talented! When we met early in the week she was in a rough spot needing to make some huge decisions about her schooling and career. She felt like she knew what she needed to do, but it was hard because of all the pressure she was receiving from some friends and coworkers. We asked her if she had considered receiving a priesthood blessings, and she said that was something she really wanted. My immediate hope was the President Poulsen would be able to give the blessing, but I wasn't sure because he is such a busy guy. We took her to the south where the mission offices are to see if there was someone able to give her a blessing. President told us to see if President Loose was there, and if not to come back and talk with him. When we went to President Loose's office and he was gone, I'll admit I got really excited because I really wanted President Poulsen to meet her! Haha! So he came up and we all met together for a little while and talked. Then President was able to give her a priesthood blessing, a very powerful one, I might add. There was such a feeling of love and comfort in the room during the blessing, and I think everyone there could really feel that everything was going to work out for her. Afterwards she said she was feeling really good! The next day we texted her to ask if the decision had been made, to which she responded yes. She came to visit us and explain what she decided and how her coworkers reacted to it. Now, they didn't react very well, but as we were asking her how she felt about her decision, she was just sooo confident and she said to us, "Well, they missed out. I know that I made the right choice and I feel complete peace about it!" We were so happy! :D The gospel is true! :D

The square has really been starting to slow down...and when I say really I mean REALLY! Haha there are not nearly as many people here as before and sometimes I feel weird because I feel as though we're hunting through Temple Square trying to find someone to talk to! And then, because there are not as many guests, you keep running into the same ones over and over and you have to use that awkward line, "Oh! It would seem we meet again!" So awkward... Like two nights ago we had Tabernacle assignment and there was nobody there! So I was just walking around the tabernacle singing because it's really fun to sing in there and then a little before we left some people started trickling in. And then C.J. came through the door with some of his posse, which was interesting haha! They made me do the sound demonstration...*palm to face*. And then they left and it was all fine and dandy. But about 5 minutes after our TAB assignment was over we were asked by the sisters in West Gate to take 4 people through God's Plan! We were super excited because we finally had something to do so we ran to MAP desk to find that it was C.J. and his posse again requesting to see God's Plan. Hahaha! So we took them through it and it was really funny, and a tad bit awkward but that's ok! C.J. is funny so his jokes kinda made it more or less awkward...

On Thursday for Relief Society we had another member of the General Relief Society Board come speak to us. I think this is the...8th one that's come...? I've lost count. But it was extremely good and I love listening to them talk! They're probably some of the most classy, elegant, hilarious, spiritual women I've ever met. They've taught us all the lessons from Daughters in my Kingdom by now so I'm not sure if they'll keep coming of if they're done now. But anyhow, that was a good experience.

For Zone Activity today we went to the Humanitarian Center to put school kits together to be sent out for children all over the world! It was so fun! The guys who work there were making fun of us though because when we were doing the kits we were going so fast and everyone was so quiet because we were so focused! But it was really fun and we put together a lot of kits! I enjoy doing service projects..I wish we were able to do service projects in this mission more often.

Well I'm a little short on time today so I'm going to stop here. But I hope you all continue to have a wonderful week! Give Kaitlyn Amber LOTS of kisses for me and take lots of pictures so I can admire her pure innocent baby face!!!! AH! I am excited to meet her soon. (: (:

Sister Davis

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This letter is going to make you really happy, dad. So. Happy.

All of my thoughts are very jumbled up in my head right now so please forgive me if this letter is very random. I hope it will still be enjoyable to read!

We've had some exciting experiences from this last week! This morning we went to the temple, finally! Although I went last transfer I still feel as though it's been SO long since going. I sat in the Celestial room for a very long time today because I really didn't want to leave. That is what I love so much about the temple, though! Every time I go I feel so happy and I feel like I don't have to worry about anything. I feel like there's no need to worry because everything is going to work out, obviously! Wouldn't it be great if we could feel that way all the time?! Haha(: Eventually I finally reminded myself that if I didn't leave the temple soon I would be late to an appointment with our investigator, so I got up and we left. I'm telling you, right now the ONLY thing that will make me leave the temple before I want to is knowing that there are people outside waiting for me to come help them so that they can someday come in the temple too. The only thing. Maybe I sound like "such a missionary" but it's true. On the way out of the temple we saw Quinten L. Cook and Niel L. Anderson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles (with their wives) on their way to a meeting in the temple. So it was worth leaving the celestial room after all! (: Haha!

