Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm trying to stay calm OK!?!?

Deep breaths are what get me through all the talk of departing. Deep breaths and crying myself to sleep at night.

Er'body is asking about how my leg is doing so I will report on that first! But may I say, word gets out fast! The heck!? Anyways. (: So I went to the instacare hospital and that was FUN! I just love hospitals! They took an x-ray and everything seems to be fine, nothing torn and nothing broken! #missionary #protection As I laid on the x-ray bed I could not help but think about the many many times in the past I've rested on those flat hard beds while they moved my legs into uncomfortable positions and took x-rays.. Those were the days. (: It would be neat to be an x-ray tech. But yes so I'm fine everyone stay calm I can walk and when I'm tempted to limp I just imagine the voice of my former physical therapist Dave saying, "No! Heel toe! Walk correctly [insert first name]!" So it's all good. Taking ib-prophen for the pain and just up and about doing the Lord's work! The doc says this is temporary and in about a week I should be standing level again. (: Although that is a bit of a shame because I love the look on the sister's faces when I switch between legs and loose an inch of height hahaha! Classic party trick.

This last Sunday our departing class sang in Sacrament Meeting. They asked me to put the hymn together so I compiled an arrangement of Come Thou Fount. It was wonderful. Sisters cried. (:

We also had Emily Utt from the church history department visit the mission for Relief Society to give some training and more historical background for Temple Square! It's the third time I've seen Sister Utt on the mission and every time the training finishes we always talk for ages about the history of St. George. On Thursday though I went up and told her I was leaving soon so she BETTER come visit St. George often! I must say, though, that understanding the history of Temple Square and many of the historic temples (i.e. Nauvoo, St. George, Logan, etc) can be such a converting experience. You look at the lives of those people and it's evident that the only driving force powerful enough to help them accomplish all they did is Jesus Christ.

This week we are especially happy because one of our investigators on the east coast has finally decided on a baptism date!!!! He is shooting for March 14 and we are SO happy!!!! We first met him on Mormon.org chat and have been talking with him for almost 6 months now. He's only a senior in high school but the true reason he even began learning about the church was because of the influence of his friends who are members. I don't think the young people realize that their example can have profound impact on the people around them. Teenagers have more opportunities for missionary work than they realize. But anyways, we are very excited for him and he seems happy as well. (:

We've also had some great experiences finding more people to teach this week! A man from France came online to tell us about some of his friends living in Africa who were not members. There were 4 he told us about and so far we have been able to contact 2 of them and both of them want to learn more and be baptized! Miracles! There are certainly many others out in the world who are prepared to learn more about the plan that Heavenly Father has for them.

Funny/awkward story--> On Sunday night we were on our shift in West Gate and these two young men came up to say hello because they noticed Sister Bernhardt was from France! He spoke a little french with her and then said, "Hey! Are you guys coming to the YSA convention in the Tabernacle?" And then there was this awkward silence and I said, "No... we are missionaries." And then his friend laughed and they walked away slowly... some people's children. When they were out of sight we laughed a little bit and then I told Sister Bernhardt that we should avoid the YSA thing in the Tabernacle at all costs... And then she reminded me that I go home soon... and then I threw the tissue box at her. And then she laughed at me. Some people's children.

So yes this week was fun and exciting and confusing! I stopped by President's office on Sunday to ask him something and then I ended up in his office for an hour as he counseled me on my entire life. It was great though and President is so kind. :( And he made me cry like twice because of his kindness. And now I think I know what I'm going to do with my life! (Which is great because about a week ago I was trying to make the macro plan he requires us all to make and I was having a meltdown because I realized that the real world is absolutely terrifying.) So I'm not terrified anymore! Just...really scared. :D It's improvement.

It's ok though, because as Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "We are eternal beings! Endings are not our destiny." I have also decided that returning home from a mission doesn't mean I ever have to leave the mission field. I'm not leaving the mission field...ever...just in case any of you were ever wondering about that... I'm not...just so you know. So please support me in that.

I love you all!!!
Sister Davis
By the way this is me being extremely happy in the hospital. (: I love the hospital. I may or may not have written my own rap while waiting for the doctor to come back with my x-ray results... #yellowwall #missionary #sowhite

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  1. Christy, Hope your leg gets better soon. Can't wait to see you in July when I come out for Thomas' graduation. Take care. You are one of my favorite "Alabama" girls.