Sunday, December 28, 2014

BAM! Christmas is DONE!!!

Wow I can't believe Christmas has come and gone! It's so weird! But we honestly had the BEST Christmas EVER! (My favourite one out of the two on my mission.) 

By some miracle we had a white Christmas! It hasn't snow AT ALL this winter until we woke up Christmas morning and there was snow everywhere! Does heavenly Father love Sister Tuiukuafe? I think so. She wanted a white Christmas SO BAD. (: After waking up Christmas morning my companion and I walked a bit like zombies into the living room to open our Christmas gifts (that's right family I DID have the strength to wait until Christmas morning before opening them). After opening them we decided to use one of them, the chocolate chip cookie mix from Katie, for our breakfast! It's Christmas, don't judge. After making/eating cookies we sat by the window for about 30 minutes and just stared outside watching the snow fall. Haha I'm being serious! We sat on the couch and watch snow fall for half an hour! So cheesy! But it was quit enjoyable. Then I ran down the hall to Sister Christensen's room and gave her a pedicure (that was my Christmas gift to her). After which we got dressed and headed for Temple Square for the Christmas program! We used the largest theatre in the North Visitor's centre for our mission to meet in. A lot of sisters came 20 minutes early though so we could run around the empty visitor's centre and take pictures! (We're not allowed to take pictures if there are guests around.) My companion was a narrater for the Christmas program so she sat down in the front and I went up in the control room for the duration of the program since I was in charge of the audio visual and Sister Ueno (from Japan) was in charge of the lighting so we were up there panicking together. (: Basically this was the outcome of the Christmas program...

The perspective of the audience:

The Christmas program went so well! The spirit was SOOO strong in the theatre. All the musical numbers were so beautiful and the videos and pictures were all so powerful. At the end President Poulsen and some sisters in the audience all recited The Living Christ from memory and that was realllly cool. (: It was a really good peaceful way to spend our Christmas morning (: (:

The perspective of Sister Davis and Ueno up in the control room:

WE SURVIVED THE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM!!! Somehow we managed to coordinate all the lighting and audio visual perfectly in sync with what was going on down in front of the audience! We're positive the only reason it worked so well was because we were praying like crazy up there! The spirit was SOOO strong in that control room haha! We also managed to switch off controls while I had to go down into the theatre to sing one of the musical numbers. We were really hoping it would all run smoothly so the sisters would really have an enjoyable Christmas program and it was a success! It was very hectic but the best way to spend Christmas morning! :D

After the program we all went to the South Visitor's Centre down where the mission offices are and had cookies and milk (yay for more cookies)! We then went upstairs and each zone met in a certain spot and we got to give all the sisters in our zone their Christmas gifts! It was so fun!!! When we all finished opening Christmas gifts the square opened up again and we resumed the work of salvation!!!

Long story short: We had a very merry Christmas. I'm glad I was able to call home Christmas eve instead of Christmas day because that just made things sooo much more helpful! (Besides it was already Christmas in Australia so it worked perfectly for Sister Tuinukafe's family.) We're excited that Christmas is over, though because we have a lot going on in the coming little while. Our investigator from England is officially in the states now and she will be flying into Utah this coming Sunday! We are SO excited to see her! AH!

Oh and probably the best Christmas miracle we saw this last week was our investigator in Hawaii got baptized on Saturday the 20th!!! We are so happy for him! Two of his children were also baptized with him as well and they all just seemed so happy! The Elders in Hawaii were extremely stoked as well- they kept texting us all day long in Hawaiian and Tongan things like "Merry Christmas!" and "We love you!" and "Thank you so much!" haha lets just say everybody was super excited!

This email is getting a tad long so I think it's time to bring it to a close but I hope all of you had such an amazing Christmas! I hope you have all been sharing The Gift with others and I hope that your testimony of Christ was strengthened this holiday season. I am so grateful to know that is was this same world that Christ came to and was born on. I love knowing that, and I love knowing the reason He came. I know that Christ wasn't just a great teacher, or a prophet, but that He truly was the Messiah! His coming was foretold by prophets since the world began! And He did come! It's just incredible to me. And I know He's coming again, that is what is even more incredible to me. I'm so excited for that day. Seriously.

Oh my goodness I just love you all! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a grand start to the new year! 2015 is coming!? AH!? Can you believe it?! I'm so terrified!!!!

Ok bye!

Sister Davis
Strait out of bed opening the Christmas gifts...haha don't judge we were so tired!!!

Giving out Christmas Gifts to the zone!!!​(Don't mind the two creeping elves on the sign...that's President Harmen and Elder Skanky of the mission presidency...#templesquare)

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