I believe I told you last week of an investigator we have who lives here in Salt Lake City, we met her at Conference (if that rings a bell)? Well she's doing amazing and we have been meeting with her about every other day! She comes here to Temple Square and we LOVE it because there is no better place with more resources than Temple Square. Last week we watched the Joseph Smith movie with her (which by the way she invited a co-worker with her to the lesson who was a member who hasn't been to church in a while but wants to come back! Isn't she the best!?). But anyway it was such a good experience. Afterwards we spent a while talking about her thoughts and feelings about it and it was interesting how the spirit connect the movie we had just watched to us talking about how we lived with God before we came to earth and we accepted this plan in our lives. We talked about the divine potential she has and how valiant she was because of her choice to come to earth and to live in these last days. I think everyone there was in tears but it was a really neat experience. We just love her so much...she's been through a lot and she wants to be able to be baptized so bad.

Our incredible investigator in England texted us today to inform us that she booked her flights to come to America this winter!!! AH!!!! AMERICA! So we're really excited because that means she is going to come to TEMPLE SQUARE! AAAHHH!!!! AT CHRISTMAS TIME!!! THE BEST TIME TO COME HERE!!!! I want to cry I'm so happy! She told us the other day that the Elders in her ward have been trying to talk her into visiting us while she was here too which made us happy! Yay for those Elders! I don't remember their names but I'm grateful for them! Haha! :D So we're just anxious for winter to come because that means she'll be here! Those of you who know me know that I am NEVER excited for winter to come so this is quite a big deal...quite.

Ok, finally I'm going to talk about why you're going to be so happy, dad. So we had a special guest come to the mission on Sunday night. No, it wasn't one of the 12! No it wasn't the prophet! No it wasn't the piano guys! No it wasn't Mitt Romney! No it wasn't someone from the missionary department! Ok I will just tell was David Archuleta. *take a moment so dad can jump up and high-five mom while he does a fist pump at the same time* Now that we've taken care of that. It was really good! He let us ask him questions about..anything! He told about his experiences being in American Idol and on tour around the country, he told us a lot about his conversion, he told us about being on his mission...and he sang of course! The entire thing was just SO spiritual and uplifting...and really eye-opening. Listening to some of his challenges before his mission when he was really was really surprised. He's a really good person and I'm grateful for his example. I enjoyed listening to him sing as well, although it did make me miss singing a bit. He's so lucky he is able to do what he does. But it was a good reminder for me because when I was listening I realized that I haven't been singing as much lately and I need to sing more. So I have been, and I've been feeling a lot less stressed. (: We all got to meet him afterwards. We only got about 10 seconds each with him (because you know how girls are with David Archuleta) but it was cool to talk to him even if it was only 10 seconds. (Except it was really just me cracking a joke and telling him don't forget how lucky he is to do what he does haha! But! He laughed at my joke!) *fist pump*

Alright well I think I'm going to wrap it up here. We need to go, we have lots to do today. Pday is always the most busy day of the week. #missionarylife
By the way: Y'all made me cry when you told me the baby will be named Kaitlyn Amber. When I come home I'm just going to spend forever with her so that everyone will just start calling us Kaitlyn Amber and Christy Amber... I think we'd be a cool team. (; But just fyi I'm still dead set on naming one of my daughters Amber so we're just going to have a big massive Amber party! We can even bring amber with us! (By that I mean the hard translucent fossilized resin produced by extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in color...I may or may not have just stolen that definition from Google).
I love you all so much! SEND ME PICTURES OF KAITLYN AMBER WHEN SHE IS BORN!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Love yous,

Sister Davis

Thursday, October 9, 2014

..and we were so exhausted that by the end of the day everyone looked like a zombie...

