Monday, February 9, 2015


Just thought I would stick that up there...just because I can. And it's true.

This week was AMAZING! Amazingly BUSY! Ha(: It was great. Lots going on. I feel like...I feel like I don't ever want my mission to end... oh wait! I ALWAYS feel like that!

So this week...this week was crazy. This week I learned how inspired companionships are. I learned that God has a hand in every single aspect of our lives, big or small. And I also learned that God is the master at organizing things because when I look at my life and I look at all the events that have taken place and all of the "coincidences" and the way that my life ties together I can only come up with three reasons why my life is the way it is: 1. My life is simply a really dramatic musical. 2. God is heavily influencing my life piece by piece. or 3. All of the above.

I'm gonna stick with 3. All of the above. Let me also say something else: The world is about the size of a toothpick when you serve on Temple Square. A toothpick. That's it! It's tiny!

Anyways. So last Wednesday night was great because we got to go with one of our less-active friends to see Meet the Mormons! Yay! It was a really good experience and we were really happy when he told us after that he felt the spirit a lot during the film.

Last Friday we had our ZTM (zone training meeting) which went smoothly, thank the heavens above! We had the District Leaders do most of the training and we focused on the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, etc). The sisters in the zone are so great they all have very quiet personalities which can be a bit awkward when we get up in front of them and I try to crack a joke...don't get me wrong they all laugh, but their way of laughing is like a little chipmunk laugh  so they all make this same face where their nose scrunches up and you hear these tiny little snickers.... But that's beside the point. ZTM was great!

We met with the AP's after ZTM to talk about some ideas we had and they decided that we should just hold another MLC and give the training with them ha so this morning we had to do some of the fastest training planning in my life before running over to the conference center but it's going to be really good and we're going to have the MLC this Saturday! Sister Brock and I will train the District Leaders about increasing the effectiveness of our District meetings and it's going to be especially good because there will be gummy bears involved! Er'body get excited!

Saturday was a funny day because Trilogy was running all over the square since State Honor Choir was held this year in the Tabernacle! So I ran into Kelton, Taylor, Tommy, and Mckay like 5 times and those guys are hilarious. But the best was when we talked with Mr. Riemer. I tried to ask that man for life advice and his only counsel was go to the Temple! (Well and he tried to talk me into being a choir teacher but we all know that I just wouldn't survive a career like that.) But anyways, by the end of the day my companion couldn't stop talking about how awesome all the guys were and she was impressed that Tommy speaks French (somebody tell Tommy that because he will blush).

Funny enough we even saw them again Sunday morning after Music and the Spoken Word because I was announcing and they stayed the night to go so that was cool! Then again I tell you these things but my best guess it you probably already know this because you've seen it on one of their Facebook, twitter or instagram accounts by now...

Sunday afternoon was Finish Strong Meeting. (AKA lets-talk-about-how-you-are-all-about-to-go-home-and-we-don't-want-you-to-get-trunky-meeting.) We all had to share what things we were applying to keep us from getting trunky which was funny haha! I got up and just shared with the sisters that I'm going to follow the counsel of D&C 51:17 where it says "act upon this land as if for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good." So yes I said I will be acting as if I will still be a missionary for another 5 years and they all laughed but I don't think they realize how serious I meant that..... (By the way that also means I'm going to do my grocery shopping the same: holla for my companion because she will have a ton of leftover free food from me!)

Monday was an interesting day! In the morning we had to take a sister in our zone to the eye doctor because she was having sudden trouble seeing out of one of her eyes. Her name is Sister Bae and she is from South Korea and she is the cutest human being I have met. She has a very quiet and cute little Asian voice and yet sometimes she says things that you don't quite expect and they catch you off guard and make you laugh quite a bit. I went back to the doctor's room with her so that I could translate all of the paper-work she had to fill out about her medical history. (By the way sometimes it's really hard to simplify some of those questions they ask was interesting...hehe) One question was if she had any surgeries before and she turned to me and said, "Oh! I had lasik surgery before my mission! My eyes was perfect! (and then with an adorable frown) but now this eye is not perfect." So cute haha(: By the way, there was not anything seriously wrong with her eye she just got some face wash in it and it blurred it up a little bit but she's fine now. (: yay!

And now to tell you about one of the most exciting parts of the week! TODAY! Today was the day that we sang in the LDS Buisness College Devotional! It was so fun! And there were so many people and they were all our age and there were a lot of couples which was weird and they all seemed so serious! Are people back out in the real world always as serious as these guys were? I'm not sure... But anyways! We sang an arrangement of "I Feel My Saviour's Love" and then President Poulsen spoke, which was excellent! They had us sit up at the front where like the president of the school and the speaker sits, you know what I mean, and it was really funny to just watch all these young adults in the audience. President Poulsen asked all the RM's in the audience to stand (there was a LOT) and they had to recite the missionary purpose. They remembered it well! And it was cool because you looked at the faces of some of those young men and you could tell they were just beaming because they loved their missions! (: Afterwards President said, "Sisters lets all go get lunch together!" So President took us to lunch! Woo! It was so fun! President Poulsen is just one of the best people I have or will ever know.

Yes so there we are things have been pretty busy. You may think we're so busy we don't have time to teach investigators but that statement would be FALSE! We love our missionary work the most of all! We were able to speak this week with our investigator in Las Vegas and he is doing so well! (He's the one I told you about who is a single father of a 20 month old boy.) Tomorrow he is talking to the missionaries in his area because he would like to be baptized before March 7th. Yay!!!! We are so happy for him, he is just so wonderful and he makes the gospel a priority even though his life is hectic and busy. (:

Our investigator in Provo is still doing so well. Sometimes I feel like she teaches me and I just don't know half as much about life as she does! But she's awesome and she is already doing visiting teaching even though she isn't a member yet! Haha and she loves it so much!

A lot of y'all have been asking about our investigator in England! She is doing well, amidst the huge trials she's had. Things can be a little up and down but we know that everything is going to work for her. She has a lot of opposition but we've been able to see every day how the Lord is constantly aware of her no matter what. We pray for her a lot and, like we have always said, she has much more faith than she gives herself credit for!

Ok this email is getting supper long so I'm going to bring it down to a close. I don't think there is tons more to say so....yeah! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!

Sister Davis

My last time announcing for Music and The Spoken Word! So tender!

Back row: Sister Escobedo from Mexico, Sister Chau from Japan, Sister Ma from Taiwan, Me, Sister Kuo from Taiwan. Front row: Sister Mok from Hong Kong, Sister Brock from Oregon, and Sister Araujio from Portugal!

​Everyone who announced!
Left to right: Sister Chau from Japan, Me. Sister Ma from Taiwan, Sister Escobedo from Mexico, Sister Araujio from Portugal, Sister Amar from Phillipines, Sister Konietz from Germany, Sister Mok from Hong Kong, Sister Brock from Oregon, Sister Bomgren from Sweden, Sister Maladiri from Vanuatu, and Sister Richmond from Tahiti!


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