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I don't think I can fit all the miracles into one email! (April 11th)

This week has gone by way too fast. General Conference -in and of itself- went by way too fast. I can honestly say that I wish every day was General Conference! While walking around on the square Saturday morning, there weren't many people and we were able to hear Elder Holland's opening talk. It was one of the best I've heard. Enough said.

On Saturday morning we all gathered in the mission home for a prayer meeting. President Poulsen gave a few words and said the prayer for the day. We ate a quick breakfast and headed up onto the square! It was like Christmas time all over again...but better!(: We met several amazing people throughout the day including many familiar faces! The Russell family was up to see conference as well as Whitney Snow from high school. We had a 20 minute break to eat lunch and then we were able to attend the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference! I absolutely loved Russell M. Nelson’s talk on fear vs. faith and the importance to have our faith “tied” to things that will keep us grounded. (See Helaman 5:12 in The Book of Mormon). On our way out of the session I saw Alyssa Widison from high school, which was great! Right after getting out of the afternoon session, there was a bit of a fuss outside the tabernacle in the standby line. We were advised to stay away from the area but there were so many cameras/reporters/upset people that we were told to go eat dinner a little early. Once the priesthood session started, the square began to clear a little more and we were able to continue contacting. After the priesthood session ended the square was suddenly flooded with men. It was probably the weirdest thing in the world...a little uncomfortable...but ya know... But I did see my stake president, President Doty, which was so awesome!

Oh funny story: While the men were in the priesthood session the square was a little dead but there was an ensign photographer walking around the square (they walk around the square all day long and take pictures of the sisters and people and such). We were walking past Sister Sherratt just as she said to the photographer something along the lines of “Every sister missionary wants to be in the Ensign! (the church's magazine for adults)” He laughed and started taking TONS of pictures of us haha! We talked with a little bit afterwards and he was pretty nice, told us about where he served his mission etc etc. As my companion and I were walking away a security guard walked up to us and said, “What did he say to you sisters?” We said, “Oh that’s just an ensign photographer.” He responded, “No he isn’t.” Long story short: Security had been watching this guy all day because he had been taking pictures, but then we found out that he’s just a personal photographer and he gave out his website url and the AP’s checked it out. So now we have copies of some of the pictures he took hahahaha! So those will be included in this email. (: haha! So funny!

On Sunday morning we gathered early morning again for prayer meeting, ate breakfast and headed out onto the square. We spent all of our morning on the square contacting some wonderful people! I ran into Rehannan (from EFY Nauvoo!!!) as well as Maren (was a BYS counselor as well). While contacting in the Assembly Hall (where conference is broadcast in Spanish) we also ran into Luke Nicholls! It was fun to see familiar faces, especially seeing them enjoy conference. That afternoon we were assigned to the Eternal Families desk in the South Visitor's Center. It was a pretty typical afternoon until 4 young adults walked in! They walked up to me and one of them said, "Hey! My friend wants to be baptized!" In my head I was like "uh huh....uh...what?" But on the outside I said, "Alright, well what's your friend's name?" He turned to the guy next to him and said, "Oh he's this guy right here!"

Well "that guy's" name is Alan and Sister Fuentes and I have been teaching him every day here on Temple Square since Sunday! By the time I email you next week he will be baptized. Alan is amazing and he has been so prepared throughout the years! He just finished his education at LDSBC and will transferring to BYU-Provo to continue his education in Business. His girl-friend is a member of the church and so are all of his friends, and they've been fellowshiping him SO well! Before we even met him he'd already seen Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration twice and been to church several times. The best way to put it: Alan has been prepared and is excited, willing, and working toward making covenants with God. Teaching someone in person has been such a different experience, but it's been a huge learning experience! (I think I've decided that teaching over the phone is WAY easier than teaching in person! Haha!) But anyway, this week has gone by SO fast, too fast. But it's been the best week ever!!!

On Sunday night, after conference had ended and the masses of people had suddenly disappeared, the mission gathered in one of the large theatre rooms in the North for a special surprise!!! Kenneth Cope was there and gave one of the best devotionals/performances/firesides I have ever been to! Now it could be that this was because we were all exhausted, but we were all crying like little children by the end of it! Haha which sounds kind of awkward...but trust me, it was SO good!(: It honestly was the best way to end our immense conference weekend.

Another quick yet awesome experience from yesterday: While sitting in West Gate, I looked up and saw Ryan Murphy walking out of the back door of the Tabernacle and out to the side walk! My companion was looking at me like I was crazy as I sat there pointing and saying "Ryan! Ryan Murphy! That's Ryan Murphy!" Hahaha! He walked out of the gate and set an un-opened water bottle down on the sidewalk next to a homeless man standing there. As he walked away the homeless man said something and I heard him respond, "Oh hey! I'm Ryan!" So for the next 5 or so minutes I stood there and creeped on this conversation between them haha(: Afterwards, he walked back inside the Tabernacle and that was that. But hey....I SAW RYAN MURPHY! I pretty much could have said "hi" to him if I hadn't been so star-struck. So yes, that was neat. (:

(For those of you who do not know who Ryan Murphy is, he is the assistant director to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.)

Well, the time is far spent! I hope each of you loved General Conference as much as we did! We're still catching up on talks we haven't heard yet, and it has been such a good experience! We hope ya'll continue to enjoy the gorgeous weather, unless you're living in an area that is not experience gorgeous weather. In that case, we hope you receive gorgeous weather some time in the near future. (:

The church is true!


Sister Davis

One of the photos our not-really-a-creeper took!
Left to right: Sister Hardy, Sister Sherratt, Sister Baily, Sister Hilam, Me, My companion, and Sister Khaomuangnoi

And a lot of other sisters flocked as well...haha(:

Observing the temple...

 At the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference!

 That's me! We enjoyed our seats(:

So this is a creeper picture of me working in West Gate that my companion took! So now you kinda see what we do....ish(:

During our weekly planning session, my companion and I decided I really need to work on this....haha(:

 When Kenneth Cope sang to us on Sunday night! It was amazing! Everyone was crying. (: haha

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