I'm dead serious!

Imagine that you've been given an assignment to go into a giant arena of over 100,000 people and your task is to talk to everyone that you see...literally...everyone...and to listen to the spirit so that every person you meet will be spiritually uplifted so they will be able to receive answers to your prayers! Oh and you'll be doing this for 13 hours strait, only 2 breaks for 20 minutes where you stuff your face with food as fast as you can. By the way, this is a 2 day long event. Oh and you're expected to make sure your hair stays curly, your makeup stays on your face OH! And you're not aloud to hold any adorable babies. Welcome to General Conference as a Temple Square Missionary (a.k.a. Welcome to crawling into bed at the end of the day LITERALLY because you can hardly keep your eyelids open!) And may I just say.... those 26 hours were the best 26 hours of my life.

One of the first people we met on Saturday morning was a lady who lived here in SLC, member of the church and she was trying to find tickets so she could attend conference with her daughter. She was a little worried but we promised her that the Lord was aware of her situation and He would provide a way for them to see conference. Literally two seconds after saying goodbye, we turned around and started talking with another man who was visiting from Washington state. He informed us that his bishop sent him to conference with extra tickets to give to someone who was trying to get in. We got SO excited and told him about the women we had just been talking with and he said, "Well! Let's go find her!" So we ran after her with this man and he was able to give her tickets for her and her daughter to attend! What a miracle!!!

We also met this man in the North Visitors Center who was just spending some time sitting on the couch reading his scriptures. We got talking with him and it turns out he was a former less-active member who was just deciding to make some changes to come back to the church. We talked with him for a little while and he shared his amazing re-conversion story with us! At the end he pulled out an envelope and said, "My prayers have been answered! Look at this letter I received a week ago!" We opened the letter to find that it was from the PROPHET Thomas S. Monson!!!! This faithful man had received a letter from the prophet giving encouragement and congratulations and thanks for this man who was so willing to make these changes and share his testimony with people all around him. That was such a special thing to see. (:

Another SO tender experience: On Sunday morning as we were walking past the reflection pool we met a young lady with her little nephew who was about 1 1/2 old. This adorable little boy ran up to me and grabbed my hand and began tugging on it, saying all sorts of things to me in baby language, as he continually looked at me and pointed up at the Temple over and over again! By the look in his eyes he was SO excited, for some reason, about the temple and continue to keep pulling on my hand until I sat down next to him on the ground and started pointing up to the temple asking him, "What? What's at the temple?!" Then a thought popped into my head and I pulled out a picture of Jesus that I had. I handed the picture to this little boy and he took the photo and just sat there and stared at it for a moment or two. Then, he started pointing at the picture of Jesus, started up the excited baby talk again, and began pointing back and forth from the picture to the temple! I was so excited and I kept thinking, "I wish you could speak! I wish I could understand you and I wish I could see what you see!" It was such a testimony building experience for me to know that children are so pure and heaven is so close to them. He was such an adorable little boy!!

Before the Sunday morning session of conference started, we decided to walk down by the doors of the Conference Center where everyone was waiting in line to go inside. I saw this girl standing in line who was wearing the cutest skirt so I said, "Hey! Your skirt is so cute!" She replied, "Wow, thank you! I'm glad I have it because it was the only modest thing I could find!" That statement intrigued me so we started the fastest contact I have ever done in my mission. I came to find out that she knew the church very well, all her family are members, but she was not a member but she really wanted to be! I told her that, as missionaries, our responsibility is to help people like herself who have that desire to learn more and be baptized. She gave me her number and I told her I would text her! It was so fast, honestly no more than a minute, because she had to enter the conference center for her session. Well she sent us a text last night while we were sleeping and asked if she could come to the square today to begin being taught by missionaries! So about...3 hours ago we met up with her again to teach her. (: Turns out she lives here in SLC and she's had a lot of crazy experiences that has led her to where she is now. She wants to be baptized sooo bad and knows that this is where she belongs. She is SO amazing and so fun! We have so much in common as well. In fact, she was supposed to move to LA last week to begin her singing career but she felt so strongly that she should stay and now she understands why. We'll be meeting her again on the square tomorrow to continue helping. She loves to sing and write music and she's extremely passionate about the human body so we talked for like 20 minutes about The Word of Wisdom and how amazing our bodies are and that was fun! Haha(: It's so cool when you meet others who have the same passions as you because they just GET you! It's awesome!!! So yes. We love her lots. (:

