Sunday, November 10, 2013

There's this white fluffy stuff falling from the sky...

Her letter from this past Wednesday!...

This week has been such an adventure! On Halloween the square closed at 5pm and all the sisters changed into pajamas and went to the mission home for a Halloween party!!! It was the cutest thing ever! Our mission president shared some cheesy Halloween jokes, his wife gave us holiday recipes and told us Halloween poems, the a.p.'s did a funny sketch for us, and for dinner we had potatoes! AH! And there were tons and tons of sweets! Oh it was wonderful... But the most exciting part is...wait for it...we got to watch Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! It was so much fun! And of course because we're all missionaries we were connecting EVERYTHING to the gospel! Haha! When Aslan comes back to life we were all just so happy and crying and it was just so tender haha:)

We've been having rehearsals like crazy now since our concert is coming up fast! But you can probably guess that I love it! Singing is just something I need to do one way or another to stay healthy and happy and so it's such a tender mercy that I can be in a choir and do this!

On Sunday I was able to call a referral to a wonderful lady in the U.K. She was just so sweet and so kind and she is happy to stay in touch with us! We pray for her daily. We also found a young 15 year old girl in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...) who really wants to learn more and join the church. At first I was nervous because she was asking about why we don't date until we're 16 and why we dress modestly. But it was SO neat because I was able to share with her some personal experiences I've had from dressing modestly and waiting until I was 16 to date and she was just so receptive to it! She was like "Well I guess I'll just have to throw out half my clothes then!" And I'm just so happy because THAT'S what the atonement is all about! It's about change! Jesus Christ is the hope and the light in our soul that makes us willing to change! Not just on the big things but on the little things too! (Like how we dress!) Then just the other night I received a call from a lady in Oregon who really wants to learn more about the church. She also wants her son to join the church and go on a mission! It's incredible because she doesn't know a lot about the religion, but she feels that it's good and she wants it for herself and her children! There are so many out in the world that are ready to hear the message of the gospel!

I really love Sundays here! We only get to have sacrament meetings early Sunday mornings but we get to hold our services in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It is SO beautiful in there! It used to be the ballroom if that gives you an idea haha! And honestly, every time I'm there it makes me think of the ballroom in the VonTrapp home (in The Sound of Music). :) So lovely. Sunday was the first snow of the season too! So beautiful! Anyone of my friends know that I've never liked snow...ever...but I really have felt like I need to be grateful for it and understand that it is beautiful and wonderful and everything God created, He created for a purpose. So now I love the snow. And I am in the process of training myself to love cold weather as well...hahaha!

While doing our shift at the Eternal Families desk Sunday night I saw the amazing youth speaker John Hilton III and his family! I recognized him the moment I saw him because I had met him before my first year of EFY on BYU campus! I got to talk with him and he asked me what my experience was like being a missionary here. It was so cool to see him again and talk with him and his wife!

It's all just work, work, work here on the square and I love it! We have early morning meetings literally every day this week, but that's ok! Going to meetings is enjoyable and always a learning and growing experience! I hope all is well in St. George, Utah! I've met SO MANY people who are on their way there to visit or just on their way home, having visited St. George. Haha it's such a small world! Especially in the church! Kori, you'll be excited to know that I have met SO MANY returned missionaries from Roseville, California. It's quite amusing actually.

Have a lovely week everyone! Stay happy! Remember, life is wonderful! Bloom where you're planted!

Sister Davis

Some adorable pictures!

My companion and I at the Halloween festivities! :)

Katie! It's Sister Laporte and I! She says hello btw:)

My companion and I with our zone leaders Sister Laporte (California) and Sister Vaivai (New Zealand) I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Snow! It's so beautiful here on Temple Square!

I am extremely proud of this picture... :D

In honor of watching Narnia the other day, this lamp post in amidst the snow was very inspiring to us haha!:)

Sometimes we get a glance of Christmas which is quickly approaching! Ah!!! :D

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