Friday, January 9, 2015

The New Year is here!!!! Meet the Mormons is here!!! Our investigator is HERE!!! (January 1st)

Everybody stay calm!!! Except this is kind of a BIG DEAL!

(This email will not be chronologically...I'm just jumping to the good stuff first.)

OUR INVESTIGATOR FROM ENGLAND IS HERE!!!!! And I met her 2 days ago!!!! And it was so crazy!!!! :D She was here with the family of one of the Elders that has been teaching her back in England! We were in Guest Services when she first came on the square but I couldn't just sit down there when I knew she was upstairs! So we went up and I was thinking we would just be quick and take longer at a later time...ha! Yeah right! We were talking for almost 2 hours I think? It was a long time, but it was great! She is coming back to be in downtown SLC all day Friday and Saturday so we have lots of time to fill!! Today she is spending the day skiing up in Park City with the members. Woot! :D

One of the things we will most definitely be doing is showing her Meet The Mormons!!! We had a mission wide training from the Missionary Dept on Monday morning to tell us all about the details and how we are going to be involved in the showings here on Temple Square. It officially begins showing on Temple Square tomorrow (January 2nd) at 7:30PM as the first showing. But, of course, the movie will be in the systems attached to all the theatre's on Temple Square so we're reserving a theatre just for our investigator from England to watch with her...maybe tomorrow? #tsqmissionary #perks The main point is that we are stoked about how many people will be coming to watch it! Usually after Christmas is over the square slows down quite a bit but we have no doubt this will keep it busy enough to have people to talk with. It's just such a fabulous movie! Woo!!!

If you're in the Salt Lake City area and want to watch Meet the Mormons in the Legacy Theatre on Temple Square you'll need to go online and reserve tickets. The tickets are free, but they are required for seating purposes. If you don't get tickets, however, there will be a standby line in the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building) for any extra seats in the theatre. If you don't get in even after that, you can go to the North Visitor's Centre for overflow in theatre 5. You can obtain tickets here: 

Languages it is currently available in is just English and Spanish. By summer of 2015, however, the missionary dept says it will be available in other languages such as Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, etc.

Ok, now that we have the formal information out of the way...

This past week we had exchanges with all the District Leaders in our zone, and THAT was fun! Sister Garcia (from Spain), Rangel (from Brazil), and Mathias (from England) are just amazing district leaders! They do SO much and are very on top of everything. We were able to do a lot of teaching with each of them and it was a great experience! After we completed exchanges we had Zone Leader reports with President, which went super well!!! Sister Poulsen and Sister Taito (from Figi) kept laughing at me though...and they kept looking at me and Sister Tuinukuafe and saying "Oh those two!" I don't know what that means...but it was interesting!

Funny story! At the end of Zone Leader reports we told president about our investigator in England who was here and he got really excited! He asked about how she got interested in the church and we told him she had been watching a Mormon family on YouTube for 4 years called The Shaytards (Shay Carl and his wife are pretty famous YouTube who just post videos of their family/life all the time haha). We had never seen them and neither had president so he said, "Well lets go look them up!" So he sat at his desk and pulled up the shaytards on YouTube and we watched a little bit haha! It was very...interesting... We kept laughing at how dramatic they are but president was just watching with a very intent/interested face and it was SO funny! Sister Poulsen and the AP's were just laughing too. So now I can say the first time I saw the Shaytards was when my mission president looked them up during zone leader reports! #what?

Some little miracles that happened this week!

A former investigator that Sister Esquivel and I taught a year ago called into my personal extension and left a message saying he wanted to talk with us again! I freaked out! His story is a long one, and you may not remember him. But he was the guy from New York who was into some bad things and then was converted but then dropped off the face of the planet. Yeah! Him! He called us! And he's doing really good! And he's still Christian!!! So that is exciting!

There was a man from Las Vegas who came onto chat about 2 weeks ago who was really interested to learn more, but sadly we couldn't get a hold of him after our amazing online chat BUT this morning I saw a voice mail from him! He called us last night trying to get a hold of us and he says he still wants to go to church and learn more! We are so happy!!!! That was a tender mercy. (:

Speaking of tender mercies!

Yesterday was crazy. I for some reason I couldn't sleep AT ALL and I was just laying in bed awake all night long. By the time my alarm went off I felt soooo terrible. I got out of bed and went out to the living room planning on trying to work out but I was so dead that I ended up sitting in the middle of the living room like a zombie and I wasn't sure but I thought I was going to perish. But then we had a MLC (Mission Leadership Counsel) so I got myself ready to go and we came down to the square. The meeting went well but I just felt sooo out of it and I couldn't figure out what was wrong and why I couldn't sleep etc. and my companion thought I had turned into a vegetable haha. So we came home for lunch and I seriously collapsed on my bed and just started crying like there was no tomorrow! My poor companion was like "Oh my gosh what is wrong!?" and I was like "I don't know I just feel like I'm going to die!" So she just sat by my bed and patted my sad little head while I cried for two minutes haha and then the next thing I knew I was unconscious. I had a lot of really weird dreams and when I woke up and looked at the clock it was 3 hours later! I also found that my companion had taken like 5 blankets and put them on me and tucked me in and put heating pads in the blankets too because our apartments heater was broken and she said I felt super cold! Crazy! Apparently after I fell asleep my companion called the mission president's wife and they found covers for our assignments and she said for me to just sleep. So anyways when I woke up I just felt so awful like I had been hit by a truck haha so we stayed home the rest of the day and had lots of good gospel discussions. (: The APs gave me a sleeping pill to take but I still couldn't fall asleep until 3AM this morning...but for some reason I still feel a lot better than I did yesterday. It was just such a crazy experience I have never felt my body just shut down like that before! But there was a huge tender mercy because we had an appointment with a new investigator that we missed but when we called her this morning she said that it was ok because the local missionaries ended up showing at her house yesterday at the same time our appointment was! SUCH A TENDER MERCY!!!!

So yes, missionary work is hard and sometimes you almost die. BUT the Lord takes care of us. For me, He sent me the sweetest loving companion ever who just patted my head while I cried and covered me with blankets so I could sleep! Haha(: And she made me laugh on New Years Eve when we were talking about how in a year from then we would look back on this New Years eve and laugh about how we spent it reading conference talks together and watching super old church movies that are cheesy but awesome! It was a good New Years. And even though I couldn't sleep, it was a tender mercy because I got to listen to fireworks at midnight while all the other sisters were sleeping! See! Life is grand. (:

Anyways wow that was a big long dramatic way to tell you that I'm sick. But it had a happy ending, right?

I will be buying lots of orange juice today.

Anyways so that is the condensed version of the goings-on this last week! The weather is FREEZING COLD and I don't know how I will survive but I know the Lord will provide! I am grateful for gloves, scarfs, jackets, long sleeve shirts, leggings, boots, earmuffs, and the ability to walk swiftly from building to building. :D

I love you all and hope you have a marvelous week!!!!!!!!!

Sister Davis
 BY THE WAY! This was an abandoned skate board someone left is west gate for an entire transfer! So we finally just brought it home and now we skateboard around the apartment when we're bored... :D Don't judge by byu sweat pants, really cool hat or my charlie the unicorn t-shirt...I have awesome friends who send me awesome stuff ok!?

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