Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hola! (May 9th)

Last Friday we had Zone Activity! We went to the Bee's baseball game, which was so fun! But our greatest struggle was that they played apostate music sooo much and I'm pretty sure us group of missionaries were the only ones who were struggling with not singing along...oh man. But it was fun! I had never been to a baseball game in my entire life and neither had any of the foreign sisters so we were all pretty excited! Haha! (Leave it to me to be the only American who hasn't been to a baseball game..."America's favorite past-time..."

Each Sunday we've had the chance to teach a young couple in Columbia! The wife is a less-active member of the church and her husband is not a member. We taught them for the first time 2 Sundays ago and invited the husband to be baptized, he said yes! We love teaching them because we can see how they are able to grow closer to the Lord, and closer together, from reading the scriptures and praying together daily. Ah! It's so cute! Families can be together forever!!! :D

On Sunday night was the CES broadcast from California and we just happened to be in West Gate during that time!! Woo! So we got to watch the broadcast live in West Gate on (: As we were watching it, it was such a strange thought that my friends from all over were probably watching the same thing as the exact same time...which is weird because I'm a missionary...I dunno. It was strange. But the broadcast was SO good! As we were sitting in there I kept yelling "Amen!" to half the stuff he said because I loved it so much! If you didn't get to see it, you can watch it online here.

My favorite thing to see these days is all the hashtags at every broadcast! At General Conference they always have the #ldsconf and for devotionals they have the #CESdevo Hahaha! It cracks me up!

Guests on the square are multiplying almost as much as the birds on the square! (I swear there's a million birds that walk around Temple Square all day long.) There have been sooo many tours and sooo many motor coaches! When we're in West Gate we're constantly seeing bus load after bus load of people coming through the West Gate. The other night we had a bus of over 50 people, but they had to split up into groups of 3 because some only spoke English, some only spoke Mandarin, and some spoke Cantonese. It's neat to see all of the different language tours that are being taken daily as well. Part of our work in West Gate is keeping track of how many guests and members of the church visit the square, and what language they speak. Each gate on the square counts how many people walk through it, so we're able to track how many of those people are going on tours and how many of them are from certain places around the world. It's amazing!!!

The other night I made sugar cookies because....well I don't really know why...I was just in the mood to bake something... But anyways! The next day we were having weekly planning and conducting companionship inventory. Part of our comp. inventory is sharing with each other what we believe each others strengths are. My companion stopped, gave me this funny look and said (in her cute Spanish accent), "Companion, I love your cookies! This is a strength! You are so prepared to be married! Please! Make more cookies!" Ahahahahaha! Apparently I need to make more cookies.

Remember that sweet young lady we met at Alan's baptism way back when? Well she's getting baptized tomorrow and we have been given permission to go! :D It's so exciting! It's neat too because her baptism will be the same place Alan's exciting!

Well, transfer conference is on Monday! I won't be going outbound, yay!!!! I think they'll keep me here until Fall. I almost wish that I'll get to stay on the square my entire mission...because I prefer it here...(: But, I'll do whatever the Lord needs me to do. Sister Fuentes and I are praying that we will get to stay together!!!! But we'll see what happens.

I love you all! I hope you're enjoying spring! Have a good weekend, I'll talk to you soon!!!

Sister Davis
Our zone at the baseball game for Zone Activity! The countries represented in this picture: Sweden, Spain, America, England, Germany, Philippines, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Denmark, and Japan! Woo!

My companion and I both at our first American baseball game ever! Haha:D

We each got an Icee haha(:

On a Walmart run with our roommates for the last time! :( Sister Jesse (back left) from Marshal Islands and Sister Trusciglio (back right) from Italia (sorry it's kinda blurry)

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