Saturday, August 16, 2014

Now is the month of Maying when merry lads are playing! Fah lah lah lah lah!!! (Classic madrigal we sang way too much in high school.) (May 2nd)

We took our first English Motor Coach yesterday!!!!!!! (Motor coach tours are when a huge bus drops off a massive group of people and we get to use sweet microphones and fancy flags to take people on tours!) This lovely group of people were all Asians! Haha(: Ironically enough, the bus driver asked us to keep it to a 30 minute tour because they needed to leave SLC quickly so they could get to Vegas faster.... *sigh*. BUT! Because they were on their way to Vegas, during the tour I told them about the St. George, Temple as well! Someone asked if the first temple in Utah was SLC so I very proudly told them no! I explained that the first temple was in St. George, Utah and then very excitedly told them that I was from St. George! They all said "Oooohh! Ahhh!" as I explained that they would be able to see the extremely white LDS Temple when they drive through on their way to Veags. (: Who knows! Maybe they'll stop there and then they'll meet Charlotte and all get baptized! :D

I've almost caught up with all of the General Conference talks and I am loving it! It's amazing how much more grateful you are for those talks when you are in a position when you don't have the luxury of sitting down and just watching them!

As soon as the copies of the Conference Ensign arrived in the mission home the box was flooded by sisters checking to see if their picture was in the Ensign! Ha! My companion and I sat there and laughed as they all sat down and ripped open the pages, only to find that not a single Temple Square sister missionary had a picture of them make it to the Ensign! Hehe(: The temple square stereotype is officially being deteriorated as we speak. (At least, so we hope.)
I received some very specific and extremely comforting personal revelation from the scriptures just the other day. I'm not sure why, but since General Conference I was having so many questions about the future. I was so confused about some things, very nervous about other things, and just didn't know what exactly to do about it. I especially didn't like it because when I wasn't teaching or talking with people about the gospel, the uncertainty was just eating away at me. I kept praying and praying for answers but I just had no idea what to do about it. After District Meeting on Tuesday I was eating my lunch in the lounge when I had the feeling I should open up D&C and just read from it. I opened up to a random page and just starting reading. The first time I read through the scripture, these are the only parts I remember reading, 

"Behold, I say unto you that you shall let your time be devoted to the studying of the scriptures, and to preaching, and to confirming the church, and to performing your labors on the land, such as is required, until after you shall to to the next conference; and then it shall be made known what you shall. do." (D&C 26:1)

I took that as my answer and have felt nothing but peace about it since then. (:

It's May already! Can you believe it? This is the point in time when every flower on Temple Square is blooming! AH! It's the most beautiful thing in the world!!! What a tender mercy from the Lord, to have sent me to a mission that probably has the most flowers. The sun has also been coming out! The sun! It's beautiful! After non-stop rain last week I was beginning to wonder if they have summer in Salt Lake City, but I believe there is a good chance that it may or may not be coming!:D

Thank you for all of the prayers, support and love! Keep on keeping on! Don't give up, even if sometimes it feels like we're walking through a foggy day.

Sister Davis
Christy also attached a link to an lds.or video done by Elder Bednar on revelation. You can watch it if you click here.

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