Sunday, October 20, 2013

Officially a Temple Square Missionary!

Sister Davis wrote on Wednesday!...
So it sounds like Reim time really did call y'all!!:) It was such a tender mercy from the Lord to be able to see Cierra, Kelton, Kaden, Nathan, Chrissy, Taylor and all those guys! I didn't originally plan on bearing my testimony to them but when the spirit tells you to do something as a missionary you really just do it. Haha! But it was wonderful and I was so happy to see all of my friends and their beautiful smiles! My trainer for that night was Sister Willhelm, from Brazil and she was just fantastic! As soon and we got assigned we just went to work full speed! Love it! Going back to the MTC was a little hard after that experience. Haha:) I have 5 new investigators just from online. There are so many out there searching for the gospel!
Alright so Tuesday was a CRAZY day! BUT it was amazing! So Sister McBride was throwing up all monday night so the next morning we took her to the health clinic and they sent us to the hospital so she could get a c.a.t. scan! Yea! Crazy! But we actually had the best adventure because while she was in getting it done, Sister Garisau and I were able to each lunch at Kneaders! It was like...real food! In the real world! Sister McBride turned out to be ok, they're just gonna keep an eye on her for now. But it was extremely adventurous!

THEN that night Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and gave an address to us and it was broadcasted from our MTC to all of the MTC Campus' across the globe! It was such a powerful and amazing experience! I wish so bad that I could print his talk off and give it to investigators because it was golden!
Tuesday night was also very bittersweet because my companions and I said goodbye to Elder Seegmiller and his (we call them the minions) companions. Don't worry though, we got a picture! We couldn't leave without getting photo documentation of those awesome Elders! I also was able to talk with Elder Armstrong after the devotional, which was really really neat, and a blessing because he stays on the west campus so it was cool that we even got to talk! But I think the most sweet "last night in the MTC conversation" was with the beautiful Sister Nicholls. She is seriously so amazing and just radiates good! She has her V.C. training in like 2 weeks here on temple square though so I really really hope that I get to see her when she comes!

Today has just been a sup totes cray cray day here on Temple Square. We got here early this morning and just sat and absorbed a bunch of "need to know this" info about our money, security etc etc. Then we got to meet our mission president and have interviews with him. The next couple hours we had down time (I took advantage of it to try and start learning the history stuff in the packet asap cuz there's a lot haha) while they assigned our companions. Then they announced our companions! My companion is from Florida and she just got back today from her outbound in California! Her name is Sister Wettingfeld. She is the district leader and she is so awesome! She's got long blond hair like I used to have and she's just funny and sweet and so great! I'm incredibly excited to spend the next transfer getting to know her and learning all the in's and out's here from her!:)
After we got our companions they sent us to Wal-Mart to go shopping for our food. I'm not going to lie it was so weird shopping for all my own groceries for the first time in my life for myself...but not only am I so grateful for my amazing parents who taught me how to clean and cook and do laundry, but I'm also grateful for the experience this is going to give me for later in life...
Everyone keeps saying "Welcome to the best mission in the world!" I'm so happy to be here. I would not want to be anywhere else! I love you all!
Sister Davis

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  1. Sounds like a lot of special experiences. You sound happy and excited. Love, love, love to you. Grandmommy