So those are just a few of the little conference miracles we saw this weekend. We were so tired every day...all day...but it was amazing! I got to see some familiar faces over the weekend including the Farmsworth's from the home ward, the Ford family from St. George, Brenna Reimer (wooo!!!), lots of former Temple Square sisters, and the Nicholls family visiting from England!

Conference was such a spiritual experience. I received answers to many prayers and counsel from Heavenly Father. We attended the Saturday afternoon session (best session ever)! Lets face it when you have Elder Oaks, Elder Holland, and Tad R. Callister in the same know it's getting real. Haha! It's funny though because many of the answers I received came, not while I was in the conference center listening to talks, but while I was out on the square meeting people, and laying in bed each night reflecting on the days work. All in all, it was truly immense. I'm very happy...and I know that God is guiding me.

On Sunday night the mission gathered in one of our theaters and the mission president spoke to us. Then, he announced that we would be WATCHING MEET THE MORMONS...AGAIN! Hahah! It was my second time seeing it but other sisters in the mission hadn't seen it yet! So we watch it again! And I cried a lot...again. You all MUST go see it when it comes out to theaters on October 10th! Please! Go see it! PLEASE!

Alright well that is the bulk of the news I wanted to share. I love you all SO much! I pray for you all! See you soon. (:

Sister Davis

The morning of our first day of conference!

In the Conference Center waiting for our session to begin! We attended Saturday Afternoon

​To prepare for conference they p-day before we went to NIELSENS FROZEN CUSTARD! Of course. (:

Oh, and we got tacos because it was taco Tuesday at DEL TACO! And no I'm not trying to give free advertising to these companies haha(: But you're welcome Nielsen's Frozen Custard and Del Taco.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The word of the day is: productive!

Why do we have a word of the day? Why not!? HA! Jokes we have a word of the day because we are helping prepare Sister Yu for the TOFL test so she can go to BYUH! This is serious business! This morning we sang the alphabet song like 10 times (: I used to sing it with Sister Fuentes when she was learning English too...ah good times!(: I love singing.

This week was SO eventful! Last Wednesday Sister Yu and I had lots of time on the square to contact! When we walked into the Assembly Hall I saw 3 women sitting on a bench near the front looking at the Organ. After immediately seeing them the thought came to my mind, "Hey, go talk with those women." So we made this awkward route to where they were sitting (my companion was looking at me like, "Why are we walking this way?" haha) and started to talk with them. Well they were from the Netherlands so they speak Dutch, BUT they did speak English pretty well, so we started talking! Anyone who has ever served a mission can relate when I say that this experience was one of those times when you don't remember anything you said but you know the spirit was there and they all ended up wanting a copy of The Book of Mormon! Wow! I would go in to more detail but I honestly don't remember most of it except for the end when I told them we could give them a Dutch Book of Mormon and they all wanted one! It was so wonderful! I told them my friend was serving a mission in the Netherlands so hopefully someday they'd meet him! Hopefully they come your way Elder Fowkes!

The next day we went to take a tour texted out at EF desk. We met these two men who seemed to be a little down and one of them was acting a little strange. We introduced ourselves and asked what brought them here but they said, "Oh we're just passing through." I started to keep talking when the one man cut me off and said, "Ok, there's a purpose we're here. We're on our way home from our brother's funeral. I'm a member and my brother here is not, can you please teach him about eternal families?" So we did. We took them to the model of the Temple and explained work for the dead and the sealing ordinance. We them took them to God's Plan for His Families presentation after that. They were both crying a lot. At the end we began to talk with the brother who was not a member and told him that we KNOW Temples really do have the power to connect us to our families forever. I started to invite him to learn more and meet with local missionaries when his member brother cut me off and said, "She wants to have the missionaries come over to your house and teach you the lessons, but you have to let them in the door!" Hahaha! His brother said he wanted to see missionaries and said that we could call him and continue to teach him. They were both so great, and very sincere humble people. We're excited to talk with him again this coming week!

