Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I feel like I was sitting at the computer yesturday

Hello! This week was great! The weather is getting slightly warmer! (Actually, I'm not even sure that's true...I think I just may be adjusting...) But the sun is out today and there is nothing that gives me more hope than seeing the sun!

Last Saturday our roommates-Sister McQueen from New Zealand and Sister Yueng from China- asked us to sing for one of their investigator's baptism! So on Saturday afternoon we drove up to the U institute building where the baptism was being held. I just want to take a moment to say that it was SO weird being in the institute as a missionary...soooo weird. It was such a wonderful baptism and the spirit was so strong there. :) We sang Joseph Smith's first prayer and it went really well. When I watched their investigator/now recent convert, be baptized I thought of all the people that we are teaching, especially our friend in New York. Baptism is just the first step towards the greatest goal (the Temple) but it's such an important step. I still remember the day I was baptized, I remember it quite vividly actually; it was a very powerful day.

On Sunday morning after Music and the Spoken Word, we took a tour with two young men who were visiting SLC for a couple of days. They asked SO many questions, mostly just about the culture of being a Mormon. They asked about our testimonies and how we received them. They also asked, "So...after you're done here, what do you do? Do you have to just get married and have kids?" We are asked that SO much. When I told them I plan on studying Biology at BYU after my mission they both said, "Woah it's like you're just normal people!" They were half kidding...but we could tell they were honestly surprised haha:) We spoke a lot about the family unit and what it means to members of the church, and how important it is to us. We also talked about the Book of Mormon, where it came from and how they can know that it's true. We offered one to them, but they both turned it down. They said, "Well, we can look online if we need it." As we continued on, they kept asking several questions about our testimony. Finally one of them asked, "Will you share an experience that helped you gain your testimony?" [Cue Hallelujah chorus] I shared a little from my experiences in Nauvoo, and bore testimony of Joseph Smith. A couple minutes later one of the young men said, "Well..I mean if you have a lot of Book of Mormon's around...I'd love to take one and read some of it." :) :) :)

On Monday we had exchanges with our District Leader, Sister Dizon from the Philippines; so I was with Sister Moran from Mexico. She is such a sweet, caring sister! We made a goal to place one Book of Mormon on our exchange and we achieved our goal while on the MAP desk! Being a missionary really strengthens your testimony on goal-setting!

Wednesday morning was the Mission Wide Fleet Training! I'm not gonna lie-getting up in front of almost 200 sisters to do training is SO intimidating! Probably because they're girls...but I was a little frustrated with myself because crowds usually don't bother me. BUT I just had to kick my fear under the rug and smile haha. For the start of our training we showed a film that we may or may not have made ourselves...and we may or may not have done a rap about rules and car procedures... But it was a huge success. :) The entire training went really well and we were really happy that all the sisters responded positively about the rules and regulations we had to go over. Not only that, but our mission president (who was there) said he loved it! Which was good to hear. But hey, it went so well, Heavenly Father was most definitely helping us out.

Another exciting event that took place on Wednesday was our weekly car cleaning for the mission president's car!!!! So, as Fleet, we get to take President's car each week, fill it with gas, take it to the car wash in the church office building, and vacuum it out. That may not seem too fun to you but when you're behind the wheel of a 2013 Toyota Avalon with white leather interior and seat's a good day.

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement on our behalf. We can definitely feel the spirit guiding and directing our words and actions each day. Love you all,

Sister Davis

So my companion is really tall... 5 feet 11 inches to be exact. :)

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