Thursday, October 9, 2014

..and we were so exhausted that by the end of the day everyone looked like a zombie...

I'm dead serious!

Imagine that you've been given an assignment to go into a giant arena of over 100,000 people and your task is to talk to everyone that you see...literally...everyone...and to listen to the spirit so that every person you meet will be spiritually uplifted so they will be able to receive answers to your prayers! Oh and you'll be doing this for 13 hours strait, only 2 breaks for 20 minutes where you stuff your face with food as fast as you can. By the way, this is a 2 day long event. Oh and you're expected to make sure your hair stays curly, your makeup stays on your face OH! And you're not aloud to hold any adorable babies. Welcome to General Conference as a Temple Square Missionary (a.k.a. Welcome to crawling into bed at the end of the day LITERALLY because you can hardly keep your eyelids open!) And may I just say.... those 26 hours were the best 26 hours of my life.

One of the first people we met on Saturday morning was a lady who lived here in SLC, member of the church and she was trying to find tickets so she could attend conference with her daughter. She was a little worried but we promised her that the Lord was aware of her situation and He would provide a way for them to see conference. Literally two seconds after saying goodbye, we turned around and started talking with another man who was visiting from Washington state. He informed us that his bishop sent him to conference with extra tickets to give to someone who was trying to get in. We got SO excited and told him about the women we had just been talking with and he said, "Well! Let's go find her!" So we ran after her with this man and he was able to give her tickets for her and her daughter to attend! What a miracle!!!

We also met this man in the North Visitors Center who was just spending some time sitting on the couch reading his scriptures. We got talking with him and it turns out he was a former less-active member who was just deciding to make some changes to come back to the church. We talked with him for a little while and he shared his amazing re-conversion story with us! At the end he pulled out an envelope and said, "My prayers have been answered! Look at this letter I received a week ago!" We opened the letter to find that it was from the PROPHET Thomas S. Monson!!!! This faithful man had received a letter from the prophet giving encouragement and congratulations and thanks for this man who was so willing to make these changes and share his testimony with people all around him. That was such a special thing to see. (:

Another SO tender experience: On Sunday morning as we were walking past the reflection pool we met a young lady with her little nephew who was about 1 1/2 old. This adorable little boy ran up to me and grabbed my hand and began tugging on it, saying all sorts of things to me in baby language, as he continually looked at me and pointed up at the Temple over and over again! By the look in his eyes he was SO excited, for some reason, about the temple and continue to keep pulling on my hand until I sat down next to him on the ground and started pointing up to the temple asking him, "What? What's at the temple?!" Then a thought popped into my head and I pulled out a picture of Jesus that I had. I handed the picture to this little boy and he took the photo and just sat there and stared at it for a moment or two. Then, he started pointing at the picture of Jesus, started up the excited baby talk again, and began pointing back and forth from the picture to the temple! I was so excited and I kept thinking, "I wish you could speak! I wish I could understand you and I wish I could see what you see!" It was such a testimony building experience for me to know that children are so pure and heaven is so close to them. He was such an adorable little boy!!

Before the Sunday morning session of conference started, we decided to walk down by the doors of the Conference Center where everyone was waiting in line to go inside. I saw this girl standing in line who was wearing the cutest skirt so I said, "Hey! Your skirt is so cute!" She replied, "Wow, thank you! I'm glad I have it because it was the only modest thing I could find!" That statement intrigued me so we started the fastest contact I have ever done in my mission. I came to find out that she knew the church very well, all her family are members, but she was not a member but she really wanted to be! I told her that, as missionaries, our responsibility is to help people like herself who have that desire to learn more and be baptized. She gave me her number and I told her I would text her! It was so fast, honestly no more than a minute, because she had to enter the conference center for her session. Well she sent us a text last night while we were sleeping and asked if she could come to the square today to begin being taught by missionaries! So about...3 hours ago we met up with her again to teach her. (: Turns out she lives here in SLC and she's had a lot of crazy experiences that has led her to where she is now. She wants to be baptized sooo bad and knows that this is where she belongs. She is SO amazing and so fun! We have so much in common as well. In fact, she was supposed to move to LA last week to begin her singing career but she felt so strongly that she should stay and now she understands why. We'll be meeting her again on the square tomorrow to continue helping. She loves to sing and write music and she's extremely passionate about the human body so we talked for like 20 minutes about The Word of Wisdom and how amazing our bodies are and that was fun! Haha(: It's so cool when you meet others who have the same passions as you because they just GET you! It's awesome!!! So yes. We love her lots. (:

So those are just a few of the little conference miracles we saw this weekend. We were so tired every day...all day...but it was amazing! I got to see some familiar faces over the weekend including the Farmsworth's from the home ward, the Ford family from St. George, Brenna Reimer (wooo!!!), lots of former Temple Square sisters, and the Nicholls family visiting from England!

Conference was such a spiritual experience. I received answers to many prayers and counsel from Heavenly Father. We attended the Saturday afternoon session (best session ever)! Lets face it when you have Elder Oaks, Elder Holland, and Tad R. Callister in the same know it's getting real. Haha! It's funny though because many of the answers I received came, not while I was in the conference center listening to talks, but while I was out on the square meeting people, and laying in bed each night reflecting on the days work. All in all, it was truly immense. I'm very happy...and I know that God is guiding me.

On Sunday night the mission gathered in one of our theaters and the mission president spoke to us. Then, he announced that we would be WATCHING MEET THE MORMONS...AGAIN! Hahah! It was my second time seeing it but other sisters in the mission hadn't seen it yet! So we watch it again! And I cried a lot...again. You all MUST go see it when it comes out to theaters on October 10th! Please! Go see it! PLEASE!

Alright well that is the bulk of the news I wanted to share. I love you all SO much! I pray for you all! See you soon. (:

Sister Davis

The morning of our first day of conference!

In the Conference Center waiting for our session to begin! We attended Saturday Afternoon

​To prepare for conference they p-day before we went to NIELSENS FROZEN CUSTARD! Of course. (:

Oh, and we got tacos because it was taco Tuesday at DEL TACO! And no I'm not trying to give free advertising to these companies haha(: But you're welcome Nielsen's Frozen Custard and Del Taco.

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