Mandarin Meeting was last week so I got REALLY lucky and was able to go on exchanges with Sister McQueen! (Exchanges with Sister McQueen are rare now because she's the A.P.) But when our companions went to Mandarin meeting she gave me this cute squeal and said, "Ok! Want to go on the square? Let's go teach someone together!" Hahaha we were so excited to finally be companions for a little while!!! While on the square we met this young man who was visiting from Macedonia! He was here visiting his girlfriend (who is a member) and was looking into coming here for uni. We got talking with him, and he's pretty familiar with the church which is neat! At the end we asked him if he would like to be in contact with missionaries and he said yes! We will be calling him later. I told him that I knew one of the only 4 missionaries in Macedonia so hopefully he comes to find you Elder Gierisch!

Our amazing investigator from Ireland got baptized on Sunday morning!!!! We're so happy for him, and he is so happy! Sister Merrill was on the phone with him this morning talking to him about the possibility of him serving as missionary (he's still young). He's just has so much faith and so much desire to serve the Lord! We love him so much!!!

For Relief Society we had a special guest from the Public Affairs Dept of the church come speak to the mission! His name is Michael Otterson and he is actually a convert from Liverpool! He shared his amazing conversion story with us and talked with us about how to respond to those who do not share our beliefs and who's primary focus is to tear down our beliefs. It was an amazing meeting and the spirit was felt so widely! It was also felt strongly on Saturday night when we attended the General Woman's Meeting! I just love Elder Uchtdorf, he is fantastic!

Well, big news this week, an event that we are now calling The Flood of 9/28 just took place this last our apartment! HA! We returned from the square Sunday night to find our kitchen sink had overflowed with water coming up from the pipes. It had flooded all into the kitchen and dining room! WOO! It was eventful...and nasty. So we called the plumber and he came to fix it. As he sat and worked on it we talked with him about the gospel (he was a member). We hope that our gospel discussion helped him continue to feel that he was keeping the Sabbath day holy by helping us out! Haha and we gave him a Lion House roll as a peace offering! He was a nice guy. The next day we were given the time to do, what the mission calls, Operation Deep Clean! So we were able to scrub the floors and walls and everything and completely sanctify our apartment! It was THE BEST! So thankfully, we survived the flood of 9/28.

One more story! Just a couple hours ago I was on the square with Sister Marambio and we were taking a Spanish tour! Yay! Well, some of the guests in the group did not want to hear about religion at all, but there were two who were very very interested. They asked lots of questions and they really liked the Temple. (: At the end while Sister Marambio had just finished explaining the Book of Mormon, just as we were supposed to finish the tour, I had the thought "Ask him if he wants a Book of Mormon!" So, although they didn't speak English, I blurted out "Do you want a free copy of The Book of Mormon?" He looked at me confused and Sister Marambio quickly translated what I said, haha! And...he said yes! Not only that, but he said Sister Marambio can call him and continue to teach him more! It was exciting!

So yes...always follow the promptings of the spirit! I've noticed that when the spirit speaks to me it's usually just appears to be a "thought that I have" so in the beginning of my mission I would think, "Ah but what if he says no?" ect ect...but then in about my 4th transfer I realized...this isn't MY thought, this is the spirit prompting me, so I MUST just do it anyways! Now, every time I act on those thoughts, good always comes of it.

Those were some of the main highlights and experiences this week! I love you all and I pray for you daily! Missionary work is the greatest! AH! I just love being a missionary!

Ok, bye now!(:

Sister Davis

My companion, Sister Yu and I at the General Woman's Meeting!