Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where to Start

What a busy, exciting week it's been!

Our investigator who previously dropped us and then called us again 3 weeks later is now preparing for baptism! It's amazing and so exciting because before he dropped us we went to the temple and prayed for him and both my companion and I felt that everything was going to be Ok. Then, that night he dropped us! But now it all makes sense because he told us that he has come to the realization that he wants and needs to be baptized! Wow! We gave up sugar, as you know, so that he would give up drinking; BUT he has also quit smoking, using tobacco, and he has cut his coffee consumption in half! The spirit has been working with him so much and his testimony is incredible to listen to. He left us a voice mail the other night and in it he pretty much bore testimony. He told us that he knows that this is the true church of Jesus Christ with the true authority and that it was restored by Joseph Smith and that the Book of Mormon is God's word. It has truly been miraculous teaching him.

On Tuesday morning we went to the temple again, bright and early for the 7am session! (Normally we go on the morning of our p-day but because of meetings we had to go a different day this week.) As we were walking down the stairs into the temple someone turned the corner and came walking up the stairs towards us: It was Russel M. Nelson!!!! AH! He smiled at each of us and said, "Good Morning!" So we all smiled back and very enthusiastically said, "Good Morning!" :) :) We aren't aloud to extend our hand to apostles, they have to extend their hand first, so sadly, we didn't shake his hand. BUT! He was like a foot away from me so I count that as meeting a General Authority. :)

Thursday was our last day with President and Sister Gillette. I think the last thing I talked with President about was that his gas tank was full and the car was clean hahaha:) We really love them and we are never going to forget all that they did for us. President Gillette is the nicest man that you will ever meet, it's true! And Sister Gillette reminds me a lot of mom so saying goodbye was kinda sad.

Our new mission president arrived this morning!!! His name is President Poulsen and he is awesome! He's been here less than a day but since a lot has been going on with Fleet we can already tell that we are going to love him! All the Mandarin sisters love him too because he served in Taiwan and speaks mandarin haha:) He and his wife met at BYU (classic) and he worked internationally for Citi and now is like one of the head guys for American Express; so he is definitely a business man! His first impression of us is kinda funny though... We were dropping off a car to the garage for it's check up and we noticed that President had left the lights on his new car on! So we very swiftly walked to the mission home before the meeting started to let him know. We walked up to him and said, "Hello President Poulsen, we are your Fleet coordinators and we noticed that the lights to your car are still on so we would be more than happy to go turn those off for you!" So he hadn't been here more than 2 hours and we already had the keys to his new 2013 Toyota, Avalon. :) (*sigh*) So we went and took care of that and admired his extremely nice new car and then returned to talk about other things. After going over accident reports and his new car's permit we informed him that he will need to pick out a name for his new car, of course. So he and his wife will be reflecting over that. (President Gillette's car was name POTUS a.k.a. President of the United States.)

It's been nothing but work work work here and we are loving it! We've been just loving spending all our time teaching investigators, giving tours, taking lessons with other missionaries in the SLC valley, and fulfilling our Fleet responsibilities. It's also been quite the adventure giving up sugar! We eat super healthy now, mom you would be SO proud. And we have come to find that things like chocolate and candy bars aren't as appealing to us anymore! I know...insane that I wouldn't want chocolate... We found some sugar free candy at wal-mart but I really only care to have like 1 piece every other day... I know... who am I?

I hope you are all doing SO well! Enjoy the warm St. George weather for me! Remember how blessed you all are...haha:)

Sister Davis

Every Sunday morning we're assigned to help with announcing tours! Sister Liau from Taiwan (to my right) Sister Talatoka from Fiji (to my left) and Sister Bondare from Latvia (in front).

Me and Sister Liau (from Taiwan). She's hilarious, cute and crazy. :)

Home made fried rice and egg rolls!!! AH! No sugar! So delicious!

My last picture with President and Sister Gillette!!! I love them SO much!!!:)

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