Monday, November 24, 2014

Here I go again, accusing dad of being jealous!!!

Dad! You are about to be jealous! (Possibly...I'm almost positive...pretty sure...) This morning for Relief Society we had a special guest come speak to us...NO it wasn't the prophet...NO it's wasn't one of the 12... I know what you're thinking...who could it possibly be? It was Clayton Christensen that's who! Only the man polled as the most influential business thinker in the world, a prolific author including the well known book, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries"! Yes! That is RIGHT! Everybody stay calm. It was an immense Relief Society. I took notes like a mad women. And you best believe I was on the front row right in front of him!!! I think the most incredible part about it was the very beginning as this incredibly influential man humbly explained to us that he had a stroke a few years ago so he is in the process of learning to speak English all over again and to let him know if he doesn't say the right wording. Wow. He talked of a few different thing. He spoke of freedom, democracy and capitalism and the religious foundation that is required to have those things. He connected those things to our role as missionaries, especially on Temple Square, stressing the importance of the messages we teach to visitors from all around the world. He spoke of prayer, the power of the Holy Ghost and experiences he has as a professor currently at Harvard. He told stories of missionary experiences he has had just as an everyday member of the church. At the end he shared with us his most powerful testimony of missionary work and I tried to keep it together while watching him cry as he told us he would give up his teaching career immediately if he could go back on another full-time mission. His wife describes him as a man who has never left the mission field. (: They are so amazing! Afterwards I went up and shook his hand to thank him. He was super funny and nice and he laughed when I told him my dad would be jealous when I wrote home about it! Haha(: And by the way, random side note, he is really tall! And his hands are bigger than my face! He's a giant!

So this week was busier than I could ever have anticipated EVER. It was really say the least. We had a couple sisters in our zone who got sick so we were on exchanges a lot and we also has some interesting situations come up! I mean it's a mission full of sisters...what do ya do? But we survived! I just want to say, Mom and Dad, that I now understand so much why you raised me the way you did, and why you handled certain situations the way you did...because you're genius. Even though I was a punk sometimes, you just knew what you were doing that is for sure! That. Is. For. Sure. *cough awkward cough*

We went on our exchanges with the AP's! That was great! We called one of our faithful investigators in North Carolina and talked with him about baptism! We invited him to begin praying about a date to be baptized within the coming months and to talk about it with his local missionaries. He seems very excited and he has already confirmed to us that he believes the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and Joseph Smith to be a prophet! It's exciting and wonderful! Our investigator here in Utah ,whom we teach on Temple Square, has now moved into her knew apartment in Provo and LOVES her BYU ward. OH HAPPY DAY! She has also been able to make plans and set goals for baptism, of which we are immensely excited! We will be getting her a ticket for Saviour of the World AS WELL AS a ticket to Saviour of the World for our investigator in England who will be flying out to come visit next month! It's all just so exciting!

Speaking of Savior of the World! The sisters in our zone were able to go see it two nights ago, the very first pre-showing. And of course we cried It was a powerful experience and I had a lot of thoughts come to mind that have really been an influence on how I look at this coming Christmas season. It's a very interesting presentation as well because one can learn so much so quickly about Jewish culture back at the time of Christ's birth! I now have this burning desire to go to Jerusalem and visit the Temple there! Really though..I think it would be absolutely incredible! Those singing, dancing, and acting on stage were so full of the spirit! Ah! It's just a fantastic show!

Oh one more thing! We had our zone leader reports with president a couple of days ago and that went very well! I was SO nervous for some reason but about half way through it I was fine. I don't know why I was so intimidated haha! But it was cool! Oh and for next week my pday is going to be on Friday, not Thanksgiving day because on Thanksgiving Day sister Stephen and I get to go to a member families home in Bountiful for thanksgiving dinner! YAY! A real live member family! (Those things are rare on the square!) Each companionship in the mission gets to go to a members home for dinner, so we are incredibly excited! Then our p-day will be on black best believe we are going shopping! The car we're taking is already full of sisters headed with us so we are stoked! Oh and also by the way, starting next week, our p-days will not longer be from 1pm to the end of the night...they'll be like a normal missionary pday...10AM to 6PM :( Boo. But that's just because the lights will be on a week from today! AH! Can you believe it!? The Christmas season on Temple Square is back! I feel like it was just Christmas two months ago! AH!

Ok well...I think that's all. Later we're headed to the store to get the things for our zone activity which will be tonight. Yay! Woo! Pictures for next week! Happy day!

Ok love yous!

Sister Davis

Us at Savior of The World! It was a tearful night though so don't judge our faces!

All the sisters on Temple Square are really excited about this picture (which we've been putting on every computer)! Especially the sisters from Italy..(:

West Gate is getting slow these cold wintry we made this...we think it's funny...but we think maybe it's one of those things you have to be there to understand...

You know, in the busy life we live we don't have a lot of time to just sit and talk...but when we do get the chance to talk...for some reason anything I say always goes all over the place and ends in the most random of circumstances! My companion wanted to record the process of a conversation we had this last week...

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