Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wow I feel like it's been 10 years since I've written any letters...

And SO MUCH has happened. I feel a little overwhelmed trying to remember everything I want to tell from this last 2 weeks...

But anyways lets start with TRANSFER NEWS!!!! Because, yes, I have this awesome new companion and YES I'm going to attempt at learning yet another language. My companion is Sister Bernhardt from France! We are over the West 1 zone this transfer (which is why my p-day changed to Tuesday). She's pretty funny and older than me, again....pretty sure all my companion's have been older than me...I'm such a small little child.... But she is SO funny and so French. (: We enjoy being together.

I may or may not have mentioned that last week that President Harman asked me to put together a musical number for a ward in Bountiful, Utah? ... So I gathered together myself, Sister Garcia from Spain, Sister Mathias from England, Sister Aquino from California, and Sister Sindylkova from Czech Republic to sing, with Sister Ma from Taiwan to accompany us. We threw it all together in less than a week and we sang in our sister missionary ward Sunday morning. That afternoon I drove the crew up to Bountiful to sing in a ward and it went so well. THEY HAVE BABIES IN THEIR WARD! Adorable. Babies. I kept having to remind myself not to stare and make faces at the little children during the meeting but to be an example since I am a missionary after all. (Though I will admit after sacrament meeting I asked the mother sitting behind me what her secret was to get her little 2 year old girl to fold her arms and sit quietly during the prayer. It was astounding and so adorable!!!!) Anyways. After the sacrament meeting we were asked to stay for a "linger longer" to talk with the members and their non-member friends they had brought. We met one guy from main-land china who just loved church and asked to get a picture with all of us (of course). But in a nutshell it was just a really really fantastic experience!

President Poulsen pulled me aside later that day and asked me if I would be willing to get the sisters together again to sing that same song for the LDS Business College Devotional this next Tuesday, since he was asked to be the speaker. Fist pump!!! So we'll be singing in that next week and we are so excited!!!! Singing is the greatest!!!!

Our Missionary Leadership council was yesterday and it was excellent! We met again on the 9th floor of the JSMB. All the zone leaders gave instruction so Sister Bernhardt and I were asked to focus on the fundamental Teach People, Not Lessons. It went really well and we had some sisters do an exercise I had been forced to do at girls camp back in the day and it was successful! They all cried! (In a spiritual kind of way.) So yes, that was great. For our lunch break we took the tunnels to the Church Office Building to eat in the cafeteria there and we happened to see Tad R. Callister again! We all walked past him and strained to see if there was meat on his plate... which there wasn't any. (: Hahaha But that's just a random side note.

Right after MLC we had to run (literally) back to the square to get to our assignments. At 4pm we had a V.I.P. tour. And dad you are going to die....(or I could just accuse you of being jealous since I am known to do that...) The people we took on the tour were some of the chief executives of Amazon. (You know, that massive online company?) So yes we were absolutely terrified! But they were actually really nice! And there were a lot of people who work for the church who accompanied the tour so no just in case you are wondering we were not nervous at all... But in all seriousness the tour went very well and they asked a LOT of questions. We showed them the inside of the temple (the model of the temple, that is, haha) and explained to them how Mormons worship in temples. The spirit was just very unusually strong throughout the tour, especially when we ended at the statue of Christ. Sadly, because they are VIP guests, we're not allowed to invite them to learn more or anything like that, but the man from church hosting did tell us that they already gave them a Book of Mormon a few days earlier. We were happy to hear that. (:

Teaching has also been going very well this week! A few days ago a young lady came on chat with a very strong interest in learning more. In fact, she asked us, "What steps would one have to take to become a Mormon?" Which is a good question! She has a lot of religious background and she actually is majoring in Biblical studies in university! She said something interesting to us though. She said, "I feel like I know a lot. Yet, I feel like I don't have the whole truth and I just want to know what the whole truth is!" Quite the statement! So we talked about The Book of Mormon and we will be speaking with her again later this week on the phone.

All in all the transfer has been going extremely well and we have been SO busy. At first I though I was going to die with all the things we had to do, plus the fact that I had to go an extra week without a p-day to rest. Yet when I woke up this morning I was almost disappointed to have a p-day because I felt like we've just been on such a role so why stop!? Then I pictured mom and dad's worried face not receiving a letter from me this week so I decided that p-day is a wise thing. (: So yes mom and dad, I do love you immensely. (:

Exciting upcoming events for this week will be Zone Training meeting, announcing for Music and The Spoken Word, singing in the LDSBC devotional, and beginning exchanges with the District Leaders! There's just so much work to do I LOVE IT!

But until next week....I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Davis

Picture of me with my new companion!

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