Friday, November 14, 2014

We've been on so many exchanges I almost died...

...and we still have two more exchanges with the sisters that are training this week and then on Sunday we have exchanges with the a.p.'s. BAH! We feel a little bit like we never see each other anymore but at least we have our pday together to fill each other in on everything that's been happening in our lives! Haha! It's crazy talk.

We had our Zone Training Meeting on Saturday and we thought things would slow down afterwards but HA funny joke! ZTM went sooo good though we felt as though our time was very effective an informatively used. (Does that make sense?) The sisters in the zone seemed to walk away from the meeting with some excitement for the hastening and for the mission goals/changes. We finished our exchanges with all the District Leaders in the Zone and we're planning on exchanging with the trainers this week. We have this desire to exchange with all of the sisters in our zone (which sounds crazy but it's really least we don't think it is.) (:

This morning for Relief Society we had mission-wide training for the upcoming Christmas season on Temple Square! We receive completely new schedules each Christmas season because we have so many new assignments that don't exist throughout the rest of the year (really because we don't need them). They've also added a new assignment that involves SINGING and I am pretty stoked about that. (: Not only that but the director of Savior of The World (the musical production that goes on every year in the conference center theatre) came to speak this morning as well! All the sisters will be going to see it next week. ALSO they've created NEW referral cards that will be just for those attendees of Savior of The World AND they've created a new assignment where sisters will be able to contact guests of the show in the conference center! So in a nutshell we are STOKED for this Christmas season! AH! By the way, if anyone is interested in seeing Savior of The World, tickets are already 80% gone so go online like...right now if you want to get tickets. How about I even give you a link to it, eh? Because you do not want to miss this:

Anyways! Fun little missionary story for ya: One of the sisters I went on exchanges with was Sister Lee from Hong Kong. They had an investigator who wanted to be baptized but was really unsure about it so was setting his date for next February I believe? Well we planned on calling and teaching him while on exchanges together and we were hoping to talk with him a little more about the importance of baptism and hoping to help him have that desire to not postpone that. As we were saying our prayer right before calling him on the phone a thought just popped into my mind! It was the reminder of someone telling me once about how we need to think of a gift that we can give to the Savior this Christmas (maybe it was from a general authority talk or something?). I told Sister Lee this idea of helping him see that this could be his best gift to His savoir this Christmas and we thought it was a great idea. So as we called and were speaking to him we brought up this idea with him. We don't know what it was but his entire attitude changed and he suddenly just got SO excited about baptism! So after talking with him he agreed to prepare to be baptized December 6th, right at the beginning of the month as his gift to the Savior this Christmas! We were so happy, and he was so happy and I'm pretty sure this gospel makes too many people just so happy. (; So that was our little exchange miracle that day.

Awkward missionary story for ya: One of our assignments this transfer is opening and closing the Joseph Smith Movie playing in the Legacy Theatre of the JSMB. Well last time we went to open it there was a huge group of people and we told they were YSA so we didn't think too much of it. We introduced the film, started it and such and such. But at the end of the film when we came back to open the doors and do some contacting, we noticed that the group walking out of the theatre was most certainly not YSA...more like a mid-singles ward, which is fine, but let me continue... So I began talking with some people but then I turned around and my companion was gone and then I suddenly realized that I was completely surrounded by guys and my companion was on the other side of the barrier completely surrounded by a bunch of other men! BAH! So I walked over to her and was feeling really weird but a lot better now that I was standing next to my companion. We were talking with these three men and it was a great conversation...but then when they started talking about their missions it got really awkward because there were 3 men in particular who just started saying things like "Well in my mission I did this..." blah blah blah and we started to feel awkward and one of the guys was all feeling like his mission was cooler and then another guy goes, "Oh wait so when did you serve your mission?" And the guy says what years he served and the man responds, "Well that's like 5 years before I even served my mission!" And then there was this really awkward silence while you could tell everyone was doing the math in their head about how old these guys were and my companion and I just looked at each other and said, "Well we gotta go!" AND WE RAN OUT OF THERE LIKE A CAT RUNNING FROM A DOG!

It was so awkward. And I haven't felt  that uncomfortable since the time I went to that student ward while living in Boise. (You know, the one I vowed never to go back to.) Yeah. It was that awkward.

Anyhow, #missionarylife. I think that is all I will include today. Next pday is zone activity which we have almost completely planned! Yay! And we see Savior of the World so I will be most certainly writing about that wonderful evening next week!

Well....I love you all more than Sister Stephen loves feta cheese! (Which is a whole lot let me tell ya...)

Love yous,
Sister Davis

P.S. It officially started snowing today...send help.

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