Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Proverbs 3:5

Hey hey er'body!

This week was fantastic! I'm having a hard time remembering why but, you know, such is the memory of a missionary (aka about the size of a goldfish).

The Beehive has been very very busy. I suppose it has to do with school starting, but we enjoy staying busy! Although many guests come to the home of Brigham Young expecting a history lesson, we've really been focusing on making it a spiritually uplifting experience for members and especially non-members! The more I learn about the life of Brigham Young the more my testimony grows. Small stories from his life easily illustrate what was important to him. The more we share the more we hope that those guests who visit walk away from that tour wanting to make either family or God more of a priority in their life. Of course there are those guests who like to make light about certain lifestyles during that time, but it's amazing to see how when we remind people that we're in the home of a prophet of God, it changes their behavior. For little children who are members of the church, I love telling them that it's almost like walking through the home of Thomas S. Monson today, and they get so excited it's adorable!

Our investigator in Ireland is doing very well. He is SO sweet! He has such faith in the Lord and talking to him always puts a smile on our face! Since he is 7 hours ahead of us we always call first thing in the morning and it's the best way to start our day! He's also got fantastic local missionaries who have been doing a tremendous job. Sometimes it can be really hard being on Temple Square teaching some amazing people from around the world. There are days when I wish so bad I could just be right there with our investigators talking to them face to face...but if I were in Ireland I wouldn't be able to teach the others we have around the world...and if I were with any other investigators we wouldn't be able to teach our friend in Ireland... The Lord knows what he's doing, we just have to trust him.

Speaking of trusting in the Lord...this last week I have gained the STRONGEST testimony of trusting in the Lord. I've had moments lately where I have been so concerned and confused and wanting to understand all the Lord is trying to teach me... but it wasn't until the moment I let go of all those worries and just decided I would completely trust God, THAT was when I saw more answers come from Him. On a certain concern I was facing, when I decided to stop worrying and trust God...literally the next day this crazy thing happened that took me completely by surprised. It was almost as if God was saying, "See...I told you to just trust me!" Such is life!

Well...last, but not least, I would like to give a massive shout out to one of the greatest people this world has ever known! Someone who I'm pretty sure is a model but won't admit it, and has the talent and tact to have anyone fall in love with her on the sight! She's a devoted musician, medical student, and she an accent that could cause American citizens to fall at her feet. She's smart, funny, talented, and single (so if anyone out there is looking...let me know)! She has WAY more faith in God than she gives herself credit for and she's one of the bravest souls I've known! And you know she's legit because a quick shopping trip to London doesn't even phase her. So cheers to you, my dear investigator in England! We hope these first few days of placement don't kill you because we're excited to talk to you again about all the "goings-on" over the pond. (: We love you!!!

I'm not sure what else to include this week so I'll end it here. I love you all! Continue to share the gospel and keep smiling!!! (:

Sister Davis

When there are wedding receptions in the garden behind the Beehive House, Temple Square sisters be like...

We were just looking through the lost and found and these stylin glasses were there! I'm thinking I should buy me some glasses..

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