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Hello all you Lovely People! (July 29th)

This happens every week! I sit down at the computer and I can't remember a single thing that has taken place in the last week. Ahaha! Such is missionary life!

There is one thing that I do remember, and possibly will never forget... We have this wonderful investigator in England, and we've been teaching her for about 5 months now. Her biggest struggle is being able to have faith and know that God really is there and really does love her. Because of her family background, she is uncomfortable with religion and has fear of connecting herself with any specific type of religion. Well, she gave us her phone number this last week and aloud us to call her! We were SO happy! We called her a second time later in the week and it is just so neat to see and hear how faith is growing faster now because this is becoming more real to her. When we arrived at the computers on Sunday afternoon, we noticed we had an email from her informing us that she decided, on a whim, to GO TO CHURCH!!!! We were is shock!! But a happy shock! She went and was there for the full 3 hours! She even met the missionaries there and they gave her a tour of the church and introduced her to so many people! AH! When I was reading that email I wanted to cry I was so happy! We have been praying soo long and soo hard that the Lord would help us find a way so that she would feel comfortable enough to go to church, and our prayers were answered just as we were starting to get to the point where we didn't know what else to do. That alone, was the best part of our week. (:

On the 24th we all got to wake up early and go to the DAYS OF '47 PARADE!!! All of the Temple Square sister missionaries were given a prime spot on the blanket covered grass haha! The best part though was when the prophet Thomas S. Monson was in the parade! We were so excited and we were waving to him and cheering and his adorable little face had this expression of "Awe look at those cute sister missionaries." Haha! It was fun to watch the sisters from foreign countries watch the parade because many of them had never been to something like that before. One of our sisters from Norway came up to me after and said, "That was so weird! I had never seen real cheerleaders before...they look just like they do in the movies!" Hahahaha! It was so fun though because I remember watching that parade on tv all growing up and it was fun to finally be there! Sister Merrill and I both agree that the best part of the entire thing: Marching Bands. So fun! (:

On Sunday morning I was comps with Sister Sherratt and we went with Sisters Esquivel and Isakson to speak in a family ward in Bountiful! They told us they wouldn't be needing a musical number but the day before they changed their minds and said they wanted us to do something. Luckily, Sister Sherratt, Esquivel and I are all singers so we were able to arrange up an acapella version of "Israel Israel God is Calling" in one day. It went really well and I so much enjoyed speaking in a family ward! On the way home Sister Sherratt took a detour so she could drive past all the massive houses in the mountains. We laughed until our guts hurt as we watched her scream and covet when we went by homes that looked like the massive ones you find in St. George. Haha she's a crack up!

On Sunday night the square was covered by former TSQ missionaries and all of us got to attend a concert in the Assembly Hall. The performer was concert pianist Josh Write and ooooohhh it was sooo amazing! Hey dad remember that piano piece that is the hardest classical piano solo that you would listen to almost every day before my mission? Well he did that song and, of course, made it look like it was nothing! He also talked to us about experiences on his mission and different things that it had taught him. His last piece was an original arrangement of Claire deLune and the hymn How Great Thou Art (grandaddy's favourite). It was such an enjoyable evening.

Ok last story I promise! Yesterday morning as we were running in the canyon I turned around to say something to my companion and out of the bushes sprang a DEER!!!! It walked right across our path and up into the trees just giving us this look that said, "What? What you want? I'm just chillin.." It was so cool and not more than 10 feet away from us! DEER! :D

Welp those are the highlights of this week! It's been good, it's been's been real good. I cannot believe the transfer is at an end next Wednesday! Sister Merrill's first transfer will be complete.. sooo weird! :D

Have a wonderful week! Love yous!

Sister Davis

This dinosaur on the float...his mouth is open because he can actually rawr!!! :O

Sister Lytle and I at the Days of '47 parade! We are the only two in the mission from Utah and we're both from St. George! Yippee!!

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