Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Day of Love!

You know, being a missionary really makes you think about Valentine's Day..and the word love in general. I've decided that I LOVE Valentine's Day! It gives us a special day to really show those people that mean a lot to us that they...well...mean a lot to us! All the sisters in this mission have been showing each other so much love! It's just the sweetest. :) (Quite literally too. After the sugar fast we were on, all these sweets are extremely overwhelming.)

So much has gone on this last week because we are preparing for Transfers on Monday. Being Fleet around transfers is quite...exhausting. We spend most of the day every day in the office coordinating inbound, outbound, and departing sister's flights and transportation to the airport. My companion, Sister Steenhoek is not going outbound next transfer so we have a guess that she might be training a new baby! As for me, I will be Fleet next transfer again to train the next sister who will take over after me. The A.P.'s have already told me that my new P-day is Thursday so my you'll hear from me again in less than a week!(: I thought I would feel a lot more pressured and nervous when it got close for me to prep to train but I'm feeling really positive about it! Sister Steenhoek has really prepared me and I have the staff in the Church Office Building to help, which is so nice.

Yesterday morning we sang a musical number in Relief Society! The topic was love so we borrowed a guitar from a sister in the mission and I played while we sang "There Is A Green Hill Far Away" the arrangement from EFY that Shelby and I would sing a lot(: It went very well, the spirit was very strong and we saw a lot of tears(: (: The best feeling when performing is seeing the music touch people through the spirit. It's what our gifts and talents are all about, bringing others closer to God!

Last P-day we went shopping at Wal-Mart and had the coolest experience! As we were walking down an isle there was a man that we could tell was watching us. Normally we would be worried about that but I could feel that the spirit was working with that man talking to him. No sooner had I thought this when he suddenly stopped us and said, "Wait! Are you missionaries?" We began talking with him and it turns out his daughter is a member and so is his ex. wife! He also told us about how much he loves the church and how he always makes sure his daughter goes to church when she visits him even though he's not a member. He also opened up and told us that he is terminally ill and only has about 4-6 years left to live. We were so puzzled as to why this man wasn't a member! He was about to say goodbye when my companion suddenly said, "Wait, I have a question for you! What's holding you back?" He thought about it for a minute and said, "Well...I don't really know." We took down his contact information and he said we could call and talk to him more. We also invited him to start reading from the Book of Mormon and praying. He is so prepared! I am so glad the spirit told him to stop us and talk with us. (:

We had a really interesting experience in the God's Plan for His Families presentation yesterday. To give a little background, "God's Plan" is a presentation we have here on the square that takes you through the life of a family, shows some of there experiences, and testifies of Eternal Families. You move from room to room and each room looks like the setting in the film you're watching. Yesterday morning we had Audio/Visual training and they asked us to take some time during our day to go over the system for "God's Plan". Well, at about 2 o'clock we went up and started the presentation, then as soon as it moved into the 4th room we started it again (so that we could learn how the system works with that last two rooms. I know this doesn't make sense but just roll with it.) Anyways, we were sitting in one of the last rooms watching and I suddenly had the thought, "It's dangerous for us to be in here alone, there are no cameras and it's dark in the rooms behind us." THEN I suddenly had this feeling come over me and the spirit said, "There's someone else besides you two in here." Right after that happened my companion turned to me and said, "There's someone else back there! Run!" We got up out of the seats and ran out of the presentation into the hallway. There was a group of people standing down by the entrance to the presentation so we just turned and walked down the stairs. As we were walking down the stairs I asked her how she knew someone was in there. She said, "Well I was just having these thoughts like 'there's no security camera's in here'. Then I turned around and saw someone run back the other way out of sight! That's when I turned to you and we ran out!" We still have no idea if that person was just a random tourist who followed us in there or what but this we do know, the spirit was talking to both of us and we knew it. It is so amazing how clearly the spirit talks to us on a day-to-day basis. Incredible.

Anyways, don't y'all worry about me though because, like I said, the spirit talks with us and we are kept save at all times! :) Besides, we have our own security staff at temple square so priesthood help is moments away!

I love you all and hope you're having a beautiful Valentine's Day! We invite you pray for charity, that pure love of Christ that gives us the ability to serve, forgive, bless, love, strengthen, and encourage others to our full capacity. It is truly a gift that we may attain if we pray and live worthy to receive.

Sister Davis

My companion, Sister Steenhoek (From Texas) and I in the Assembly Hall! It's finally open again! Yay!:) :)

I think the picture speaks for itself :) :)

Last Pday was our Zone Activity! These are all the amazing lovely sisters in my Zone!
4 in the Back: Sister Wettingfeld (my mom from Florida) Sister Esika (from American Samoa) Sister Moran (from Mexico) and Sister Dizon (From the Phillipines).
Three in the left middle: Sister Stiggson (from Sweden) Sister Depablos (from Venezuela) and Sister Whisler (From Texas)
Two in the Middle Right: Sister Calderon (from Spain) and Sister Ichikawa (from Japan)
Bottom 5: Sister Araujo (from Portugal), Sister Bondare (From Latvia) Sister Steenhoek From Texas and Sister Ang (from Cambodia).
Talk about representatives from around the world!:) :)

Thank you family for the package! We want you to know we LOVE the incredibly soft, cute Valentine's socks! (From left to right: Our roomates-Sister Yeung (from China) Sister McQueen (from New Zealand). My companion, and Me(:

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