Friday, January 9, 2015

Here is a secret about missionaries...

Sometimes we don't want to write letters home. Sometimes we just like to read letters and then not have to worry about responding haha(: But we still write because we love you! So just love you. And that is why I am writing this letter today haha(:

This week was complicated...

Our investigator from England came. (: We got to spend 2 days with her! Ah! The dream of any Temple Square missionary! We met up on Friday afternoon and took her to the Conference Center and Beehive House. We also took her to the mission offices and she met President Poulsen! He had us come in his office and we all sat around and chatted for a while. He's so awesome. (: After which we ate dinner with her, which was fun. We went to the mall across the street but then took our food to what we call "the celestial vending" in the bottom floor of the Church Office Building. It was closed but since she was with us we were allowed to take her in through the tunnels. We then took her to the teaching centre's with us and she watched us take chats and phone calls, which she was completely curious about! I let her look in my area book and read all my records I put in about her hahaha! She enjoyed reading that a lot. On Saturday morning we met up again at 9 am and showed her around the North Visitor's Centre. At 10AM our investigator from Provo came up and we all met up and watched Meet the Mormons in the largest theatre we have. Yes. Yes we used our largest theatre for the 4 of was awesome. Then she went with us to our 3 hour shift in Guest Services haha! I let her get on my familysearch account and look around on what that was like, which she seemed entertained by! She even found herself! Haha(: We talked a lot. Well, we always talk a lot even when she's not here but ya know. Then I brought her to Sister Mathias' District Meeting! (My companion and I split up each week and attend different district meetings.) So she went with me and sat in and experience the ever-so-exciting district meeting of a missionary! Of course, all the sisters were just awestruck by the fact that she was an investigator from the other side of the world who was really visiting us! They all adored her accent as well.

[Random side note: it's interesting how there isn't just one British accent. As a child I always just assumed there was one but our investigators accent is completely different from Sister Mathias', and Sister Mathias' accent is very different from other sisters here and other people I know. Just shows you how cultured I was as a little child...#merica]

We then ate dinner and showed her the rest of the buildings on Temple Square. The Assembly Hall was closed for some reason but we decided it would be ridiculous if she came all this way and didn't see every building!!! So we took her in through the tunnels. #shh... But there was nothing going on in there anyways so...don't judge us! #yolo THEN! Alan (you'll remember he was baptized 6 months ago and is now married to a member and they attend BYU?) came up with his wife and a friend and we all met up to go to Saviour of the World! We originally were not going to sit in the show with them but circumstances worked out that we could and we were SO HAPPY! Not only that, but we went in and the theatre was packed but, you know me, determined to have the best seat for our investigator I walked down to the front where the special reserved seats are and asked the host if it would be possible for our group to sit there. I was about to tell him we had a non-member in the group (I know I know I'm aweful) but he ran to the other host and then came back and said YES!!! So, no joke, we literally had the best seats in the house! Heavenly Father loves our investigator. (: Yes He does!!! After the show we had to say our goodbye's and she left with Alan and Mikah (they gave her a ride back to her hotel).

So now she is back in England. *shed a tear* We miss her. I miss her. I don't want her to be so far. We pray for her constantly. She has hard decisions to make. She has so much faith, though! She has done a lot, but she doesn't do it for anyone other than herself. When we first began teaching her 9 months ago she wouldn't even allow us to call her on the phone haha she would only chat with us online. And it's been neat to see how God answers her prayers, which He does...a LOT. God would never leave her alone, however. He has purposes and a plan for her. He is very aware of her. She may or may not read this blog post, but if she does, I hope she feels the spirit confirm to her that every righteous decision she has made the past 9 months has lead her to where she is right now. D&C 6:14. There are no coincidences.

In other news: My companion is the greatest! She makes me laugh all the time and if I don't have a 6-pack when I get home I will be really upset. Possibly rage. Speaking of rage! If you haven't seen Meet the Mormons yet, you better! Oh and that reminds me, my companion's Christmas package finally made it all the way here from Australia! Hahaha! We have been feasting on Tim-Tams! AH! I must live in Australia someday JUST so that I can eat Tim-Tams! And my companion is great because she never thinks about the fact that she returns home in 13 days! WOO! Life is good. My companion is good. (: It's good to have a good companion.

This letter is too full of emotion! I should not be so sappy! What is not sappy that I can tell you...? Our avocados are ripe! FINALLY! We've been waiting to eat them for 3 weeks!!!!!

Well I can't think of anything else that is not sappy that I should write about so I think that sums up this week's email!

Ok bye now!
Sister Davis

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