Thursday, October 30, 2014

...and then the dentist loved my analogy so much that he asked me to email it to him! Inbox

But really!

Earlier today we had to visit the dentist office because Sister Yo's tooth broke last week! Ah! So this morning we went over and it was such a great time! When they took her back to her room, I of course followed her (must be in sight and sound) and as it turns out there are no extra chairs in those rooms, of course, so I sat on the floor in the corner while they worked on her teeth! Haha! Exact obedience brings miracles! So as I was sitting in the corner I was talking with the dentist and texting our investigator in England. He asked about what it's like being a Temple Square missionary and I explained a little and then said, "Actually, I'm texting one of our investigators right now! She's from England." The reaction look on his face was kind of funny, but I suppose that's because most missionaries don't teach people on another continent. But the coolest part about this story was that as I sat there watching them work on my companions teeth, I thought of this amazing analogy regarding cavities and the atonement! So I started to share this analogy of the Atonement and cavities with the dentist! Afterwards he said, "Wow I really like that! Hey, will you type all that out and email it to me?" So I said sure and he wrote down his email for me hahaha! So funny! I'll type it out soon and send it in my next email home so y'all can hear it. (:

So now to what you're all waiting for... Transfer news!!! Tomorrow is the first day of my 10th transfer (CRAZY) and my companion will be Sister Stephen from Nebraska! She and I will be serving as Zone Leaders this transfer and I'm a little nervous..but Sister Stephen has been a Zone Leader before so she will be teaching and I will be learning very intently. The sisters in our zone will be serving in West Gate and Guest Services which means we get to serve in those venues too!!! YAY!!! Back to West Gate!!! I LOVE IT! Oh and our new p-day will be on Thursday so I'm going to have 2 p-days this week..which is kinda weird but it's good I suppose...maybe I'll just...clean every inch of my new apartment with a toothbrush to pass the time. (:

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful, wonderful, glorious day! It felt like a real Sunday. I say real Sunday because being a missionary on Temple Square, every day feels pretty much the same...even Sunday. I think that's due to the fact that even though it's Sunday we're still taking tours, teaching investigators, contacting on the square, helping guests understand where/what everything just feels like a normal day. In a way I feel that other missionaries are really lucky because their Sunday consists of attending church (like an actual 3 hours of church with Sunday School and such) and they get to be around members at church and work with members and eat a members homes etc.. so it seems a little more like a Sunday. But here, the only difference about our Sundays is having sacrament meeting at 7:30AM. But it also makes me appreciate sacrament meeting much more too. It's just an interesting lot. (Of course, for all I know this might just make me sound extremely naive about how Sundays are in regular missions haha!)

But anyways! My point was it felt like a Sunday because we went to a baptism! Sister Occolier and Sister Tuuhia (who were in my district) had 2 of their investigators being baptized and they needed someone to drive them!!! So I got to drive them and attend the baptism. It was such a powerful experience. In fact, I think baptisms in general are just very powerful experiences. Their investigators spoke french so Sister Occolier gave the talk on The Holy Ghost in French. I could understand parts of it, but even if I hadn't been able to, I know I still would have felt the spirit equally as strong. Sister Occolier talked about how much her baptism meant to her and how the Holy Ghost has guided her in her life. I had to force myself not to cry at some points because you could just feel and hear so strongly how much the gospel means to her. Sister Occolier is a convert to the church and she is one of the only members in her family. She was born and raised Catholic but met the missionaries years ago. It was such a good experience being able to listen as she spoke. (:

Ok one more story! Yesterday was a pretty crazy day, and I was feeling a little..sick and a pretty dizzy. We were downstairs in the south talking with our zone leaders and we got a text for 3 mandarin guests at ef desk. At first we weren't going to take the tour because of how I was feeling but I felt really strongly that we should just take it anyways. My companion was looking at me like I was crazy when I called West Gate and said we wanted to take the tour haha! So we went up and met these 3 cute women from China! When we started the tour we took them to the assembly hall, but I was still feeling dizzy and was a little worried. When we took them in and told them to sit, one of them said, "Well you should sit with us too! You don't have to stand!" So we sat, and I was so grateful! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but I felt like that was Heavenly Father's way of taking care of me and allowing us to take the tour because I did not want to stand for long periods of time haha! Well long story short we were with them for 2 hours! Sister Yo did amazing teaching them so many things. They told her that they wanted to know what it was like for me as an American to grow up in a home that focused on Jesus Christ, so she translated A LOT for me haha(: But it was amazing and the spirit was so strong. At the end of the tour they all took a copy of The Book of Mormon and gave Sister Yo their number so she can call and teach them more. They have about a month before they have to go back to China so she's going to be calling them a lot before they return! Haha(: But it was a really neat experience and I didn't die! Yay!

Well I think I'm going to leave it at that and conclude by saying I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! And I love all the wonderful people that the Lord has led us to and allowed us to teach. I love them so much...which sounds weird but I really do. I wish they knew how much God loves them. Because whenever I pray for them I feel like my Savoir is sometimes right beside me telling me, "Hey, I know you love them. It's ok, they're going to be ok." I really feel that our Savoir is with us more than we realize. And when I say "us" I mean anyone. I don't believe that He is just with His missionaries or just with his bishops or just with certain people. I don't know how, but I feel like He makes visits to everyone on a daily basis-IF they will let Him in. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! We saw Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson today in the underground tunnels! When we saw them I just started grinning like a crazy person and waving and I must have looked ridiculous because they started laughing and waving back haha! No matter how many times you see apostles of the Lord, Jesus never gets old. (:

I love yous! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Davis
This is me saying goodbye to Sister McQueen (so don't mind my face because I was crying in the car before this picture was taken haha). She just went home yesterday... :( Sad. But I love her lots and she's amazing(: I want to be like her when I grow up. (Oh and she's from New Zealand).

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