Thursday, September 18, 2014

I saw a giraffe! And an elephant! And a GIANT TURTLE!!!

Hello hello!!!

Transfer news!!! Well, I'm still here on good 'ole Temple Square! But I've been given the new assignment of District Leader. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I know I'll have to do something I've never done before! My new companion is Sister Yu from Taiwan!!!! Yay I am going to learn Mandarin and work on project save china (aka P.S.C. sounds more legit than we think it is know..)!!!! Haha I'm so excited for all that will be going on in the near future! The sisters in my district are Sister Marambio (from Chile), Sister Cano (from Peru), Sister Occolier (from Martinee) and then the last sister we don't know yet because she is coming from the MTC and doesn't arrive until tomorrow! Woo! So exciting!

This past week has been just SO crazy and interesting! We got a text from our dear dear investigator in Ireland telling us he has selected a day for his baptism! Wow, we were so happy!!! It's going to be the day right before our sweet investigator in West Virginia will be baptized. Miracles! We've also been talking with so many people online recently and have a lot of opportunities to teach and find more who would like to continue learning. It's amazing how the Lord has such a strong hand in the lives of these people.

School has begun so you would think that Temple Square would be slowing down but it's been quite the opposite. I am beginning to think that September is the busiest month on the square! So many people have been here (although I will admit most of them are visiting from outside the country). Oh I had the most awkward experience with a poor Asian fellow who did not speak a word of English! He came walking into the South Visitor's Center and I said, "Hello! How are you?!" He gave me this really confused look and I said, "Where are you from?" Then he started to look really uncomfortable so I said, "Are you visiting from outside the USA?" Then this poor fellow said, "Oh, ok." rather glum and turned around and walked out! I was just standing there in total confusion and shock haha! I don't know what he thought I said but perhaps he thought he needed to be from the USA to come inside? I have no idea but it was SO sad and SO awkward and I hope that poor man realized later on that all of the buildings are open to the public (well except the Temple of course). I prayed that he would run into some sisters that spoke his language. Haha(:

You're probably wondering why I emailed so much later today than normally... well, I went to the Zoo! I know! This is a remarkable day in my life seeing as I have never been to a Zoo until now! I saw giraffe's, elephants, monkeys, bears, lions, and giant turtles! You know, I've always loved turtles so much...but I think I've found my new favorite animal... I just love giraffes! They are so beautiful and amazing and wow...words cannot describe my new found love. So it's been a pretty exciting p-day. Plus, I totally had a moment with a lion...we are best friends now.

Alright well to be honest I am SO exhausted right exhausted...tomorrow is transfer day so it's going to be so crazy and so busy but it's going to be wonderful. I'll be driving my former companion, Sister Fuentes, to the airport very early tomorrow morning; as she is leaving for her outbound mission in San Jose California. It's all very exciting(:

Well, I love you all! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Rebuttals? #prayaboutit Heavenly Father is always listening(: I LOVE YOU!

Sister Davis

Us with our tickets to the ZOO!

Me and my elephant friend!

​All of us who went with the giant elephant(:
Left to right: Sister Lopez (from Mexico) Sister Klein (from Brazil) Sister Sherratt (from So. California) Me! Sister Merrill (from Idaho) and Sister Ying (from So. California/Taiwan)

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  1. Hey Christy,,,,,,,,I always enjoy reading your posts. Can't believe you have been out a year. Time is passing quickly. Was at Michael's in April when James Preston was blessed and when Michael graduated with his MBA. Wanted to go to Temple Square, but don't think your Mom and Dad wanted me to, so I didn't. They were up from St. George for Michael's graduation and the baby's blessing. Sounds like
    you are having lots of interesting and spiritual experiences. Football season has started and we are pulling for the Crimson Tide as much as ever. I miss granddaddy during this time. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple in October. This time of year is always nostalgic for me. Love you so much and am proud of you and happy that you are having wonderful experiences. Grandmommy in Alabama ROLL TIDE.