Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Every Week is such an Adventure!

I'm not sure where to start this week so we'll start at the very beginning....a very good place to start. :)

Last Saturday night we had plans to take an investigator lesson with Elders in the SLC South Mission, but it didn't work out. :( So we met some wonderful people on the square and took them around to a few of our favorite places for a tour! Afterwards, as we walked downstairs to leave we saw CIERRA'S PARENTS about to walk out of the north visitor's center!!!! AH!!!! It was SO good to see them! It completely made my night, plus, I haven't had a hug that big in a long time haha:)

Our next miracle occurred right after we finished chatting and went into the teaching center. We have an investigator who is a truck driver, but because of his job it's hard to know when we can call to teach him. BUT, that night I felt prompted to give him a call and, as you can guess, we "happened" to call right when he was just chilling waiting for his next assignment! It went so well, the Lord really guides his missionaries!

Sunday morning, we attended Music and the Spoken Word! I was THRILLED when I opened the program to see that they were going to sing "The Battle of Jericho" arranged by Moses Hogan. AH! I remember singing that in high's a classic epic choir number. :) Brilliantly conducted by Ryan Murphy! Afterwards we took a tour with a wonderful group of people from London! They apparently had been at BYU the day before performing for...we don't really know what. We made the focus of the lesson about the Savior, Jesus Christ and felt prompted take them to the New Testament Paintings in the North Visitor's Center. As we got to the end of talking about the life and Ministry of Jesus Christ we stopped at the painting of the Resurrected Lord appearing to Mary. We shared with them the message that we love to share with everyone, that Jesus the Christ lives. He still lives, He still loves us, and He is still aware of us. As I stood and testified of Jesus Christ, I looked into the faces of these wonderful people. It's hard to describe unless you have been a missionary, but as I looked at them I could see the spirit testifying to them. I KNEW they were feeling the spirit and I KNEW it was touching their hearts. Although none of them accepted a Book of Mormon I know in my heart that God has a plan for each of them. I doubt I will ever see them again, but I doubt they will ever forget what they felt when they heard of their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday was quite the eventful day! The A.P.'s of our mission informed us that the lost their car in the Church Office Building garage. Hahaha so, as fleet, we decided to go try and find her! (The car's name is Sheila, by the way.) As we were driving (our car's name is Lance) around the garage-me in the passengers seat clicking the key button with the window rolled down- we stopped by the C.O.B. entrance and to our great surprise saw Jeffrey R. Holland and D. Todd Christofferson standing right next to our car! They must have heard us gasp and saw our surprised faces because they both got huge grins on their faces haha! Elder Holland waved and said, "Hello Sisters!" We said, "Hello!" Then he said, "It's great to see you, sisters!" Our reply, "It's great to see you too!" Ha. Classic. :) So they waved and walked into the building and that was our exciting experience seeing two apostles. :) [By the way, yes, we found Sheila about 20 minutes later.]

On Tuesday my companion and I were feeling a little stressed so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Chick Fil' A! WOO! But on our way back we had a very interesting, and frankly terrifying experience. We were walking down south temple street on our way to the square when we passed a man just chillin' on the sidewalk. I got the oddest feeling that I should avoid eye contact, but ridiculous little me didn't listen and as we passed by we looked at him, smiled, and said hello. As soon as I did I felt something really...just not a good feeling. We kept walking but as we did we heard the man mumble a couple different things to us. About halfway down the street we suddenly heard this man yelling after us! We both started walking a little faster but then the man started to RUN AFTER US! YEA! RUN! So, terrified out of our minds we walked extremely quickly across the street to the square, telling Sister Steenhoek to call security. Thankfully, the light turned red so the man couldn't cross the street and we made in safely within the walls of the square. So that was exciting...and terrifying...and I'm going to make sure that if the spirit tells me not to look at someone I won't look at someone...ha. Follow the spirit my good friends. :)

On Wednesday nights we have district meeting and this week my companion and I were asked to give the instruction. It went so so so well! We built off of the principle that our thoughts have great power in determining who we become. I'm definitely going to keep the outline we created because it is something I feel like youth would be really receptive to. It's amazing how much our thoughts have the power to affect our actions. And as we know our actions create habits, which eventually make up our character. So, it's just like Alex Boye said, "We become what we think about the most." <- I. Love. That. Quote. Because I know it's true. What do you think about the most? How does that affect the type of person you are? What do you think the Savior thought about as He ministered throughout His life? How did His thoughts affect His actions? It's something to think about. :)

新年快樂! For those who don't speak Mandarin that says Happy New Year! The mission had a small celebration last night because many of our sisters are Asian and the rest of us wish we were. :)

Well, I love you all! Thank you for the continued love and support!

Sister Davis

Sister Steenhoek and I in Music and The Spoken Word!:)

 Listening to Ryan Murphy give last minute critiques is probably my favorite part of the entire experience:)

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