Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Mission is like a Dream Come True!

May I just say how happy I am to be a missionary on Temple Square?! So some of you already know that I have always wanted to live downtown, in an apartment, in a big city, for about a year or so, just to experience what that is like. Well, Heavenly Father is letting me live that dream because my companion and I live in an apartment downtown! Like really y'all...this city does not sleep at night. It's actually pretty soothing to listen to the sounds of cars and sirens and just lots of noise as I lay in bed at night. Not only am I exhausted every night when I crawl into bed but I love just laying there and listen to the sounds of the city outside and thinking about my amazing day! It's so great:)
Things have been just SO busy! We walk so so much everyday and by then night we are so so tired! My trainer (who went outbound to California) reminds me often that Temple Square is one of the most physically demanding missions there is! And, honestly people, she is so right. Like I'm pretty sure I've already lost weight...
Miracles happen every day here! One night when we were on the sqaure we were walking down by the Book of Mormon display and there was this young man just chillin' looking at stuff; so we said hello and asked him where he was from. He said he was from Washington State and he was on his way to florida cuz he just joined the air force and he has 9 days to get to the base down there. He was driving around SLC, saw the Temple, and decided to come look. He told us that he used to date a girl who was LDS and he used to talk to missionaries before, but he wasn't intersested he just liked to bombard them with questions haha! We offered to give him a tour and he said yes! So we took him to the temple model and explained to him what temples are and why we have them. Then we got into this very neat conversation about the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he would be interested in reading it and he was like "Well I dunno I've read some before and nothing really came of it." Then Sister Wettingfeld started to testify of the BOM and the spirit was like BAM! But he then he was like "Well, I don't want to take your book from you!" And then I felt really strongly like I should testify of the book, so I did. After that you could almost see in his eyes that he felt like what we were saying had value. We then asked him if he was sure he wouldn't want one. Then he said, "Yeah, please I'd love one!" :D :D So we gave him one and also a card. Then he gave us his number and email address and said he would be interested in learning more from us over the phone. It was so amazing, watching his heart slowely, but surely, change. :)
There have been several tours we've given and it is amazing to see how people are so awe struck of the dedication and hard work the pioneers had in building these places here! They can feel the spirit of the Lord and they always are so touched by the messages and especially by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Of course, because He is the greatest teacher of all.
Sorry this email is so long! But I want to share another miracle investigator story! A couple nights ago as we were getting ready to leave the computer center (where we chat with people online, and call people to teach over the phone) a chat popped up and I thought "Well we have to go soon...but I'll just take it!" The man on the chat was a father of 3 boys with one on the way. His wife and him want to learn more about the church because they want to raise their children right. Within the first minute of talking, he asked for a Book of Mormon! We committed him to go to church and he said we could call him the next day to follow up! Well we called him the next day (Sunday afternoon) and he DID go to church! It was the primary program that day so he said his kids loved it! Hahaha! :) We got to talk to him about what a regular Sunday service is like and he is planning on going again next week! He and his family are just so golden and so ready for the gospel!!!
This morning I got to see Sister Nicholls again!!! She and other sisters came up from the MTC to get a tour of temple square! I was so happy to see her beautiful smiling face and I'm so excited because they get to come back again Saturday night and experience what it's like teaching at a visitors' center! I am SO excited for her!!!
This last week I also saw the Gillespie family!!! They were here for a concert of The Orchestra at Temple Square! It was so fun to see them and talk to them! I got to ask how Elder Gillespie is doing, and I got to see Kaelee and ask her about school! They are such amazing people!
On Sunday morning my companion and I got to go see Music and the Spoken Word!!! Oh my goodness it was so beautiful! Alex Boye was there but I didn't get a chance to go say 'hi'. Next time though! I promised him I'd come say hello at some point... They also sang "Simple Gifts" which reminded me of back when I first started taking voice lessons and when Elder Plum sang that at state competition last year! Oh the memories...:)
It has just been so wonderful here, I wish I had enough time to write about everything! Remember, never be afraid to share the gospel with people you know! Member missionary work is vital to helping others come to the Savior. I love you all!
Sister Davis
Here are some fun pictures!
 They had BAMA jelly at the store! So I got it!!!

My companion and I! This wall is actually on the roof of the conference center :)

Remember back in the MTC when sister McBride had to go to the hospital? This is evidence that we did in fact enter the real world!

And this is what we left on the waiting room in the hospital...hehe:)

My name tag!

Sister Nicholls and I this past Wednesday morning!

The view from our apartment at night :) :)
That's all, thanks for reading!

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  1. Love reading your letters. I can feel your enthusiasm and love for the Gospel. The "Tide is Rolling" this year again. Love you so much. Grandmommy