Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So many Miracle On Temple Square!

This week was CRAZY!

Last p-day we went to our district leader's apartment and saw Ephraim's Rescue! (Both my companion and I had never seen it before!) I love movies that really make you feel the spirit. I am so thankful for all the sacrifices of the pioneers; if it were not for them, I would not be on a mission on Temple Square!

On Saturday we had the sweetest opportunity to take about 15 mandarin sisters to a YSA Chinese New Year party at the U! They were asked by the missionaries in the SLC West mission to come and contact all the hundreds of Asian students that would be there! (Pretty much they had to call Temple Square for re-enforcement because we have a million mandarin speaking sisters...hehe). Sister Steenhoek drove one car of sisters and I drove another. The mandarin sisters had HUGE success and when we picked them up they told me all their stories and miracles! They're all so sweet and cute and full of the spirit!

On Sunday I had a very very interesting experience. As we were walking back from lunch to the South Visitor's Center, a boy and girl (in their 20's) were about to walk past us. As I looked over to say hello, the young man all of the sudden looked right at me, walked up to me and started SIGNING (no, not singing) signing "Hello how are you today?" Before I could even think I automatically responded IN SIGN LANGUAGE "I'm good, thank you! How are you?" It wasn't until after I had responded that I was like..woah...what just happened? The girl who was with him wasn't deaf so she said hello and I said (in a bit of a state of shock) "Hi! Um...I'm not quite fluent...will you help me?" Hahaha! So as we continued to talk, this young man told us that he had been taught by a sign language sister on Temple Square but now all of the ASL sisters are outbound! We told him we could take him to the South Visitor's center and see if there was another sister who was more fluent than I. As we walked to the south, he continued to talk with me, asking me where I was from etc etc. It was so amazing because as he and I were talking (signing) all of the memories of the sign language I had learned when I was younger just started flooding back into my mind! But at the same time I was SO SAD that I had not kept up with my signing. The most amazing thing was when he would talk to me, I could understand what he was saying, responding caused me to think a lot more, but it was amazing how I could feel the spirit being the ultimate translator. As we were in the south I was talking to his friend and something she said really struck me, she said, "Well I wasn't sure what we should do today, but the spirit prompted me to bring him to Temple Square. You were the first sisters we came across on the square."

Since that experience I've been studying my sign language. I spend about 1/2 hour each day during personal study to learn new gospel terms and remember ones I used to know. I know that there was a purpose in us coming across this young man, and I know that Heavenly Father wants me to use all of the abilities I have to magnify my calling so that I can teach His children when they come to be taught. I still don't know why that young man just knew that he could walk up to me and start signing, but I know the Spirit played a role in it.

Our investigators are doing very well. We have a new investigator from New Zealand, who we have been teaching the past couple of weeks. She is SO prepared and has already accepted the baptism invitation. The spirit is really working with her and answering her prayers. I feel so blessed to have a glorious view of what the love of our Savior can do.

Yesterday our Zone Leaders asked us to go on exchanges. Well, my "mom", Sister Wettingfeld, is one of our zone leaders and, you guessed it, we were together for the exchanges. It was so fun to be able to spend the day with my old teaching companion. It just reminded me of how great we worked together and how grateful I am for all of the lessons she taught me. She goes home at the end of this transfer and I am going to be SO sad to see her leave!:(

I have been praying and focusing a lot on how to better myself, not just as a person, but as a missionary. Several experiences have led to Heavenly Father letting me know the things I should do to better myself. He gives me challenges and tasks that aren't easy, but they wouldn't do me any good if they were easy. If we really want to change and be happy in this life, we have to do things that are hard. And even though they will be hard, we are eternally rewarded for it.

I hope you are all doing well and are in good spirits! Continue to look for opportunities to share the gospel with everyone!

Sister Davis

With Sister Dizon (district leader) at misson-wide meeting saying goodbye to President Seppi (who was part of the mission presidency) 

In our Fleet cubicle....we enjoy it(:

Whenever we're in the Church Office Building at Brother Ott's office we always admire his perfect view! So crazy!


On exchanges yesterday with my "mom" Sister Wettingfeld! So precious!

Left to right: Sister Christenson (from Washington State) and Sister Steenhoek (from Texas)
We've decided that we're going to take our Yoga and Zumba classes at BYU together haha

The food we ate to break our sugar fast. I had no idea how sugar-filled our food is!'s SO STRONG!

From left to right: Sister Dizon (district leader: from Philippines) Sister Steenhoek (from Texas), Sister Moran (from Mexico)

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