Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes you just have really awkward experiences as a missionary...

This week went by WAY too fast. And when I say that I say it because I'm having a really hard time trying to remember what things happened this last week or the week before because it all feels like it's just mushed into one big week... but I will do my best.

At the beginning of the week we met with our investigator who lives here in Salt Lake City (she comes to take the lessons here on Temple Square with us). Anyone who meets her will know that she is such an amazing woman, and incredibly talented! When we met early in the week she was in a rough spot needing to make some huge decisions about her schooling and career. She felt like she knew what she needed to do, but it was hard because of all the pressure she was receiving from some friends and coworkers. We asked her if she had considered receiving a priesthood blessings, and she said that was something she really wanted. My immediate hope was the President Poulsen would be able to give the blessing, but I wasn't sure because he is such a busy guy. We took her to the south where the mission offices are to see if there was someone able to give her a blessing. President told us to see if President Loose was there, and if not to come back and talk with him. When we went to President Loose's office and he was gone, I'll admit I got really excited because I really wanted President Poulsen to meet her! Haha! So he came up and we all met together for a little while and talked. Then President was able to give her a priesthood blessing, a very powerful one, I might add. There was such a feeling of love and comfort in the room during the blessing, and I think everyone there could really feel that everything was going to work out for her. Afterwards she said she was feeling really good! The next day we texted her to ask if the decision had been made, to which she responded yes. She came to visit us and explain what she decided and how her coworkers reacted to it. Now, they didn't react very well, but as we were asking her how she felt about her decision, she was just sooo confident and she said to us, "Well, they missed out. I know that I made the right choice and I feel complete peace about it!" We were so happy! :D The gospel is true! :D

The square has really been starting to slow down...and when I say really I mean REALLY! Haha there are not nearly as many people here as before and sometimes I feel weird because I feel as though we're hunting through Temple Square trying to find someone to talk to! And then, because there are not as many guests, you keep running into the same ones over and over and you have to use that awkward line, "Oh! It would seem we meet again!" So awkward... Like two nights ago we had Tabernacle assignment and there was nobody there! So I was just walking around the tabernacle singing because it's really fun to sing in there and then a little before we left some people started trickling in. And then C.J. came through the door with some of his posse, which was interesting haha! They made me do the sound demonstration...*palm to face*. And then they left and it was all fine and dandy. But about 5 minutes after our TAB assignment was over we were asked by the sisters in West Gate to take 4 people through God's Plan! We were super excited because we finally had something to do so we ran to MAP desk to find that it was C.J. and his posse again requesting to see God's Plan. Hahaha! So we took them through it and it was really funny, and a tad bit awkward but that's ok! C.J. is funny so his jokes kinda made it more or less awkward...

On Thursday for Relief Society we had another member of the General Relief Society Board come speak to us. I think this is the...8th one that's come...? I've lost count. But it was extremely good and I love listening to them talk! They're probably some of the most classy, elegant, hilarious, spiritual women I've ever met. They've taught us all the lessons from Daughters in my Kingdom by now so I'm not sure if they'll keep coming of if they're done now. But anyhow, that was a good experience.

For Zone Activity today we went to the Humanitarian Center to put school kits together to be sent out for children all over the world! It was so fun! The guys who work there were making fun of us though because when we were doing the kits we were going so fast and everyone was so quiet because we were so focused! But it was really fun and we put together a lot of kits! I enjoy doing service projects..I wish we were able to do service projects in this mission more often.

Well I'm a little short on time today so I'm going to stop here. But I hope you all continue to have a wonderful week! Give Kaitlyn Amber LOTS of kisses for me and take lots of pictures so I can admire her pure innocent baby face!!!! AH! I am excited to meet her soon. (: (:

Sister Davis

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