Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This week was just really weird. Haha

So I am sorry right now this letter is going to be really fast!

This last week was really great and we've been very busy! We had our zone activity last p-day which was a lot of fun and a huge success! We've also been on exchanges a lot this last week with the new sisters and their trainers. Lots of fun experiences from that!

Funny story: We were on exchanges on Valentine's day and I was with Sister Bae from South Korea. She is SO funny! We were walking across the square in the evening when a couple stopped us and asked us to take a picture (of course...#templesquareprobs). So Sister Bae took the camera and just as they were about to take the picture the guy got down on one knee and said (turning to his girlfriend) "Will you marry me?" He had the ring and everything. Sister Bae was so shocked she just froze so I tapped her and said, "Hurry take pictures!" hahahaha so she took lots of pictures while they hugged and kissed. I know. #templesquareprobs. #everyday #whyhere #idonotunderstand So yes Sister Bae was really really upset after that because she didn't want to see any couples or proposals but I just put my hand on her shoulder and said, "You know, Sister can't run from it on Temple Square." And then she just made sad sobbing noises for a little while haha(: Such is the life of a temple square missionary.

(I might mention that wasn't the only proposal I saw this last week.)

It was also an exciting week for my companion Sister Bernhardt because some of her companions she served with in France came to visit us and take us to dinner! WOO! It was heaps of fun. Except I'm not going to lie it was really weird walking into a restaurant with normal people who talk about normal people things... But they were super funny and nice and the food tasted great so that was a plus right?! Haha(:

Our investigators are also doing SO well. Two of them have now set a goal to be baptized, one of them will be 3 days after I go home! Ah the agony!!! Haha(: But it's good.

I'm sorry this is just so short. But just know that things are going well and we are really busy and happy and consecrated and blessed and hungry and diligent and hilarious!

I love you.

Sister Davis
Dinner with Sister Bernhardt's companions from France!(:

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