Wednesday, August 27, 2014

...and then we all said, "WHO IS THIS INCREDIBLE ELDER?!"

I'm going to be honest I'm not sure what to say because I just saw your beautiful faces 3 days ago. But I will do my best!

So this week was fun.(: We had Zone Conference last Wednesday and it was excellent. President gave the most interesting/inspiring instruction on the Holy Ghost. We also were so lucky to have some folks from the missionary department come to give us training. That is one thing I just love about being at headquarters is that it's no trouble to get those instructors to get on an elevator to come visit us! We had a lot of training about how to be more effecting in the teaching centers (where we teach our investigators online around the world). We also listened to a couple of recorded phone calls from people who had called in to get either a free Book of Mormon or a free Finding Faith in Christ DVD. The first recording was a young Elder who had just entered the MTC and we all listened as this women who sounded in desperate need of some help called in asking for a DVD. It was SO effective to listen to their conversation and then discuss what better steps could be taking in not just sending people materials, but helping them to know that there is hope and healing in Jesus Christ. The last phone call we listened to was STELLAR. I'm pretty sure I know EXACTLY what I want my future husband to be like, just based off of this phone call haha! To sum it all up, this lady called in asking about our church because she felt like she was missing something in her religion. Well this fantastic Elder got so excited and taught her about the Book of Mormon and the restoration in 5 minutes and not only THAT but as he was bearing his testimony to her about how he knew it was true he started to CRY! And then the old lady on the other end of the phone started to cry! And then she said she wanted missionaries and a Book of Mormon! And then he said that he loved her and asked if he could keep it touch to see how it all went and she said yes! And then she hung up the phone and the Elder gave a little sniffle and said, "Wow..." AH! All the sisters in the room were almost crying just listening to it and Sister Tiritilli looked at me and was like "Who IS this Elder?!" And I was like, "I know, right!?" It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. And every girl was in love with this Elder's testimony. Haha(:

The last part of Zone Conference president asked us to each bear our testimony and include the experience of when we knew we had a testimony of this church. I talked a lot about my experience in Nauvoo..which I should share with others sometime. But today is not that time. (:

My birthday was a really good day! We had a FULL schedule and we were running all over the place teaching teaching teaching! My roommates were very cute and stuck an awkward picture of me around the mission offices that said Happy Birthday in several languages so I felt very loved and embarrassed. (: And Saturday was very wonderful! We have a new investigator from Germany! She came on chat and expressed to us that she really wants to learn more. Her father is a member as well as some friends and she felt like there was something to what they all believe. It was a good way to start off a Saturday!(:

I'm not going to lie, the last 20 minutes before y'all showed up to visit I was SO nervous! Ask my companion. I was pacing back and forth and talking to her about how I was worried y'all would think I was old and not as dainty and cute! Haha oh I was so nervous! But then it was just wonderful to eat food and talk and see Kallie!!!! I think the best was watching her stick her hand in my water as she fished for ice cubes. And listening to her sing Justin Bieber to me...and making faces with her. It was just so good to hold a baby! We see adorable babies on a daily basis and we can't even hold them. :( So I just so enjoyed talking with my good friend Kallie Kay.

On Sunday we called our dear investigator in Ireland to follow up on how church went. Of course, he's doing just wonderful as ever! We talked a lot about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Before we could even invite him he began telling us that baptism is his goal right now because he knows how much peace and happiness he will gain by having a fresh start. He's so fantastic! Every time we get off the phone with him Sister Merrill gets this adorable look on her face and she says in a high pitched voice, "I just love him so much!" Hahaha(:

We're looking forward to the coming week and we're looking out for the coming cold weather! I have this feeling in my gut that this winter is going to be colder than the last...gah! But at least I'll be more prepared this time. I won't die. The work will carry on...etc etc. Well, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Davis

Sometimes when you're a have bad you grab your friend Sister Sherratt and you walk to the mall where they have delicious peanut butter cookies...and then you eat it hoping that tomorrow...will be a better day than today...

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