Saturday, August 16, 2014

I wish y'all knew how much I love being a missionary. (April 18)

It has been such a great week full of teaching, teaching, and more teaching! I don't know what we've done to deserve it, but my companion and I have been led to several wonderful people who have a very immense desire to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We've been teaching so many lessons this last week and we have been LOVING IT! There is nothing better than being constantly busy because you're scrambling from one teaching appointment to the next!
My roommates are the best as well! Our two roommates this transfer are Sister Trusciglio from Italy and Sister Jesse from the Marshall Islands. Since most of my language background is Italian and my companion is teaching me Spanish, sometimes I accidentally mix the two up haha(: Well and it doesn't help when I say something to Sister Trusciglio in Italian and then my companion starts to talk to me in Spanish ha! The other day I was introducing myself and I said, "Hola il mio nome Hermana Davis." "il mio nome" is Italain for "my name is" and "hola...hermana" is spanish for "Hi...Sister". So that was a little awkward... Haha(: Luckily the languages are very similar so if I switch things around folks still understand what I'm trying to say.

Speaking of speaking in Spanish! The other day while we were on assignment in assembly hall, the square was pretty dead so I was practicing my testimony in Spanish. While we were there president came walking in and without thinking I said, "Hey President! I'm practicing my testimony in Spanish!" He said, "That's great! Share it with me!" Hahaha so then I got really nervous and stumbled out a testimony in Spanish. THEN some people came walking in and President walked up to them and said, "Hello! Where are you from? Oh! Brazil! Do you understand Spanish? Because this sister has been practicing her testimony in Spanish, do you mind if she practices with you?!" Yeah. It was terrifying hahaha! But I did it and it was ok, I just get so nervous! But it was a funny experience(:

Yesterday morning was extremely special because the Temple Square mission was able to go to the Legacy Theater in the Joseph Smith Memorial building (at 7:15am) to watch a new movie the church will be releasing within the next couple months. Talk about perks of being a temple square missionary! We've been told that this film is only going to be available on temple square when released so if anyone would like to see it feel free to come to Temple Square! Don't even worry about running into me (if you are family or close friends) I will avoid going into the JSMB if that helps. (: But trust will ALL want to see this movie. Look for'll know it when you hear about it.

Last night was a very special night, and probably the best on my mission thus far. Last night was Alan's baptism. To give a brief review: We met Alan a week and 1/2 ago, at General Conference, with some of his friends. They walked into the south visitor center and up to me and Alan's friend said, "My friend would like to be baptized. Oh and it's this guy right here." (pointing to Alan standing next to him). The next day Alan came back to the square and we began teaching him. By the next day we were given permission by our mission president to call the Elders of his ward and collaborate concerning Alan's needs. Since then we've seen Alan every day, up until his baptism yesterday. Alan is amazing and has the strongest desire to follow God's plan for him. In, I believe a semester or so, he will be transferring from LDSBC to BYU-Provo, with his girlfriend (well fiance really) who is a member of the church. The baptism service was so incredible and so full of the spirit. It was really hard to keep from getting emotional especially when Alan was walking down into the baptism font and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. There were many of his close friends there who you could feel so strongly really cared about Alan. He even asked me to perform a musical number for his baptism. Because everything was so quick and I had no one to play the piano for me, Alan brought me his guitar on Wednesday night and I arranged a song compilation of two of my favourite children's songs. It was something I will never forget, being there sitting in front of someone whom I was able to teach the gospel, and to bear my testimony of the Savoir to them, at their baptism, using the talent that the Lord has blessed me with. I am so grateful, and will never forget that sacred opportunity. 

Well, it has been such a good week! Full of so many blessings and so many wonderful experiences! We're looking forward to the coming week and all the continued opportunities to preach the gospel. Thank you for all the support and love! Have an amazing week!

Sister Davis
Me, Alan, and Sister Fuentes!

A huge chunk of Alan's support group haha(: The two Elders to the left of us (Left: Elder Taylor Right: Elder Westlund) were the SLC Elders who taught Alan with us on Temple Square.

I forgot to include this in last week's email, but guess who we met at General Conference!? (: (:
Elaine S. Dalton!!! She was so sweet! She pulled us all close together and told us that we were just all shining with the gospel and that she was so proud of us for serving missions!!!(:

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