Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Week of Miracles!

Wow I'm so happy! This week was so amazing and full of incredible experiences!

Last Friday a member from Idaho called in to refer her dear friend who had moved from Idaho to the other side of the states. She told me about this lady and I decided to call right after I got off the phone with the member. This dear lady picked up the phone and we began talking for quite a while. (: She had talked with missionaries before back in Idaho and gone to church, but after moving out east she began to feel like she was forgetting her purpose in life. She was incredibly lonely and did not know anyone in the town she is living in. I talked with her about attending church and that I knew she could feel that same happiness she had before back when she was attending in Idaho. She was very hesitant to go but come Sunday morning she went! As she was walking up to the doors of the church she saw another older lady and said to her, "Excuse me ma'am, could you help me? I just don't know where to go!" The lady said, "Well you just take my hand and we'll walk right in together!" So wonderful! She met so many wonderful people at church and made so many friends. She felt the spirit SO strong that she knew this was the right path for her. The missionaries came over after church and invited her to be baptized, to which she said yes! We talked with her yesterday and she is very excited as she is now on the path to prepare for baptism!

Isn't it wonderful, the things we find in the gospel of Jesus Christ?! We not only find a large support group, but we also have a place where we can be fed so strongly by the spirit of the Lord! We have the knowledge of the purpose of life and a hope for better things to come. We have the power of God on earth, the same power Jesus Christ had when He walked on the earth! There is so much goodness and hope from God that anyone can find in His church. It's a remarkable thing, to see the gospel change the lives of so many people.

We were so ecstatic to hear from our investigator in England when she told us that she made the decision to attend church (although her original plan was not to attend this week). She felt a real desire to go and she said that she knew she needed to be there. Our investigator in Ireland felt the same way as he sat in the testimony meeting listening to many people bear testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. When talking to him afterwards, he expressed to us how touched he was to hear and see so many people talk about how they knew this was true.

This last Wednesday Sister Sherratt and I were asked (very last minute) to put together a musical number for Relief Society. We were flipping through some sheet music Sister Klein had and found the song "My Soul Hungered." The only reason I knew that song is because dad used to listen to it back when I was younger (it's super old) haha! We chose that song and it was the perfect choice! The song reminds me so strongly of Enos from the Book of Mormon and his prayer to be forgiven of his sins. It also reminded me really strongly of some times in my life when I prayed harder than I ever had to be forgiven, or receive answers to prayers. One part of it says, "With all my heart, with all my soul, I wrestled before the Lord to make my life whole. He filled my hunger, he fed my soul." I love that. I honestly believe that most people will come to a time in their life when they really have to pray with all their heart to God to make their life whole. But those are the moments that really shape who we become. (:

Oh! Fun story! On Sunday night as we began our shift in the Beehive House, our Zone leaders held up some church materials (e.g. missionary information pamphlets, pass along cards, etc etc) and asked each companionship to pick one thing that they wanted to give to a guest, who came there, by the end of the night. They had lots of little booklets and pass-along cards but they were only holding one copy of The Book of Mormon. So I jumped up and grabbed the Book of Mormon before you could say, "And it came to pass.." I was surprised when it turned out no other sisters fought me for it! They all wanted to give out pass along cards! What?! I remember thinking to myself, "The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and the most powerful tool that we as missionaries have to share with others! Why am I the only one who ran for it!?" Well, needless to say, on our very first tour of that shift we didn't give out one Book of Mormon...we gave out THREE!!!! Isn't that amazing!? The Lord knew we had the faith so He led 3 wonderful women to us who were prepared to receive a copy of The Book of Mormon! Miracles!!!

Well those are just a few exciting stories from this week. There are a few more, but I don't want to make this extremely long, but I hope you enjoyed reading from them. I know that when we are diligent and patient the Lord will help make more of us than we ever thought. I really love being a missionary. (: It is the BEST!(:

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Davis

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