Saturday, August 16, 2014

This week was quite epic... (June 18th)

So much went on this week and we had so many testimony building experiences! I can't remember the exact days each thing happened so they may or may not be out of order(:

A few days ago we were assigned to take a large tour with about 30 teenagers. When we received the tour report and saw who we were taking, we immediately knew that they were anti-mormon (because of the name of the church). So we showed up for this tour and began to take these youth around. We overheard their leader mention that they were here to do some ministry in the city, which confirmed to us that they were anti. They were super nice and asked lots of questions about the history and seemed very interested! The last place we took them to was the Tabernacle. We took them to one of the observation rooms and talked about the Tabernacle and the purpose of a living day prophet. I suppose it was because we were in a small enclosed space, but this was when they decided to start firing away with the anti questions. We weren't nervous at all though, seeing as every anti asks the same questions and we know the answers to each one. We could tell that they were still in training because they struggled with trying to trip us up and/or catch us in our wording. Finally, one of the young boys said, "Well what is even the purpose of having a Savoir?" Now, keep in mind that these youth are Christian but they believe very different things that we do, especially concerning how we receive salvation. Nonetheless, the question really surprised me! I knew I could have answered him the way Abinadi did when he said, "Are you priests, and pretend to teach this people, and to understand the spirit of prophesying, and yet desire to know of me what these things mean?" But I didn't. Although I was tempted. Instead we took a different route and began to testify of Jesus Christ, His life, ministry, and His role in the Plan of Salvation. As I stood there bearing solemn testimony that I knew Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world, these youth suddenly became dead silent. None of them even moved a muscle, they simply sat still with their eyes zoned and focused on every word. The spirit came with such power into the room that we knew all could feel it, especially because we noticed some felt uncomfortable recognizing the Holy Ghost there testifying. After that, we ended the tour and left. The entire time we were taking the tour I had the feeling in my mind that said, "Someone in that group of youth is going to be touched by something you said and they will be baptized." I turned to Sister Fuentes and told her what I had been feeling. She looked back at me and said, "Sister Davis, I was feeling the same way." I don't know which of those youth is going to be baptized, but I know that one of them will be.

We've been very fortunate to take several youth conference groups in the last week! It's amazing watching the youth come and go, to hear their testimonies and to see how much potential and power that they have. The youth can be such a force for good in the world, if they choose to do so. This morning, we took a group of youth around and ended with a guest speaker. Well that guest speaker was JOHN BYTHEWAY!!! That's right, brothers and sisters, we heard from John Bytheway this morning. He's still just as insightful and just as funny as always! After his fireside and all the youth cleared the room, I went up and introduced myself to him and asked him for some advice for someone like me who wants to be able to do what he does for the youth. Man, it was so cool to be able to talk to him! When he asked where my home was, I told him St. George and his faced was (as he would put it) "exceedingly astonished!" Haha but he's awesome and it's so cool to finally have been able to talk to him! (I've been waiting to talk to him since I was like...12.) (:

Yesterday was an excellent day as well! While on shift at the Beehive House (Brigham Young's home) one of the historians that works for the church came to visit us. She wrote the historical sight guides for Temple Square, the Beehive House, AND the historical guides they use in the St. George Mission! WOOO!!!! So I got to spend like half an hour talking to her about the history of the St. George Temple, Tablernacle, and Brigham Young's Winter Home. Oh it was so awesome! She, seriously, knows EVERYTHING about church history. She drew and described the foundation process of building the SLC temple, and let us look at the blueprints for the Beehive House. Oh man, it was so cool. She also talked with us about some things in church history that anti-mormons try to question us about. She gave so much useful information that I almost want anti's to come take a tour now! Almost. Haha(:

We also took quite a fun tour yesterday in the Beehive House as well. Two men from Alabama came in! One of them sounded JUST LIKE my cousin Josh and I said to him, "This sounds weird, but every time you talk you sound just like my cousin." When I told him that the family is in Gadsden the other man said, "No way! I'm from Gadsden!" It was so awesome! They said they live like...a block from the falls!! So cool! Thankfully, they were Bama fans, not Auburn fans. At the end of the tour as they were walking out of the house they said, "Bye now! ROLL TIDE!" When Sister Fuentes closed the door I jumped up and was like "Roll tide roll!" She looked at me like I was a strange creature so I explained what that meant. (:

Anyways, this letter is getting a little long so I'm going to wrap things up. Tomorrow morning we find out who will be going outbound. A week ago I was thinking I wouldn't be going out yet, but then we heard that 16 sisters are going so my chances are kind of I will find out in the morning if I'm leaving. If I don't email next week, that means I'm outbound. Ha!

Well, I love you all! I hope you're continuing to enjoy the hot summer weather! :D

Sister Davis

Some awesome socks that our roomate (Sister Rhodes from Las Veags) gave to us! Top feet: Sister Bennett from Tahiti. Left socks: Sister Fuentes from Chile Right Socks: Sister Rhodes from LV and bottom socks me(: the teaching center...teaching/being really awkward

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