Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Follow the path, walk where the great men before you have walked." (March 20)

When you go on a mission you discover pretty quickly that you attract a certain type of person. For example: My companion Sister Richardson seems to teach a lot of middle-aged men, mostly southern united states. She also gets a lot of Anti-Mormon phone calls and chats (more often than the typical missionary on the square). My last companion, Sister Esquivel, seemed to attract a lot of middle-aged women from the western states, particularly those who are going through a hard family life. Well, something my companions and I have noticed is that I primarily attract two different kinds of people: 1. Young adult girls/elderly women. and 2. People from the U.K. 90% of the people I talk to, on the square and in chat, fall within these two categories. It's really funny actually because Sister Orndal (from England) always comments, "Wow you always get the chats from England I never get a chat from England!" Hahahaha it's really funny(:

Last Saturday night I got the opportunity to do MTC Contacting again! MTC contacting is when Sister missionaries from the MTC, who will be serving a visitor center mission, come to Temple Square and are assigned a Temple Square sister as their companion for half the day. As they each began to assign us our new companion, one girl got up who is from London and will be serving in the London High Park historical sight. Sister Richardson and I kinda chuckled and she said, "Watch her be your companion, you're the British magnet here." I kinda laughed but didn't think it would happen. But, to nobody's surprise, she was my companion! Her name is Sister Phillips and she is so so cute and such a sweet girl. We spent the first part of our time together in the Teaching Centers. As soon as we logged on to the computers I said, "Well I'm excited I hope you get to experience taking a phone call!" No sooner had I said that, her phone rang! Haha(: She picked it and, with a terrified look on her face, took the call. Later that night on the square we found a small family visiting the square and ended up taking them on a tour. They asked us a lot of questions (the typical ones we get asked her on temple square) including: Is it true you don't drink alcohol or coffee? Were you raised Mormon? Are Mormon's Christian? Why are you so young but so grounded in your faith? It was perfect because it gave us both a chance to just bear solid testimony of why we live the way we live! All in all it was a really good experience and Sister Phillips is going to have an amazing time on her mission.

We've been teaching a great guy up in Canada (originally from Ireland) for a while now, whom Sister Richardson found last transfer over chat. Well, his story has been pretty crazy/exciting! *I'll call him Jake* So Jake was very prepared and grasped on to the gospel very quickly. He began attending church a while back and met a young girl there, we'll call her Kate. Well, as it turns out, Kate was also investigating the church! In fact, her missionaries are also here on Temple Square (she was found on chat as well). Sister Tuinukuafe (from Australia) and Sister Andre (from England) have been teaching Kate as long as we've been teaching Jake! Needless to say, the two started dating a little while after meeting. They were so fit for each other because Jake has two little boys (and another who was lost a couple hours after birth) and Kate has one little girl! Well, I'm happy to say that Jake and Kate are now engaged!!!!!! AH! Kate was baptized last weekend, and Jake will be baptized this weekend WHICH MEANS in a year from now they will all be sealed as one big happy family in the temple! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!! AAAHHH!!!! Families are forever! We're so happy. (:

This morning in District Meeting we were asked to give some instruction on Obedience and Using Time Effectively. Since all sisters here know the what and why of Obedience we decided to focus more on the benefits and blessings of following the standards the Lord has set for us, and how it can bring us protection and success, in life and in the mission. We shared a poem that I had heard years ago at an efy I believe? It's called The Ambulance Down in the Valley, so good! The older I've gotten the more I've really understood that standards, guidelines and rules are there to protect us. It's just common sense!

Today we have Zone Activity! We'll be gathering in our ZL's appartment to watch the new movie Frozen! Woo! It may or may not be released yet but they have a's the Temple Square mission so we don't ask questions. Haha(: I'm excited though, just because everyone who has seen it has told me "Oh my goodness Sister Davis you would LOVE it! It's something I just know you'd love!" etc etc. I've been told Idina Menzel is the voice of one of the I'm extremely pumped for this...

Well! The time is far spent! Thank you for the love, support, letters, visits *cough Shelby *cough Cierra *cough *cough. Conference is coming! Are you prepared? It's going to be...quite the on the square!

Love yous!

Sister Davis

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