Saturday, August 16, 2014

All the Asians keep pointing at my hair! (May 28th)

I always sit down to write and then my mind just goes blank! Ah! Life is so difficult! (I'm only joking, just being dramatic because I can.)

This last week was wonderful! Last Thursday was Pine View's Graduation! Yay for all my friends who have finally escaped high school! That morning I was thinking about how strange it is that a year ago from that day I was graduating high school and now I'm halfway finished with my mission, wow! For our morning work out we decided to run up to the capital building and kill ourselves running up and down the forever long steps up the front. As I was running I couldn't help but feel like my life is going somewhere, considering the fact that a year prior I was leaving high school. Ha! (:

So the Temple Square Mission is piloting a new pass-along card! WOO! Now that may not sound like a big deal but I'm sure the other visitor center missionaries will be stoked when they send them out! The card is a digital copy of The Book of Mormon with a QR code to scan to any apple or android device, AND (drum roll please) it's available in 33 languages!!! That's almost as many languages that are spoken here on the square! It's so exciting and since receiving the first batch we've used them a TON!

We've seen a lot of great miracles this week, finding new investigators and sharing the gospel with people who have been so prepared! I really felt that there was someone who would be coming to the Beehive House this week who was prepared to learn about the gospel. Well, we found her yesterday! She was here with her sister and we took them on a tour with a cute British couple. As we showed them one of the original Book of Mormons she asked us about where it originated from. We taught the Restoration in about 5 minutes and she was so excited/surprised! At the end of the tour we asked her if she would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon and she said yes! We gave her one of the new pass-along cards, which was perfect. She was fantastic and we're excited for her to read!

We have a darling investigator in Canada who was referred to us by her boyfriend! (We just love member missionaries!) We weren't sure how deep her interest was in the church-we thought that perhaps she was feeling pressure from her boyfriend-but we invited her to be baptized this week and she started telling us about how she feels like something is missing in her life and she really feels that this could be it! So she said yes! Her boyfriend texted us afterwards and was telling us how excited he was! He wasn't sure how interested she was either so he was just as surprised as we were! Wow! The church is so true!

Well, I love you all so so much! I love hearing about how things are going back home and all the stories you share! Thank you so much for your prayers in my behalf, they really do mean the world to me and I can feel their power in my day to day work. Enjoy the hot sun, I'm so jealous! It's been 91/92 degrees the last couple of days and my companion has been dying! Haha! I'm loving it though it's warm but not hot so it's just great! I wonder how hot it gets up here in Salt Lake...anyways! I love you tons! Have a wonderful week!!!!

Sister Davis

The capital this morning! We run those steps rocky-status.

At Sette Bello eating real pizza! Ah so good!

Visited This is The Place Monument as part of Sister Fuentes' birthday!(:

Don't judge us in our missionary happiness bubble.

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