Sunday, November 30, 2014

Although I didn't eat turkey, sometimes I feel like one!!!

HAPPY DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! I don't know about you but I had a wonderful turkey day!

Well...ok so here is what happened: We spent our Thanksgiving at the Lemon home (a hilarious family living up in Bountiful, Utah)! They came to pick us up at around 12:30 and we were able to stay until 6pm. I know, so weird! But it was great. We ate food (of course), we played ping-pong (OF COURSE), and played some card games. It was really weird being around a family though.... The family consisted of mom and dad, their son who recently returned from his mission, their other son and his wife! And like 5 dogs. So it was great! haha(: It was just weird being in an actual's the first time I've been in a house for almost a year! What? I know. But it was great. (:

This last week was crazy, let me just tell ya! Dad, you're probably freaking out wondering why I went to the doctor! Well let me tell ya... So when my alarm was going off in the mornings, I couldn't hear it if my left ear was laying on the pillow. But sometimes I would hear this faint peeping sound so I would sit up but as soon as my left ear arose from off the pillow all of the sudden it was like BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!! Yeah. Crazy stuff. So we went to the ear doctor to see if I was going deaf (which I'm not going to lie I was terrified because if I loose my hearing I loose my ability to sing....) Anyways! So we went in and he looked in my ear and said, "Ok now tilt your head this way and don't move!" So I did and he stuck this crazy weird looking thing in my ear and then the look on my companions face was really creepy and then he said, "Well, that's all!" And as he made the electric chair sit up again I started freaking out because I could hear every little sound the chair was making and I said, "Woah!" and then I said, "WOOOAAAHHH!" because when I spoke my voice was so incredibly loudly echoing in my right ear and it was nuts!!!! So yeah. Pretty much he pulled a mile of wax out of my ear. NASTY! Ok it wasn't a mile but it was a lot apparently! Maybe I should have put a censor alert on here before telling this story....all of you better not judge my ear.... But anyways I asked the doctor "How the heck can I keep this from happening again?" and he literally said, "You can't. You just need to go see your doctor every couple months and have him check your ears." So there you go. I have issues. I sound super attractive right now.

I have no shame.

So back to missionary work! Missionary work is fantastic! The day before thanksgiving we fasted for our investigator in England who was fasting with her local elders as well about making the decision of being baptized next month! Woot! They are seven hours ahead of us but we all wanted to fast at the same time so they were fasting from 4pm to 4pm and we were fasting 9am to 9am. (: It was good! And we also met with our investigator on the square whom we met last conference. She is doing SO good and she is SO amazing and pretty much she teaches us the gospel. (: haha! We are going to have her meet up with our investigator in England when she comes next month and they can go see Savior of The World together! We already told both of them they're going to be best friends because they would just get along so well! Haha so it's fun(:

We had a really awkward experience with an investigator who texted us on thanksgiving while he was high! Haha! We hadn't taught the word of wisdom yet but now we will definitely be bringing that up sometime very soon! Haha oh man(:

Oh by the way...the Christmas lights are turning on in like....2 hours! AH! WE ARE SO EXCITED! Our p-days are in the morning now (which is SO weird) so we're going to be headed back to the square pretty soon to see the PEOPLE and the LIGHTS and dang we're so excited! Woo!

I also wanted to just let you know about the new short video the church has put out for the Christmas season called He Is The Gift. You can watch it on and if you haven't seen it yet, GO WATCH IT. Then when you watch it you should probably #sharethegift (; We had a big meeting from the missionary dept about it because of the new displays here on Temple Square and the many wide variety of means that they are spreading this abroad and it's pretty great! They have even given us new referral cards for it!!! Call me a missionary but I was stoked when I heard they were doing that!!!!

I'm going to apologize right now for this letter being so short and not very detailed, we are just very busy tonight and in a bit of a rush. Questions, comments, concerns, rebuttals, testimonies? Send me an email and I will respond to you...(probably next pday ha!).

Ok I really love you all lots and I really love being a missionary lots and I really hope that this week is exciting and that your weather is better than ours!


Sister Davis

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