Friday, January 23, 2015

This week I learned Hu ke tua! and 出去!

Tongan and Mandarin. Just in case you were curious.

This week was very spiritually uplifting. On Sunday I spoke in church. Each sister on Temple Square has one chance to speak in our ward (our ward just consists of our mission btw) in our entire mission and it's always within the last few weeks of service. So yes, I spoke in church on Sunday and it actually went very well! I spoke on 4 different principles I have learned on my mission. I won't give you my entire talk but I will mention what those four principles are.

1. Never fall into the trap into doing what is easy. 2. You've got to just calm down and trust in the Lord! 3. Comparison destroys the purpose of creation. and 4. Forgive others and yourself quickly.

So there you are, it was great! I really did not want to cry because I hate crying on the pulpit but of course, you know me, as soon as the words "the temple" came out of my mouth I cried...awkward! But it was ok I forced myself to remember that people can't understand me when I cry and it was too important of a testimony for people to not understand so I stopped crying almost as fast as I started haha! After sacrament meeting we went to Music and The Spoken Word. (: And I was so happy! They sang an Ola Gjeilo piece called The Ground. #choirgeek #THEBEST 

But really...somebody tell Robert Reimer about this song I expect Trilogy to sing it in their final concert when I return.

We have a wonderful new investigator from Las Vegas, he's a single dad with an adorable little boy and he has been so prepared to learn about the gospel! He said some missionaries stopped him in his driveway and gave him a He Is The Gift pass along card. He said her enthusiasm sparked his interest so He watched it and felt the spirit soo strong. He then decided to call in so he can learn more! He went to church last Sunday and really enjoyed his time there and loved the relationship of the members. We are excited for him to continue learning especially about the TEMPLE!!! :D :D

Speaking of the Temple, we finally went to the temple this transfer! In the last week of the transfer! Haha but it was muchly needed and so wonderful! I just always have this one issue when I go to the temple, I just don't ever want to leave the Celestial room! Honestly, I could sit in there for a few hours and just ponder and be content. But life is about more than being eventually I do drag myself out of there. :( But the temple is great! There is no better place to find peace, feel safe, or just feel closer to Heavenly Father. I love the temple. It was also an excellent temple trip because I received some answers regarding after my mission, which is sad but true. (Not that the answer was sad, it was good, but the fact that it had something to do with other than the mission was sad...) Nonetheless, I am very grateful that we're able to visit the Temple once a transfer (once very 6 weeks).

Yesterday we went on exchanges with some sisters in our zone, Sister Yim from Hong Kong and Sister McElhaney from Arizona. Sister Yim is currently training Sister McElhaney. It was such a great exchange! Sister McElhaney is an exceptional missionary, even just being in her first transfers. I spent the day with Sister Yim and she spoke so highly of her companion. She's very loving, very hard-working, and extremely eager to learn. Sister Yim is an amazing missionary as well. She follows the principle of obedience with exactness and she is just like a missionary sponge. Last transfer sister Yim was companions with Sister Merrill, whom was my companion her first transfer and she asked me lots of questions like, "When you were with Sister Merrill how did you do [fill in the blank]." That surprised me a lot but it was also really cool because Sister Yim just loves to learn on how to improve and different methods of doing the same thing, which is how successful people find success. So Sister Yim is going to be a very successful person. (:

Just a quick update on our investigator in England; she's doing very well! It was a little hard being at home first and she was doing a lot of praying and just really trying to determine what steps to make next. She was a little stressed but we stayed calm because we know that everything will work out for her. She has accepted a baptism date now that she is working toward and she has a lot of confidence in it! We're really excited for her and she is really learning the principle that no matter what the Lord will always provide for our needs.

I think that is all I was planning on writing about this week. It's just been a really great week full of many teaching opportunities! Transfer conference will be on Monday morning. If I switch zones next transfer my pday will change so if you don't get an email from me next week, you know why! I will let you know quickly who my new companion will be. I'm going to miss Tim-Tams, frequently laughing and speaking in Tongan when I'm frustrated...but oh well. The show must go on!

Want to hear a joke I told my companion the other day? 

The other day I saw three guys walking down the street. Two of the guys walked into a bar, but the Mormon ducked. (Insert awkward smile here.)

I know I mormon jokes make no sense.

Ok bye now!!!!

Sister Davis
We found Grandmother Willow today! So awesome! #pocahontas

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