Monday, April 14, 2014

There is no subject title that would capture the immensity of this last week.... (March 27th)

Wow I cannot believe this is the end of another transfer! 5 more days of being fleet...not that I'm counting.... (:

The past week has been brilliant! For our zone activity most of you know that we saw Frozen. AH! But that's all I really need to say about that.

We have been spending hours and hours in our office preparing for the coming transfer. It's not quite as desirable as being out on the square contacting folks and teaching lessons, but it has perks of it's own! I won't be going outbound next transfer so we were able to get the flight itineraries this morning of the sisters who are leaving. It kills the sisters when they see us and they know that we know where they're going but they don't know, ya know? No! You don't! Only we do! hahahaha (joke). But in a nutshell: We have been very busy. And now I have every reason to be absolutely terrified for the next transfer conference because I have no idea what is going to happen to me....but I have a feeling that I'll live. (:

This last week we have done a lot of finding new investigators. Out of the 4 new ones we have, half of them are from England (naturally). These people are so wonderful though because they're so prepared and they really just want the truth! Which makes sense, I would want the same thing. And although it can be intimidating to teach people, it helps so much to have the knowledge that what we share with others is truth, without error! It is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we really have nothing to fear. Besides, I've been waiting to be a missionary my entire life! Well now I'm here and the Lord is on my side so what more do I need? Maybe just some sleep and food to keep my physical body going but ya know, minor things. (:

Two nights ago we learned that the smoke detector in our house doesn't work! Which reminds me we still need to call maintenance and get that fixed.... But anyways! I just want to take a moment to thank my dear sweet precious mother who has taught me SO well throughout the years. So this is what happened: My companion and I decided that we really wanted french fries so we put some vegetable oil in a small pot and turned on the heat then sat at the table to talk and wait for it to warm up. Well about 2 minutes later I looked over at the pot and there was ridiculous amounts of smoke coming from it so I was like "well this is awkward" and turned down the heat bunches. But apparently that wasn't good enough for the pot because the oil just like lit up into flames. So I looked at it and gave a little frustrated sigh, got a small towel, got it wet, then laid it over the burning pot. (Thankfully I knew what to do because talking about it after I learned that my companion was about to go through water on it *palm to face* which would be the worst thing ever hahahaha) So yeah the fire went out but there was smoke like nobody's business everywhere so we had to open all the windows and sit out in the hall til it was all gone. But anyways, the point is, our fire alarm never went off so that's an issue...and also I'm really grateful for my mom sitting me down two years ago and making me watch a movie about how to properly get rid of a grease fire. *fist pump*

This morning we had our "pump-up/preparation" meeting for General Conference!!! WOO! We are SO excited for this! President Poulsen shared a really amazing story with us that helped us see how our work really can influence those that visit the square. So the church has been preparing for quite a while now to build a temple in Rome, Italy. They set a meeting with one of the big government leaders who would basically make or break us being able to build a temple there. Well, this leader, knowing the men from the LDS church would be coming soon, decided-at his own expense-to travel here to Salt Lake City Temple Square to see what we were all about. When he got here, two of our Italian sisters took him on a tour. (Keep in mind these sisters had no idea who this guy was.) After the tour he returned home and soon after the meeting with our church leaders came up. They walked into his office with mounds of paperwork and charts to help resolve any concern the government might have and he waved it off, dismissing it. The first thing he said to them was, "I have been to Salt Lake City and met two young girls from my country who testified to me of these holy things. I only have one question: How soon will you be able to build a Mormon temple in my country?" Since then, the church has been moving ahead full speed with building the temple in Rome, Italy. I am so grateful for those two worthy sisters who took this man on a tour of temple square. And I know that they are so humbled to have been part of the means for their home land to receive a temple. It's something they'll never forget as long as they live.

After our excellent General Conference pump up meeting this morning, we went to the Church Office Building to take in some car reports to our friend Brother Ott on the 14th floor. On our way back to the south we were taking the tunnels and we looked over and to our complete shock and excitement we saw Thomas S. Monson, Henrey B. Erying, and Deiter F. Utchdorf pass by us riding on a golf cart like 10 feet in front of us, I kid you not! President Utchdorf saw us first and gave us a wave. AH! We almost died! We saw the prophet!!!!!! So we freaked out when they got out of sight but then we turned to continue down our little pathway only to see the ENTIRE quorum of the 12 apostles walking RIGHT TOWARDS US! We were literally telling other under our breath "don't freak out stay calm just stay chill don't freak out!" As they all passed us each one of them smiled at us and waved and said, "Oh hey sisters how are you doing!?" I walked right passed David A. Bednar (like honestly he was 2 feet-if that-from me). I was so dumbfounded I didn't know what to say so I stuttered for a second (I could totally see him laughing at me on the inside) and then I finally was able to get out "How are you doing?" He pumped his fist and said, "I'm doing great!" Yeah. David A. Bednar and I almost had a full conversation. Haha but really though! Elder Christopherson looked right at me and gave me a huge smile and said hello too! Well they all said hello and smiled, but it was just so crazy! I mean we've seen apostles around before but hey, we saw the prophet AND all of the 12 at once! When does that happen!? Never! That never happens to anyone! After we got out of the tunnel we were so overloaded with the spirit and we were so happy we couldn't decide if we should jump up and down or just burst into tears! We couldn't stop talking about the immense power we felt as we were walking through the midst of all these apostles, it was so unreal. Even now I still feel like that entire encounter was just a dream.

So to sum it all up it's just been quite excellent! I can now say I've met every single apostle, and the 1st presidency. Oh and I forgot to mention, my companion and I get to go to the General Woman's Meeting this Saturday night. I am just so blessed I don't even know what to do with it all! The church is so true. (:

Well I hope you all have an amazing week and I'd like to invite any and all of the women who read this, member of our faith or not, to watch the broadcast of possibly the largest women's gathering in history! There is something very sacred and divine of being a woman, don't let anyone tell you different!

Love you all!

Sister Davis

My companion, Sister Richardson from North Carolina, and I cleaning our mission president's car (Hot Tamale) together for the last time! So sad!:(

Earlier today we went to a cute little restaurant for lunch that feeds missionaries for FREE.
Left to right: Sister Richardson from North Carolina, Sister Chayama from Japan, Sister Ferguson from Arizona, and Me with my awesome chubby cheeks (don't even know I had that awesome skill.)

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