Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Wonderful Week (June 11th)

It's been such a fun week, lots of interesting experiences! On Thursday was exchanges with my district leader, Sister Perez. Well that morning some sisters were not able to take their youth conference group so they asked us to cover for them! So Sister Perez and I took a youth conference group that morning and it was SO FUN! Sister Perez was an efy counselor before the mission and I told her about doing bys, so we just worked together so well and had just the best time with those kids! Sadly, later in the day (after youth conference) Sister Perez was starting to feel very very sick so we spent the rest of our day trying to figure out what to do to help with her symptoms.

On Saturday we took a large group motor coach of 55 English-speaking guests. It's funny how the adversary always tries to get in the way of others learning more about the gospel because this was yet another tour that the guide requested be made short, so we had about half the time we normally would. BUT it didn't deter us! The wonderful people had SO many questions and we jammed as much teaching as we possibly could into the short time we had. As we walked the folks back to their bus we discovered that one of the ladies in the group has been meeting with missionaries for a while now and she said thank you so much for answer those questions because they were part of concerns that she had been having and we were able to resolve them for her! Yay!!! We were so happy!!!

On Sunday night we got some really sad news, our district leader Sister Perez would be going home the next morning. :( So on Tuesday morning the district went down the hall to her apartment and we had breakfast together. It was really sad but it was neat to hear how she had felt a lot of peace and that the Lord's hand was involved with everything that was going on. It just kind of reminded me of the many times in my life when things happened that I wasn't sure of, and how I just had to put complete and full faith in the Lord. I think that happens to everyone a lot throughout life, it keeps us in check of making sure we are doing what the Lord would have us do.

This morning we were able to take another youth conference group. This time I was with my companion Sister Fuentes. We had such a great time talking with these youth, sharing with them our experiences and answering their questions. We brought with us our mission calls and a copy of the White Handbook to show them. For the last part of the youth conference each company had to prepare a "testimony" of sorts with each of the youth involved. We had each of them share a teaching of the gospel that they knew to be true. As they stood up to share it with all the kids in the youth conference, I held the mic going from each of them as they would speak. I was surprised and happy to see, that as I was passing these youth, several of them had tears in their eyes as they testified of what they knew to be true. I hope those youth remember that. I wish the youth of the church, and really just everyone member or not, knew how much potential they have. God doesn't give gifts and abilities to just some people, He gives them to everyone. There is something great that anyone can accomplish. It's just a matter of discovering our personal purpose, trusting in the Lord, and fulfilling it. John Bytheway was going to be the youth speaker today but unfortunately he canceled last minute. :( But they had another incredible women come and speak instead. All in all it was a great experience.

Oh my goodness I almost forgot! The most exciting news of the week.....our recent convert Alan got married!!!! (To his girlfriend who is a member, they've been dating for a while now.) They were married on Sunday which means a year from now they will be sealed in the temple!!!! AH! Families can be forever!!! Haha(:

Well I hope you all have a good week. I hope you're loving the St. George heat(: The weather is sooo mellow here it's crazy...but kinda nice! I love you all!

Sister Davis
Companionship unity at it's finest! I gave myself and Sister Fuentes matching pedicures (: haha

Our district leader Sister Perez who is now home:( This was the morning she left for home. I'm really gonna miss her...

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