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Week #43...I think? I'm not even sure I know anymore! (July 22nd)

Soooo this week was crazy.

Zone Activity was last p-day and that was a hoot! We went to the home of our mission secretaries and had a BBQ! Then they showed us photos from when they served missions in South Africa! Hey y'all...remember when I said I wanted to serve my mission in South Africa? Well...I understand now why the Lord didn't send me there. 1. I would have spent way too much time trying to learn a million different languages that I wouldn't have had time to be a real missionary. 2. I probably would given all of my possessions away. Or (and most likely) --> 3. I probably would have disappeared running around with elephants, tigers, and/or penguins. Yes. They have penguins in Africa. :D

And then of course the amazing event happened where MY ENTIRE STAKE YOUTH CONFERENCE CAME TO TEMPLE SQUARE!!! Little did they know, my companion and I were put in charge of planning the activities they would do with sister missionaries. (: (: (: They arrived on the square Thursday but we were not going to be doing activities with them until Friday morning so we had to travel underground everywhere on Thursday because so many of them were looking for me haha! It had some perks though! When we were at the conference center we saw a group of them and had to run into the tunnels which took us backstage where we were able to hear the guest singer for MOTAB rehearsing on stage. Were I not a missionary I would tell you how much I loved his voice...

Sooo, about two days before they came we sat down in the mission office, said a prayer, and began planning. We immediately had ideas just start coming and we could feel that they were inspired. Since they were the largest youth conference that's come to Temple Square all summer (way to represent!) we couldn't take them out of the theatre 5 like the other groups would. We decided to put colours under everyone's chair and that would be what determined how each of the youth would participate. We had so many fun activities that we started with, which we all connected back to missionary work. The last two activities were the best, though. We asked two women we talked to on the square to be investigators for these youth who were preparing to go on missions. The first young lady's name was Kayla and she was just traveling through on her way to California with her boyfriend. The youth who participated in teaching her were given the chance to ask her a questions that would help us teach her and/or determine her needs (spiritually). As missionaries, we want to ask inspired questions, of course. The youth were sooo nervous but once they started the spirit was sooo strong. I've never seen a group of youth pay such close attention to listening to the spirit in my entire life! When they had asked her questions, I told them that if any of them were feeling inspired to share something in particular with Kayla, they could now do so. It was amazing to see the responses. The second young lady's name was Emily, she was in Salt Lake visiting friends who are members of the church. This group wasn't required to ask questions, just to get to know her and teach according to how the spirit directs. In fact, as they were talking to her about the spirit, she asked them how they knew they had the spirit in their life. They were sooo scared to be asked a question so they decided to use one of their "life-lines", ask a leader. It was so neat to see our Stake President, President Doty, jump up to answer the question! During the entire thing the youth were just so involved and you could tell that even those in the audience wanted to speak so bad!

After the youth had finished with us we talked to the two girls about their experience and thanked them for their willingness to let us do this with them. Well, these two young ladies told us that even after the teaching practices were over, some of the youth in our stake invited them to sit next to them to listen to the youth speaker! Not only that, but as the youth speaker was talking, some of the youth sitting next to them were explaining what different things were so that they could understand everything going on. They also said that many members of the stake came up to them after to share their testimony and that they were daughters of God. We were sooo happy and impressed to hear that the missionary experiences we wanted to create lasted far beyond what we expected. I hope those youth don't forget about it, and I hope they all have a stronger desire to serve missions.

Only 1 more week until Debbie's baptism!!! MAH!!! We're so excited that we've been starting to turn blue from holding our breath! I am almost positive that there isn't a soul in the world who has been more excited to be baptized than Debbie. Each time we talk she sounds as if she's going to explode with joy! Just another living example that the gospel brings happiness that nothing else can.

This Sunday I have been asked to speak with some other sisters in a home ward in the north side of the Salt Lake City Valley. It's going to be so weird attending a sacrament meeting with families and babies and...noise. I'm pretty excited. (: I'll be speaking with Sister Sherratt, Esquivel (my follow-up trainer), and Issacson (from Norway). It'll be a neat experience and I'm stoked because I just LOVE speaking to large groups of people about the gospel! Which is crazy because when I got my call I was so nervous that I would have to speak instead of sing to large groups of people. But hey, even a turkey can fly, so I'm pretty excited that the grace of God has granted me to have some wings. (:

Exactly one month from today is my birthday...I feel so awkward. As I was talking with Cierra and Kelton (while they were here for youth conference) I told them that I would be turning 20 next month...and I'm pretty sure that was the first time they felt uncomfortable being around me...which made me feel uncomfortable...which was kinda sad. Haha(: I'm getting so old.

I can't think of anything else to write now soooo... But I do want to say that email time each week is soo entertaining because we're always sitting her next to Sisters Sherratt, Cheng, Hansen, and Richardson and half of our time we're laughing because all of us are sooo dramatic while reading emails from home. But hey, as mom would say, it's all about the drama.

Ok I love you all have a wonderful week and share the gospel with everyone!!!!!

Sister Davis

In the home we visited they had a music room so we spent a little bit in there. I'm pretty sure this picture describes the relationship between Sister Merrill and I perfectly haha(:

UTAH!!!! (During Zone Activity last week)

At the Lion House whipped cream was being freaky...

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