Friday, October 4, 2013

MTC... bam!

Sister Davis had her P-Day on wednesday and we got her first email! No pictures yet, she is still trying to figure that out. She has some really neat experiences to share so here are a few things she said.

"I don't even know where to start... the MTC... bam. Day one was amazing! Every day after has just been better and better! I started off by going to my classroom and meeting my companion! Here's the thing y'all. So I have two companions, Sister Garisau and Sister Mcbride! Sister Mcbride's companion didn't ever show up to the MTC so we were just made a threesome!!! Sister Garisau is from New Zealand. She has the most beautiful accent in the entire world and she is just so beautiful and sweet and classy and quiet and kind and adorable!!! Sister Mcbride is from Canada!!! She is so crazy and funny and kind and loving and amazing! I love them both so much, we have the best companionship ever! We love to serve, we love to learn, we love to laugh we love to lift each other higher."

"Our first night in the MTC we were taken to a group activity where we taught an investigator with a classroom full of new Elders and Sisters. Our first investigator was a young college student. At first he was just very unreceptive and we could feel that he didn't care at all to hear us talk about the church. As we were sitting there I had this like crazy heart-pounding feeling that I should share a quote the Kori shared with me in mission prep. I was super nervous to but I raised my hand anyways. I told him that "my brother-in-law once told me that nobody cares how much you know unless they know how much you care. But we really do care about you, and we're here for you." All of the sudden this young man started crying... The spirit suddenly entered the room and God's love just hit this young man so hard, we all could feel it. Absolutely amazing."

"We have been teaching progressive investigators right now who are not members. We have three of them and it has just been such a growing experience learning how to bring the gospel to these people, not just teaching them but also showing them how it can help them in THEIR life. I love our investigators so much, they are amazing people and God really really loves them."

"I know you're all wondering if I sang in the Relief Society Broadcast, but unfortunately I didn't enter the MTC soon enough to have that opportunity. We also haven't had any chances to watch the Broadcast yet so thank you mom for those key points from it!!! Don't worry though, I met an Elder Seegmiller here my first day and he is an excellent piano player from Meridian, Idaho! Crazy eh!? He will be accompanying me for a musical solo audition of The Olive Tree. We audition tomorrow to see if we can get the chance to perform in any meetings here at the MTC so please pray for us! I really hope to be able to use those gifts from God to bless others!!!"

"The young men in my zone now are all going to...wait for it... Sidney Austrailia! All the sisters in our zone are going to temple square."

"The MTC is such a great, funny, crazy, busy place! I absolutely love it! There's been tons of talk about "remember not to flirt with the elders/sister!" The age gap isn't quite as big now so they really really REALLY emphasize that...there have been some interesting moments...but my companions and I just laugh about it and don't worry y'all, we don't flirt! We're too busy planning lessons and teaching people to worry about that!!! The devotionals here are amazing and we had a member of the 1st quourm of the seventy come speak to us last night. It has ALL been excellent."

"I will be in the MTC for 3 weeks. The first two weeks are just regular missionary training and the last week will be just with the square sisters doing VC training. We plan to leave for Temple Square on October 16th!!!"

"The church is true. We are sent forth to bring others closer to Christ, and that is the goal we set our hearts on every day. A mission is a lot of hard work but it is rewarding to the soul. It is the most worthy cause on this earth. I love you all!"

Sister Davis

So if you were hoping to see her at Conference you will just have to go back in April and visit her!

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I felt the Spirit as I read it. Your testimony and talent will bless many lives. I love you so much. Alabama loves you too.