Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sorry it's short! (August 5th)

So please don't be upset with me if this email is very short and simple, I haven't been feeling well yesterday and today so right now all I have on my mind is that I want to go buy Gatorade at Walmart after this so I can drink that until my body turns into Gatorade. Ahha. (:

But don't worry this week has been excellent! Transfer conference was yesterday morning and I'll be staying with Sister Merrill to finish training yipppeeee!!!!! So that's good(: We're happy about that. Good stuff. Good stuff. The only thing that's really changing is we're moving to the East 1 zone which means I'm headed back to serve in the Brigham's house! WOO! I'm excited, I've missed Brigham and his daughters creepy wedding dress that we're almost positive roams the halls of the house at night. Not saying her dress is ugly, I mean, it's got lots of lace so it's all in my favour, it's just old...old stuff is scary.

Our amazing investigator in England texted us at 3AM this morning to tell us that she finished reading the Book of Mormon today! I wasn't sleeping well because of my illness so when I heard the phone vibrate and I read the text and I thought I was dreaming because it was such exciting news! Then I looked at the clock and was super confused that she would text at 3 in the morning but then I realized they're 7 hours ahead of us in England so it's actually 10am where she is so then I thought maybe I'm not dreaming... So I fell back asleep and checked the phone again when we woke up and it turned out I wasn't dreaming and we were very excited! It was just a funny experience. #onlyontemplesquare

It rained a lot in July. I was so confused.

This month is the month I was BORN in! :O It's also the month that MOM is born in AND the month that the prophet Thomas S. Monson was born in! This is a good month. And I Iook forward to seeing the family the day after my birthday, that will be an interesting experience! I tried talking to my friend Elder Holland to see if he can make it to dinner with us but he's been so busy in meetings lately I haven't gotten through. So we'll see if the fellow St. George..ian...apostle can make it out to say hello. Haha! You all thought I was serious. (:

I'm really sorry but I can't think of anything that happened this week and I keep getting a headache trying to remember everything so I'll read back through my journal and when I find the awesome stories from this week then I will put them in next week's email. (: Ok! Well... love yous! Happy August! Yay!

Sister Davis

We didn't take any pictures this week! Haha so we took one just now so that we wouldn't have to email home without any pictures hahaha enjoy(:

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