Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sometimes being a temple square missionary is just mind-blowi​ng

How is it even P-day already?! I don't even know. I honestly feel like I was just writing you guys yesterday! So crazy.

So this week has been so wonderful!

For all of the day Thursday my companion and I covered an assignment on Welfare Square. It was so cool! I think a lot of people don't realize how big the church welfare program is! It's amazing! So because Welfare Square isn't as busy as temple square we had lots of study time, but to any missionary this is like a dream come true! It seems like personal study time goes so fast and you always want more! So Thursday was great!

On Thursday night we went to a play that the church has every Christmas season now. It's called Savoir of the World. The script was written and approved by the Quorum of the Twelve and it is about the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was so good. Near the end when the disciples were gathered together (this is after Christ died and they were told that Mary saw the resurrected Lord), Jesus appeared to them. The man who played the Savior was dressed all in white, but his back was always turned to the audience so we couldn't see his face. But when that man walked out onto the stage I couldn't help but sit up and have the strongest urge to go be close to him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him during the entire time he was teaching the disciples. I kept thinking in my head, "What if that isn't just a regular man...what if that was the Savior...what if it IS him.." I knew in my heart that the man on the stage wasn't the Savior, but I couldn't shake the longing feeling I had inside to go be close to him. I wanted so badly for it to be him... Needless to say it was a very powerful, moving performance. I would encourage anyone to come see it if they are in the Salt Lake City area anytime soon!

On Friday I went on exchanges with Sister Vaivai from New Zealand. She is the funniest sister ever, I love her so much! We did a lot of contacting on the square and I learned SO much from her. She is great:)

Our proselyting boundaries have been expanded!!!! Instead of just being able to contact on the square, we can contact by the reflection pool in front of the temple and out by the conference center!!! That probably isn't super exciting for y'all to here but it was super exciting for us!!! Haha:)

This last week we have gotten two new investigators: One man from England and another from Virginia. They are both really interested in the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we're extremely excited to be teaching them! We found BOTH of them on chat. So crazy. Two of our other investigator ladies here in the states are doing so so well! One of them went to church on Sunday and told me that she felt SO good there and the people were SO great and she really wants to be a part of this church. The other has been in contact with the ward in her area as well and she is really excited about the things she has learned about the restoration! When I called her Saturday night she was so sweet, she said "Well I wish you were here because I'm making a big roast!" Haha she's great:)

So this next thing I'm about to tell you will make you all jealous So my companion and I were on the Eternal Families desk on Sunday night when this man walked by wearing these interesting glasses. As soon as I saw them, I knew what they were. I went up to him and said, "Excuse me, but are you wearing GOOGLE GLASSES?" (I didn't shout of course I just wanted to make sure you all saw those words hehe.) He said, "Yes, these are the Google glasses! Would you like to try them on?" Ladies and gentlemen, I have worn and used Google glasses! AH! It was the coolest thing ever!!!!! I put them on and then all I had to do was nod my head (then a screen appeared in the air in front of my eyes), say "Ok glass" (then a list of commands appeared) and then say "Take a picture" and it took a picture of what I was looking at! AH! My companion didn't know what Google glass was but she figured out pretty quick once she tried them on! We ended up talking to this guy for a long time and apparently he's one of the few people in the world that get to test out this beta version of the Google glasses. Ah! It was just the coolest thing!

This morning our mission had a really special meeting about how we can teach people who are from China (but there's lots of technicalities that go along with that). I'm not supposed to say much about it...but people from China are ready and willing to hear the gospel! We just have to share it in the correct way...The temple square project of "Save China" is in full force right now though! AH! It makes me so happy!:)

So this is my last P-day of my first transfer... It has flown by! When I write again on my next P-day I might not even be with Sister Wettingfeld anymore! And it might not even be on Wednesday! But I'm super excited and feeling super positive about this next transfer starting next week. This is truly the best mission in the world!

I love you all! Thank you for all the support. Have a wonderful week!
Sister Davis
 Sister McBride had to go home for surgery:( This was the last time I saw her, after the musical concert. We're going to miss her :(

Taken in the T.C. (the calling center where we chat and call investigators) I think this was Friday morning

We ate lunch in the C.O.B. (Church Office Building) on Friday so we took the tunnels back to the S.V.C. (South Visitors Center) cuz it's faster haha This is right near the exit that takes you out to the east gate. :)

Me, Sister Laporte, Siser Wettingfeld, and Sister Vaivai just being happy in T.C. :)

Thanks for reading!

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