Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This week went by WAY too fast.

Ok. So. This week was so fun!!! But it went by too fast and every night when I climb into bed I almost cry because the day is over. Bah! Anyways.

We went on exchanges with all of the District Leaders this week and it was a success! Lots of learning, lots of teaching in different languages, and lots of finding finding finding! This coming week we will be conducting exchanges with all the sisters in the zone who are training/new missionaries. These exchanges are always the most fun. (:

We have a new investigator from Washington state and he is just the most humble man I've ever spoken with. He was referred to us by a member who met him on a plane ride home! (This member was a sister on the plane ride home from her mission by the way... being a missionary doesn't ever end!!!) We called him last week and he told us about how his wife recently passed away and he was curious about how our beliefs differ from his (he is Catholic). We felt impressed to speak about living prophets (not what you'd expect right?) and we told him about Thomas S. Monson and, of course, he was really interested in that! We sent him an email with a talk from the prophet and invited him to listen and pray to ask God if this man was a true prophet of God. We are looking forward to talking with him again soon. (:

I think I mentioned to y'all last week that Sister Brock and I were planning an MLC training for the District Leaders in the mission? Well we held that last Friday and it was exceptional! We really enjoyed it and the sisters all walked away so excited for their next district meeting and all the ideas and training they gathered! We were SO happy it was a success because we were hardly able to squeeze in the extra time to prepare the training, it was pretty hectic, but the Lord provided and we had the time (barely) and it was a success!!!

Speaking of training's (man I love giving trainings..probably just because I love being in front of people) Sister Lytle, our other sister from St. George, asked me to visit her zone training meeting to help her train on Unity. She specifically wanted me to do a the training I gave in MLC to all the zone and district leaders. I think she just wanted it because it makes everybody cry... haha(: But I went yesterday to do it and it was so fun! Not only that but being able to give these trainings and see these sisters feel the spirit is such a testimony building experience for me. I love watching them and I love it when they have those "Ahha!" inspiration moments. Those are the best.

Several months ago I was teaching an investigator out in Ohio with Sister Merrill. She was so prepared to received the gospel but some negative events took place with the local missionaries and then we suddenly couldn't get a hold of her anymore. :( It was the saddest thing ever. Well, two days ago I felt impressed to look through my area book at my list of former investigators. I called a couple, with no responses and then I dialed this lady's number. Well she picked up!!! And she was so happy to hear from me! The first words out of her mouth were "Oh!!! Oh sister I've missed you! I love the church!" hahahaha(: I was so happy I almost cried! She is still meeting with missionaries and she goes to church and Relief Society activities and just loves it! She says the ward loves her, which I believe because she's the sweetest person ever, and she really wants to get baptized! Right now she is working on quitting smoking. "But once I'm free of smoking," she said, "I will be baptized!" Ah! Everybody stay calm. (: The church is true. The Lord sure loves us.

Yesterday we had our zone leader reports with president. Those are always so fun because as soon as you sit down in his office he pulls out his big container of nuts and passes them around so everyone can have "brain food" as he calls it. (: Haha he's crazy. At the end we all started talking about the next coming transfer, how many sisters from the MTC, how many departing, etc etc and President said, "We have many new sisters coming that would need to be trained, so we need to find those trainers first!" I raised my hand and said "I'll extend if you want me to president!" Then we started having this serious discussion how it's not too late for me to extend because I'm not even flying home....and then I asked President if I could...and then he said he would love to have me...and then he asked me if it were interfere with schooling or work. And then I frowned and had to consider that... Anyways now I'm rambling but that was an interesting conversation haha

By the way AWKWARD story about zone we're emailing later today because we went shopping first for zone activity things...and as we were going around Walmart we were buying fake flowers (long story, not they have nothing to do with valentines day we're not that desperate) and three bags of chips, so we looked a little unhealthy and odd. The funny thing is, we were shopping at the Walmart in Taylorsville, not Salt Lake, so we ran into lots of Elders from another one of the SLC missions and it was so weird because they were looking at us like, "Why would Temple Square sisters be eating that junk food and buying themselves fake flowers!?" Seriously. That's what their face said. So now all the rumors out there about Temple Square sisters having to eat a super healthy diet have just been destroyed. Haha you're welcome world.

Anyways that's this week... Even though this week was even more wonderful and miraculous than I can describe my emails never do missionary life justice...they just make missionary life sound busy and awkward. But missionary life is also very busy and awkward...

But I just love you all! Have a happy day of love this week!

Sister Davis
I was on exchanges with Sister McDaniel when this took place...

While Jeffrey R. Holland was giving his training to Seminary and Institute teachers we ran down in the tunnels and took pictures on his golf cart... #nevergetsold #stgeorgekids

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