Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Met so many people from Boise, Idaho this last week! One was a lovely lady that was a yellow bys counselor with me! The other was an older couple that knows the Spjutes, haha! Small world in the church.

On Monday morning Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to the mission with his wife. It was very different from how they were when they spoke in the MTC! They spoke together and didn't have a script, just followed the spirit! They laughed lots and they are just the cutest couple the world has ever known! When Elder Oaks was talking about how amazing his wife is she was all smiling at us and looking around and he suddenly stopped talking, turned to her and said "Stop posing sweetie!" Hahaha! Oh they were just so funny, cute and inspiring! We got to shake his hand afterward! He asked where I was from and I said, "St. George, Utah!!!" He said, "Oh! Wow, well I am so glad you get to serve here on Temple Square!" Oh it was so neat!!!:)

I told before of an investigator we met over chat who went to church the day after our first contact! Well we've been teaching him and he is doing SO well! He went to church with his little boys AGAIN on Sunday and stayed for the entire 3 hours! He really really loved priesthood meeting too!!! His wife is still bed ridden because of her pregnancy but the missionaries came over and gave her a Book of Mormon and were able to talk with her and resolve some concerns she had! They are just doing so well and we're going to extend the baptism commitment this week!:)

So my companion and I have been giving lots of tours but I finally got to pass off to my zone leaders yesterday! For passing off we got to go eat a free dinner at The Lion House! It was SO GOOD!!! And we didn't have to cook for ourselves for once, which was kinda nice. :)

Today (P-day) we got to leave temple square and go do some service in East Salt Lake! We got to rake leaves!!! It was SO FUN!!! I took pictures. :)

A lot of people wonder what being a missionary here is like, so I will explain what it is exactly we do. Our schedule is planned every day for us. It tells us where we need to be, and then we plan what we're going to do at those places. For several hours a day we have what we call "Square Time". That is time that we just have to be on Temple Square, doesn't matter where, just contacting people, offering tours, and helping people feel welcome! We plan each night what places on the square we are going to go to when. Then we have what we call "Building Assignments". For example, every Monday we are assigned the Assembly Hall from 4-5 pm. That means we have to stay in the Assembly Hall and greet people, answer questions, etc. Then for several hours a day we have what we call "T.C. (Teaching Center)" That is where we contact people through chat, incoming phone calls, or we will teach people discussions over the phone. We also do something here called "Investigator Lessons". That is where regular missionaries from any of the Salt Lake City Missions (there are 5 believe it or not) can bring their investigators to Temple Square and we have a joined lesson with them and we just use places on temple square to help teach! So like just the other night we did and investigator lesson with Elders Beeton and Mauinatu from the Salt Lake City West mission where we taught a less active girl. We took her to the assembly hall, God's Plan Presentation, and Christus. Those are always wonderful experiences. :)

There have been TONS of Asians on the Square here this last week! Like it's been so crazy! And my companion and I have been asked to be in SO many pictures hahaha We both have blond hair though so we kinda expected it:) They're such cute people though! They're always so happy and friendly! I went on an exchange the other day and gave a Mandarin tour for the first time! That was a huge learning experience! I'm still struggling with being able to say "Hello I'm Sister Davis! Welcome to Temple Square!" in Mandarin. IT'S SO HARD! I really wish I was fluent in mandarin...

On Saturday we had security training at 7:30 am. (We have TONS of early morning meetings in this mission, almost every day.) I feel super lucky to be a missionary here... Security is ALWAYS watching us sisters like hawks. But it helps me feel safe... They did have to train us on certain things though, like how to respond to a bomb threat. Unfortunately, we get those at least once a month. But it's ok because we have the Lord on our side. :)

Choir has been getting super down to business lately! All of us sisters are putting on a music fireside on Nov 12th in the Assembly Hall. I'm part of the choir, and I'm part of a small singing ensemble as well. I was going to be a dancer in one of the songs too but things just got to busy. Next time though!:)

Well that is all of my news for this week! (Of course, I'll think of a million other things later that I will have wished I wrote but that's what my journal is for right!?) Haha:) Have an amazing week e'rebody!

Oh, and Roll Tide! I've heard they're still undefeated. :)

Sister Davis
This is inside the Relief Society Building. I really really love this...

Just a beautiful morning on our way to the Square!:)

My bountiful meal at The Lion House!!! SO GOOD!

It's been getting so cold outside I've started to use those fuzzy gloves you gave me last winter, mom!:)

When we got to go to Music and The Spoken Word! (No we don't get to go every Sunday sadly)

On our way to the service project in West Salt Lake:)

Raking leaves! Service is the best!!!

 So many leafs! So many trees!

My zone! Zone North 1!!!

They gave us FREE UNHEALTHY FOOD after! For a Temple Square sister...this stuff is like gold...

My comp and I :)

My district!!! :) Back row: Me, Sister Sherret from Southern California, My comp. Sister Torres from Mexico, Sister Ochoa from Mexico. Front row: Sister Zhau from China, Sister Yu from Taiwan, and Sister Malavasi (Center light blue shirt) from Italy!

Thanks for reading!

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