Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm not going to be a teenager anymore! :O

Time is moving too quickly...I really need it to slow down...I'm not sure how I feel about my birthday being this week...I'll be 20.... Having your 20th birthday come up literally forces you to think about where you've been the past few years and where you will be within the next few years. I think the most peculiar thing about it is seeing how different you are. Even in just the 11 months I've been out, I'm so different. I would say in what ways but then this entire letter would go on forever about things that others would probably be surprised to learn have changed about me. Missions are SO HARD. They force you to understand all of your weaknesses at an immense level. There's no hiding from them, you just have to learn how to overcome them and the ONLY way to overcome them is by relying completely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in the future, I just know that if I rely on God then He will help me discover what goals I have that are important for my growth.

As for our news this week, we have a new investigator in Ireland! He came onto Mormon.org chat and told us that he has been attending church there in his home town and he feels the spirit testifying so strongly to him that he's doing the right things. He's already begun the Book of Mormon and feels that it is true as well. The more we chatted with him the more it became clear that God has been working in his life to prepare him to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave us all of his information so we could begin teaching him, and we invited him to be baptized once he has learned all we believe and knows that it is true. He said, "Of course I will." We called him on the phone this morning (evening in Ireland) and talked with him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He has SO much faith in the Lord. Any time we would ask if he had questions he would say, "Well no I understand this all makes sense!" And then he would proceed to review what we had just taught him! Haha! He's such a sweet heart. Before calling I was a little nervous that if his Irish accent was too strong we would have a hard time understanding, but (even though it is pretty strong) we were able to understand all he said, such a blessing! I think I need to start practicing an Irish accent now that I've got my British one down...

So I'm extremely suspicious of President Poulsen right now because of a strange phone call we got last week! We were walking through the Beehive House one afternoon when the phone rang and it was President on the line! He then started to ask me about what day I was planning on going home from the mission and was naming these days in early January! So I said, "Um...president I think you have the wrong sister..." Then he paused and said, "Oh! Yes! I do have the wrong sister! I'm sorry Sister Davis! I was just thinking about you because you were on my mind about the....uh....(clears his throat)...yeah! Well! Carry on with the work Sister Davis!" Hahaha imagine me with an incredibly suspicious look on my face...that's what my face looked like. So when I saw him in church on Sunday I told him, "President I am so suspicious of you!" And he gave me this embarrassed smile and was like, "Oh Sister Davis no need to be suspicious!" Yeah. I'm still suspicious.

Oh and we took the best tour in the Beehive House on Saturday! There was a large group of men and women in their late 50's on a bus trip around the west and they stopped in to see the sights! Well as they began filing in I started to notice all the Bama clothing items so I said to them, "Are y'all from Alabama!?" And they said, "Yes!" I responded, "Roll Tide!" and as soon as I did half of the crowd started shouting, "Roll Tide Roll!!!" and the other half were cheering for Auburn! Hahaha! So I started saying, "Alright now lets not start a riot in here!" Oh it was sooo funny! As I was talking to the bus driver afterwards he told me, "Well you'll be excited to know that I'm the bus driver for the Alabama football team and as soon as I get home from this trip I'll be driving them up to the opening game in Georgia!" I almost died! I was jealous (but not jealous of course because I'm a missionary.) But yes, then he bragged about how amazing his job is and I was in shock. As a missionary on Temple Square you automatically meet some of the coolest people! Ah! It's ridiculous.

To start of the week of my birthday my companion and I went to Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday morning. (: (: They sang "The Sound of Music." I know! I know...it was just for my birthday, I know. Haha! Then this morning we went to the temple and that was so wonderful as always. For pday we will be going with Sister Sherratt (from California) and Klein (from Brazil) to a really tasty ice cream place! And then we'll probably make a fort out of pillows and blankets and color in a coloring book so that we will still feel like kids and I won't have to feel like I'm getting old. I am so looking forward to seeing the family this Saturday! That will be a very exciting/weird/awkward/wonderful/interesting/intense experience. (:

I hope you're all having tremendous fun with your last few days of summer! To my dear friends going back to school next week...have fun but not too much fun! :D

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Davis

The lovely sight from Music and The Spoken Word this week. (: (: So beautiful! Oh and the Bells on Temple Square were there this week as well! They played the Theme from Le Nozze di Figaro! AH! My favorite Italian opera ever!

While exploring the top "empty" floor of Brigham Young's Home we discovered a kitchen with a working fridge and a bathroom with a fully functioning shower...SO weird. This is me being astonished by the working shower in a home that was built in the early 1850's.

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